Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Todays the Day !

Evening lovely bloggers :o)
I hope this post finds you all fine and dandy, and you've all had some sunshine today :o)

The tomatoes that I planted up a few weeks ago are really flowering away now, all the sunshine we've had of late has really brought them along..

This is some of the plants from the outside of the conservatory looking in..yes that is me in the reflection lol... And these are the french beans in pots outside (with some tomatoes). But they don't seem to have grown hardly at all!

Here's my lovely peonies with one of the most gorgeous smelling roses with such a lovely scent!

My peonies were going over, so I thought it was time that I brought them in to enjoy!  Especially as 'Todays the Day!'

Yes, i'm 40 today! 
I've had a up and down day. I received some of the most fantastic cards, best wishes and gifts, but also we've had a bit of a down as my eldest -who has epilepsy- has had a very nasty seizure and fall today, and has a really horrible head injury and a few others on her too :o(
So we've been nursing her today bless her.
But alls well that ends well. That's life, and i'm sure we'll have many more too.
I have to harden my heart to it a bit, otherwise it'd be breaking every day seeing her have seizures all the time.  Stiff upper lip and all that eh?  LOL.

Anyway, i bet you all want to know what was in that huge box that came back in March?
Well, it was this..

 Aren't I such a lucky girl?

I'm over the moon to have received such a lovely present! I haven't even tried it yet, but I will tomorrow when the children are at school!
I can't wait. The only thing that scares me is it's called a 'computerised' sewing machine. It has the 'c' word!  But the manual looks good, to I should be ok... LOL :o)

I received other amazing gifts too, like this most gorgeous vintage sewing box..
A new guard dog for by the front door....We have been walking past him for several weeks, and I jokingly named him (Spot) so I think my youngest daughter got attached to him and told Daddy they just had to buy him for me for *my* birthday as *I* must be attached to him 'cos I'd named him. LOl
Oh, bless her :o)
And I had this gorgeous vintage bottle to pop on my window..

With the most lovely crocheted flowers on..

It's so lovely. I love it :o)

I got so many lovely gifts and cards. I'll have to put extra photos on my next posts.

I'm getting a bit behind with my blog posts!
This post was supposed to be a sort of tutorial, and I've also been given a lovely award  from Little Blue Mouse which i need to tell you about!

And look what this fabulous person has written about me! Honestly, i couldn't believe it when i popped into lovely Jennies blog this afternoon!
I was actually gobsmacked (for a short while anyway ;o)
Such lovely things to have written about me.

Anyway, I'd better scoot off to bed now. We had quite a bad night last night, so I need to get my sleep tonight as soon as my eldest does, before she starts having her night seizures.

Have a lovely rest of the week all of you, and Thankyou so much to those lovely, lovely people who have emailed me and written on my last blog post to wish me a lovely birthday.  Honestly, I really do appreciate you and your kind wishes.  They really do mean alot to me :o)


Take are all of you.
Love Donna xx

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A lovely morning.... Part two :o)

Well hello!
Here's the final part of my lovely morning out :o)

I still haven't photographed what I actually bought there, but I will post that another day with other thrifty finds :o)

I have a new agreement with blogger ;o)  if I put a few photos a day on a draft post instead of trying to rush and bully him into doing them all at once, he will behave himself, and let me play with the photo's once they are on, so that I can make them all extra large for you to feast your eyes on all the loveliness :o)
Sounds like a deal to me..
So no more rambling....here's the pics...

Look at this most fabulous quilt..
This belonged to The vintage Bothy (I think it was called)..
Just look at that fabric.....*sigh*

The photo below is Lucy Bloom and her fantastic vinatge goodness...

This is the lovely Ted and Bunny stand below.
I so adore those pomanders.
I just had to buy one!

             Don't you just want to give her a cuddle?

I love this mini dresser on the Washerwomans stand..

I am so in love with this embroidery..Vintage chain stitch embroidery on silk....*sigh*

 And look at this gorgeous straw hat.  It was so pretty.

Well, that's it for now.
Hope you enjoyed looking at all the vintage goodies.

Next time I have a tutorial of sorts to show you lol.
You'll just have to wait and see:o)

Take care everyone, and have a lovely weekend whatever you do.

Love Donna xxx

Monday, 9 May 2011

A lovely Morning :o) Part One !

Well, hello lovely people :o)
I hope this post finds you all fine and dandy, and the lovely Mummys around the world had a superb day yesterday :o)

I've just had (well a few hours ago now actually ) the most lovely morning.
And it was all down to this lovely lady.

Today was the day of the second Vintage at the Village Hall fair.
Oh, it was wonderful, and I wish you could have all been there too :o)

I took tons of pictures, but I have to say I did feel a bit self conscious taking snaps today. I didn't see anybody else doing it at all, and believe me there were plenty of people there!
D'you think it's 'normal' (lol) to take photos everywhere you go?
When I said this to my hubby this afternoon, he said " Of course it isn't ".
But if I don't take 'em, you can't see can you?
And I do so like to look back on happy things, don't you?

Anyway, I digress!
Here's just a few of the snaps I took..

This was one of the stalls that were outside..

Luckily the rain kept away today, and the sun even popped out for a while too.

I love the little basket crib at the front..

This pushchair was so sweet, when I had a last look round before I had to pick my daughter up from school, the pushchair had some cute little booties in front of it too :o)

I fell in love with these old cart wheels...
I should have bought one for the garden really..I know that they look nice 'done up,' but I would have left it just as it is and laid it against the old stone pots that we put out in the front garden at the begining of spring.

And just think, I used to have outside baths in tin baths the same as whats in this picture above!

I can't remember half the stalls names, but i know these gorgeous flowers below belonged to Jo of Hesta Nesta and her lovely Pugs :o)
See those little piles of goodness beside the jug of flowers?  See? Well, they're lovely little piles of vintage quilt pieces. 
Honestly, I wanted ALL OF THEM!  How greedy is that?  LOL

I mean it's not just the gorgeous feel and look of the vintage fabrics used the make the quilt pieces, but to me it's the history behind the making.
You know, like what was that scrap of fabric used for originally? Who was it who made the quilt? And these are actually someones else stitches here which they've sewn to make something so scrummy and precious.

I hasten to add that Jo hasn't just chopped up a load of precious vintage quilts! These are ones where by they aren't salvagable (is that the right word?) as a whole quilt :(   So she's saved the bits she can for people like me to enjoy :o)

And look at this kitchen cupboard! Do you remember having one like this when you were young? or did you know someone who had one?
I do. But the one I remember was yellow, and where this cupboard has got two lovely little scalloped window doors in the top,

the one I remember had a slidie-along-door.

I do love them though, and would love to have it in my dining room to keep my makes in:o)

Well, that's it for today people.
Blogger's not playing anymore, so I'll be back with part 2 in the week.
I had the most lovely time though, and I really could have stayed there all day..
Time seemed to just fly away from me.

If you'd like to see who was at the fair selling, just pop over here, and there's a list in the side bar letting you know who everyone was.

See you in the week with more pictures, and what I bought.
Take care everyone.

Love Donna xx

Monday, 2 May 2011

::Yes, it's still me :o) ::

Goodness!  May already!

Yes, a couple of exclamation marks there :o)

Only a couple of weeks, and it's birthday time when my lifes supposed to begin :o)
Don't know what I've been doing for the past (nearly) forty years, but I'm kinda looking forward to getting this birthday over with!
It's sort of been 'looming' for a while now...I just want to get there and be done with!
Did anyone else who's hit 40 feel like that? Or am i just being very miserable about it ? LOL

Goodness, there I am yacking away and I forgot to mention what I posted for.

I had quite a big 'DOH' moment today! LOL (must be the age creeping up :o))
Well, as you regulars will notice I've had a name change to my blog.
I used to have a blog called 'Bizzydays'. Then in February I changed it and my etsy shop to a new name I decided on (bizzydays was too much like my life) which was Little Tiny Stitches.
I somehow thought that (as with etsy I had to open a whole brand new shop), I had to start a brand new blog too! 
But no, I didn't have to, I just had to change a few things about.. Doh.  Boy, did I feel silly when I realised that this afternoon or what!  LOL.

Still, it's done now and we're supposed to learn by our mistakes aren't we?  
believe me, I learn alot everyday :o)

I've been making more jar cozies today Jennie spurred me on with her post about her vintage bottle collection.
So whilst the children were doing their Karate I crocheted away. I forgot to take pictures before I posted though, so i'll pop them on in the week.

Anyway, that's it for me today.
Just a quick picture of one of my 'inherited' peonies out in bud. I have five buds altogether, and I've been zealously guarding them since they first popped their little heads up. (sad I know :o)

And here's my little lupin plants with their first 'true' leaves. I've got about 20 of these little plant's that I've been nursing along -since I sowed the seeds- for weeks now.

Honestly, I've got the smallest garden we've ever had, and I'm turning into a blooming gardener! :o)

Have a great week everyone.
Do take care.

Love Donna xxx