Monday, 7 March 2011

Guess what?....

Evening lovely bloggy friends :0)

Firstly (goodness, that's starting to sound like an acceptance speech, and I only wrote one word lol)

I'll start again :0)

Thankyou all so much, everyone one of you, for leaving such lovely supportive comments on my last post. They really do mean a lot to me and boosted my morale tremendously :0)

Well I know you all want to know how it went yesterday, so I won't keep you waiting  any longer...

I sold...

not a sausage.... :(

BUT,  I won't take it personally, 'cos ....
only 26 people came through the doors,  (yes, 26!!)
It was Sunday...
I was most definately not the only one who didn't sell a sausage (even though i wasn't selling sausages, and may have sold 26 if I had done! lol) )

and...., I had a day out which I spent mostly crocheting :0) and I don't often get to do that lol

and...., I can now fill up my etsy shop with all my goodies, and look about for the next crafty event where I can go :0)
See, so it wasn't all bad news.

here's the piccys....

My table was at the back beneath the stage, so I was able to pop Susan on there so I had someone to chat to if I wanted lol  ( I took her along just in case :0)

Here's two more tables that were there...
This was a childrens parties one..

and this was a bit n bobs one...

and bloggers not playing any more, which is probably a good thing as it's quarter past ten, and I should be in bed.

I'll be bakc in the week with the other stall holders pictures, and my PIF. :0)

You all take it easy, and have a good week.
Speak soon,
Love Donna xx


  1. Only 26 people??? Good heavens- that must not have been very well advertised. I'm sorry you went to all that trouble, but it was good practice for getting back in the craft fair "game". Your tables look so wonderful- I'm sure everyone was very impressed and wished they had brought more $$ with them. Looking forward to seeing your shop fill up with goodies :)

  2. Oh what a shame. I'm inclined to agree with Jennie above about it perhaps not being well advertised. Better luck next time.

  3. Sorry it didnt go so well, better luck next time x

  4. All looked great and I hear you win some and you lose some and you can never really predict. But, you got the experience and I love your positive attitude. Well done!

  5. Hi Donna
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. That's a shame about all the effort you obviously put into your table - there's always the next time!


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