Saturday, 5 March 2011

It's show time :0)

Afternoon lovely people :0)

Just a quick post (not a lot I do is done quickly, so bear with me on this lol) to show you my 'mock up' table for tomorrow as promised.
Now, i'll post after the fair on Monday with piccy's of it all (as long as I remember my camera).
And next week I'll also be doing my PIF that I'm continuing from lovely Clara

Remember?  I showed you a couple of weeks ago.

So, here's my table with it's goodies on for have to use your imagination abit, 'cos I had to mock it up on the floor as the table at the fair is 6x3ft (well they used to be when I used to do 'em) and i don't have a table that big...
Left side......

Right side.....

This is my lovely charity shopped (95p) jug with my button birdy tree in it which is sitting up on the box on the can just make out a pink birdy dangling from the tree in the picture above...

D'you like the button birdies? I got the idea from this lovely lady who blogged about them the other week...I just kinda flew (sorry lol) with the idea, and have more ideas to do with these whizzing around in my little ole' brain :0)
But, I've kinda run out of time on the making front now. I have hubby sitting in the lounge cutting crochet strips for me at the moment, so that I can whip up some larger rag crochet bowls this evening, once I've finished all the pricing and packing.

As probably is coming across, I'm a tad nervous about this fair. It's been a while since I was out there in the big, wide crafting world selling my wares! It took all my courage to open my Etsy shop and start blogging! lol but, i'm getting there ;0)

Now, please will you be kind enough to leave me a comment and let me know what you think of my table, cos' I'd really appreciate any advice/views on the matter -good or bad, but if they're bad, tell me gently :0)
I'll make sure I come on here tonight to take all your advice in hand!

Wish me luck, and you all have a lovely weekend :0)

Speak to you Monday.
Love Donna xxxx

PS... Bloggers just decided to play again so here's some more photos. :0)
Button birdy..
Drawstring crochet pouch, coasters, bowls, vintage egg cup pin cushion..

 Upcycled tags, crochet picture frames, crochet vintage style coasters (remember my 'doilies' flower motifs?) hats, more bowls, brooches..
 Pot holders, needlecases,
 Wicker rings, crochet tags, photo keyrings, vintage bits n bobs..

That's all folks!  :0)  xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. i think it looks great - really eye catching. i do especially like the birds on the tree. good luck - hope all goes well and people appreciate and buy! x

  2. That all looks very tempting :)

    I am particularly drawn to the crochet mats and the birds. Good luck and I hope you sell lots :) xx

  3. Donna! You have been SOOOOO busy! Your table looks amazing, and bless your hubby for helping with the strips. You have such an incredible assortment of items, that you are sure to have something for everyone. Congratulations on a job well done, because the prep is everything. Once you are there, you just smile and enjoy yourself. I'll be thinking about you :) xoxox

  4. It looks lovely and there's plenty for people to choose from. The tree with the birds adds height and gives a nice focal point.

  5. Thanks for the link to my blog, love all the birds you made they look great perched on your "tree". Your stall looks brilliant, I think I'd want to buy loads of items - good luck and here's to lot's of sales. xxx

  6. Oh....Thankyou all SO MUCH for your kind, suportive words and encouragement. They do mean a lot to me. Thankyou :0)

    Well, here goes....speak to you later, Love Donna x

  7. It looks very pretty & colourful. Love the birds in the tree. Lizzie x

  8. Very pretty. I think I'd buy a needle case & your crochets flowers are really pretty. Hope all goes well xx

  9. It all looks so wonderful!!! So springly, happy and interesting! I am in love with your birdies, too, the tree is gorgeous!!!

    Happy day!


  10. Hope you had a great time with your stall x


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