Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy Leap Day :o)

Yes, Happy Leap Day bloggers :o)

How are you this fine and dandy Leap Day morning?
Any proposals planned out there?  Ooooo, I do like a bit of a romantic tale don't you? So if you have one, do leave a comment and share with us!

Well my new boiler has just arrived! YAY! The men are supposed to be here at noonish to start fitting it!  And guess what else?  My washing machine started leaking last night! LOL  I have to laugh, or i'll start crying! :)


Some of our pretty flowers are starting to come out now. I was a tad worried about what all the spring flowers would do to be honest, especially after the early arrival of some in December...
But it seems that they are recovering well, if somewhat slowly :o)

I know what I was going to ask you...  Can anyone let me know what would be a really basic site for editing my photos on?  I mean as basic as you can get girls :o)
I feel that obviously my photos were benefit hugely from some editing for my etsy stores, but can't quite work out how to do it..doh.. So any advice, hints and tips on which site would help me best would be greatly appreciated :o)


Well, I've finished both my practice quilts now..
I was a bit naughty with this one!  I'd ordered some special cotton batting to go in the the quilt sandwich, but I was in such a hurry to make it that I went to my local bedding store and bought some plain white towelling, (You know the thin cheapy stuff? ) and used that in the middle.

I mean it would have been ok perhaps on a lap quilt, as it's so soft and drapey, but not on a little wall quilt!

D'you like my little bee? :o)

Now, I didn't realise I hadn't actually taken a photo of the whole finished quilt, so here is the last photo I've got with one of the hanging loops half sewn! 
And it isn't all wonky like that in real life...that's the way it was sitting when I took the picture...:o)
(See? The drapey-ness of the towelling! :o)

And here's a practice at one of those 'shaggy edge' homespun quilts..I only did the eight little blocks..
This is it before it goes in the washing machine..

And this is it after! -See? All shaggified :o)   (I'm having to be very careful how I describe this as i can't think of the real words, and all *kinds* of shaggy words keep popping in my lil' ole' head, so I hope I haven't offended anyone!)

It was really easy to do bloggers, and if you google it, there's lots of inspiration and tutorials out there :o)
I feel that I got a good lot of shaggy style in there even though I didn't use true homespun cottons, I used vintage sheet fabric on the back..

Oh, but make sure when you pop it in the wash to get the 'homspun shaggy style' you put it in a pillow case first to catch all the threads that come off the fabric. I even basted the top of my pillow case so none came out, and it works a treat :o)

(Good job I did actually, or I'd be blaming myself on the leaking washing machine! LOL)

Well, that's about it for me today.
I've got the boiler being fixed this afternoon and tomorrow. Then on Saturday I'm off for a day out girls!!  Yes, me! A full blown day out with lunch, and mooching around charity shops!
A lovely lady whom I know is emigrating to Canada in May (She is so brave!) and I really wanted to spend a day with her before she got really busy with all the stuff that goes with emigrating.
So for weeks we've had Saturday planned.
We're going into Salisbury, we're going to have lunch (OOoo, this sounds posh to me! ;o) and then we're going to have a nice leisurely walk around the shops, then go for coffee later.
I am terribly over-excited about it now its near. And I really feel I need a special day like this after my last few weeks I can tell you.
But i'm so pleased we're going. I can't tell you the last time I went out for a day like this!
Well, I remember last year when I went to the Vintage at the Village Hall fair, and before that I went and had a coffee with another dear bloggy friend. So It's nearly a year then! (Whewie, doesn't time fly?)
But it's all planned, and even if my eldest daughter is having poorly, I'm to go my hubby says!  He is quite capable! :o) ( AND I've saved some spending money ;o)

So, wishing you all a fabulous leap day, and rest of our leap year, and I hope you all have happy weekends too :o)
Take care now 

Love Donna xxx

Sorry lovely bloggy people!  Its RAGGY quilts! Nothing to do with shaggy at all! :D

Thanks jennie :o)

Monday, 27 February 2012

More long stories kept short.....

Hello my dears,
Hope this post finds you all well and happy?

Well, what a week this has been...phewie... I'll be glad to see the back of February I can tell you!
I'll list it to get it over quickly, then on to my thrifty finds from several weeks back that I still haven't got round to showing you 'till now :o)

Ok. here goes.....

It all started a week ago Friday evening....

Friday :The boiler stopped working.
Saturday: british gas came out and said the fan didn't work we need a new one..
Monday 5am : Take son to school to get a coach to the airport as he is off to spain for the week..
Monday am.: They bring the fan but unfortunately it doesn't come with the gaskets so they try and order the gaskets (the bits that stop carbon monoxide escaping intot he air!!) but alas, the gaskets are now obselete as my boiler is over 20 years old at least!
Monday am continued:  Britsh Gas condemn my boiler :o(
The nice man from british gas rings my lovely estate agent lady and tells her he has condemned my boiler (we currently have to rent...)
Monday noon: My landlord rings me up to have a go at me for the boiler breaking. He also has a go at me as the dishwasher broke before Christmas and he had to get us a new one in January, he also had a go as the 'brushes' went in the washing machine in January and he had to replace them. He also had a go as last July time he employed a man to look at the fencing in the garden and the man told him he needed new fencing (it would have lasted a few years yet..) so the landlord bought new fencing.
I did explain to him that I had not done a thing to the boiler etcc, and did it occur to him that the boiler and dishwasher had gone roughly at the same time as they were both as old as the kitchen?!
Then....He asked me if I would like to rent the property direct from him rather than go through the Estate Agent!!
No chance sunshine!!
He's not even supposed to phone me up as the agent had to warn him against it when I first moved in as he was ringing every few days!!
Monday pm: have texted son 13 times now and no response. Even put extra credit on his phone in case he's run out... getting a tad worried as he was supposed to text me when he got to the airport, and when he landed in Spain...
Tuesday am: In response to my now 17texts son texts back..and I quote "yeah I'm ok :o)"  That's it!
Tuesday noonish: I see that Honey hamster is poorly. I take her to the vets, but alas we lose her :o(  This is because it got too cold in the house for her, and in all honesty my dears, i didn't think to give them both extra bedding or anything because we had no heating! I was just trying to keep the girls warm...
Tuesday pm. Me and Mr LTS chicken out of telling the girls about Honey, and hatch a plan to bring in an imposter... We just couldn't deal with the loss at the moment :o(
Wednesday am...I go and get said imposter -Honey mark 2..
Wednesday pm: Big daughter has horrendous seizures at school so ambulance is called.. But the school dealt with it very well..
Thursday through to Saturday: Big daughter is very poorly indeed, but much better now thankyou :o)
Friday am : british gas come round to price up for a boiler. The man that turns up doesn't like my landlord....we will say no more..
Friday pm: Son arrives home from Spain. It was hot and sunny out there, and I am all huffy as he didn't text me.... (OOOooh, mean sulky Mummy.) I wouldn't mind but behind my back the girls had been texting him to tell him to text me as I was worrried that he wasn't having a good time, and he was texting 'em back to say he didn't have time....doh...
Saturday pm: The thermostat goes in the hot water tank. As the tank runs on electric, it has been our only form of hot water all week, and as it's the same age as the boiler couldn't cope..
Sunday pm: British gas (who do electric as well!) come and replace the thermostat.
This morning..I rang my estate agent to tell about said hot water tank, they tell me that the landlord has made everyone in the office cross by ringing up at least 4 times a day asking silly questions..and reminding them silly things for the boiler replacement men to look out for..
Today noonish.. The nice man from British gas comes round and said that he can put a new boiler in on Wednesday and Thursday..whilst here, my phone rang he quickly says "if that's your landlord please don't tell him I'm here.." LOL
I ask him why and he says he's been ringing him costantly saying things like "what happens if the boiler arrives broken.?"     

Oh my goodness. Well that was my week in *quick* notes LOL :D
If you've got this far, then you are lovely my dearies ;o)

Now, here are some thrifty finds and makes for you to take a gander at ....
I adore this little cup! It's so precious. I've had it a while as I liked it too much to pop straight in my Teapot Lane shop, but I need to make way for other finds soon...

It's Ba ba black sheep from the 60's I think...

And this little pair of pictures are made from plaster! They are from 1961..aren't they so cute?

I found this Biggles book. I don't think it's worth much money, but I so like the picture. I thought someone might like it for 'staging'...

And these two little birdie dishes from Axevale pottery I found on different days and in different shops...

I made this brooch aagggeeesss ago, and still haven't got around to listing it on Little Tiny Stitches!
I made it in the style of my teapots and tags.

And, I've started quilting again! D'you remember I made my eldest daughters quilt last year? Well I've been inspired by a lovely lady in blog land to make some little quilts (just enough sewing to relax me I reckon! ;o)
I'd better not say the lovely lady's name as I haven't asked permission, and she has rather a beautiful blog, and a large blog following!
But you may know who I'm on about?  She is such an inspiration!

I love doing the applique and the embroidery....
This is just a sneeky peek, and I so enjoy doing it :o) I'll show you the whole thing during the week..

Well, that's it for now lovely people. I'm off to get a nice hot shower!

Have a happy week people, and thankyou so much for reading and all your lovely comments. Believe me, they so cheer me up when things get you down!! :o)

Take care now,
Love Donna xxx

Thursday, 16 February 2012

How we got on....

Evening lovely bloggy people :o)
Hope this post finds you all fine and dandy?

This is just a post to let you all know how we got on yesterday in London.
I've got some lovely thrifty treasures to show you all as well, but I keep forgetting to post them, so I'll show you them later in the week.

Have all yours got half term this week?
Mine have. Isn't it early this year? Who ever heard of half-term during Valentines Day?  I mean how were the children supposed to get their secret cards to each other?  AAaaaaww, a few disppointed children this year I bet...Bless 'em.

Anyway, as usual I digress...
Right. Kings College, London.
After all the tests that my eldest had last October, they still can't pinpoint where her seizures are coming from.  So they want to send her to Belguim.  There she will have something called a spect scan.
This is where someone sits by her all the time, and the second she starts fitting they inject her with a dye.
They then whizz her to the MRI scanner and scan her brain. In theory the dye should show up brighter in the part of her brain where the seizure comes from....
Then we will go back to Kings college, and they'll look at the results from Belguim and if they think they can see where the seizure is coming from they will commence brain surgery....

But we can't go to Belguim until at least late May as they have to get permission from our local NHS Trust, then once that is given, they have to get permission from another area of the Government to take her there......
But the ball is rolling.... So we will wait and see.
That's keeping a very long story short!

Thankyou all for your support and kind words about my daughter. They do mean a lot to me you know!

After we had our hospital appointment yesterday, we decide to go and look at a few of the touristy landmarks..

I used to love Kings Road in my younger days.  All the indie shops and cool, trendy people...
Alas, I found it lacking in all these now....much more in favour of mass production I fear.....
I found one shop I liked though ...Good ole' Cath'..

And my youngest daughter legged it down the raod when she spied Accessorize...
Not that we haven't got one in our nearest town or anything

I loved this old silver double decker...those were the days when you could run and jump on...and off again if you were really naughty! ;o)

'Scuse the bad pictures some of them were taken as we were driving along.
OOoo, you should have seen the Fortnum and Mason store.... The colours on it's frontage were divine, and I loved the musical notes going all the way up the front of the store..

I thought these houses looked pretty with all their pastel fronts...

And this building was called Duke of Yorks Headquarters...
Not sure if it actually is, but it looked impressive anyway, so you got to see it! LOL

And Buckingham Palace.  I always want to paint a huge union jack on Buckingham Palace when I see it!! I'm sure it would make it look more Regal and impressive with red, white and blue blazoned all over the front in a huge flag...Don't you think?  ;o)

And this building I haven't got a clue what its called, but it's at the back of St James Park! I love its roof towers!

And look at these two little chaps doing their jobs...  I did feel for them, they both looked so young...
Harrods is the humungous building on the left...

And this was the .....something Mandarin Hotel, which looked most impressive with the door guys hanging out the front :o)

And I couldn't finish without showing you the first patch of crocus that we found in Battersea Park yesterday....

This picture is for you if you've got to reading this far... :o)

Take care all, and have a great weekend now.
Hopefully I'll get my thrify post up sometime soon, then I even have some makes to show you :o)

Just one day at a time...

Love Donna xx

Friday, 10 February 2012

Well hello lovely bloggers :o)
Hope this post finds you all fine and dandy this cold Friday evening ?

Apologies for not getting out and around to you all the past couple of weeks, but things a been a bit down here at Little Tiny Towers.
Hopefully things will pick up a bit now a few problems have been sorted out, but next wednesday is a BIG DAY for us as we go back up to Kings college London to get the results of all my eldest daughters tests from last October! Remember?
But I'm hoping it won't bring on more stress! So keep your fingers crossed for us my dears won't you?

Anyway, I'm here now, so I shall make the most of it:o)

Guess what?
Go on guess!

Okay, I'll tell you...

We had SNOW last night !!!  WOOOHOOOO!
I got seriously over-excited when it started snowing, and when I was up at 3am this morning, I wanted to go out in it!!

This was our garden at about midnight....

This was 7.30 ish this morning...seee it's going already!

I always love the way that the snow or frost stay on this little tree, it always makes me think of a mountain :o)   (See how many real-life mountains I've seen? lol)

Well, that was my most exciting piece of news!

We had an un-expected visitor to the garden this week too..

No, not Mr Blackbird, he was one of the unfortunate casualties from our visitors visit..

We've recently been having a Kestrel come and visit us :o(
Whilst he is a most handsome bird, it does make me sad to see all the little (and big!) birds flying everywhere in panic.
Mr Kestrel sits on our fence, and picks off the little birds from over next doors garden as they eat from their feeders :o(
Mr Blackbird ended up a casualty as in his panic, he flew straight into out conservatory window. A load of feathers came out of his head which means in this weather he's going to have rather a cold head, as well as a massive headache from the bang he got.
He sat there on the window ledge recovering for about half an hour bless him.....

Alas peoples, Mr Kestrel was a bit too quick to take a picture for you......But I have my eye on him.....


I really haven't been up to much you know, other than stressing!  I have several wips...I have lots of thrifted bits still waiting to shine on my Etsy shop shelves, and I have a couple of presents to send out, which I'm sure are going to sprout their own legs if they have to wait any longer!!


But I have got one thrity find from a good few weeks back now.
Whilst visiting one of my local charity shops a while back, I came across this little paperback type book..
Called 'Flower Festivals'....

It's the most charming little work of art I've seen in a while, and I think what's so nice about it, is it's just *so* English and 'olde fashionde'.

It was originally a handmade book from a lady to her friend who was celebrating an anniversary. 

The page above reads :
This book was created for me by my friend Meriel Hodgetts for a special anniversary present.
It is too beautiful to keep to myself, so together we offer it to a wider circle.
May it bring much pleasure to many people is the wish of Marion Cadbury.

I just think is is so delightful and beautiful..
With the most detailed drawings.

There are twelve pages in all, one for each month of the year with the flaura, fauna and little celebratory festival for that month.

What a thoughtful and precious present it must have been to receive!

Have you ever found any books that you think are just so special?

Well, that's it from me this week my dears.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Be you having a mini holiday, (:o)  or snuggling up out of the cold, take care now won't you?

Love Donna xx