Thursday, 24 March 2011

Evening all :0)

Well hello lovely people.
Hope this post finds you all happy and well.

I've found some lovely new blogs this week, and I see I've got some lovely new followers too, so Hello to you all as well :0)
I've had a very busy week this week (maybe I should have kept BizzyDays as my blog title lol), and I was had a very stressful day yesterday which was so bad it brought on another bloomig migraine Gggrrr...I hate migraines, they are just so debilitating! It's just in it's final stages at the moment, so hopefully it'll go tomorrow :0) 

Well, I've eventually got my secret PIF's ready and waiting to send off, just one or two more things to get, -sorry lovely pif people, I know I should have it ready by now, but time ran away from me ...-

I've been and ordered my new pair of reading/close work glasses, these are my first ever glasses, and it's taken me since October 2009 to go and get the prescription made up! Trouble is, i think my eyes have got worse since then when I get them tested again this October, I know I'll need some stronger ones..why didn't I just get 'em done in the first place?

I've been listing my new brooches on Etsy too..

They've got some really cute vintage buttons in the middle.

I've also got some new vintage fabrics from the CS.

I'm thinking of making some sort of cute toys, but the trouble is, I just keep making again, and not finishing and listing!

My hubby's amazed I got several brooches finished and am in the process of listing them at the moment:0)

Isn't the weather gorgeous in the UK at the moment?
We were out and about at the weekend enjoying the sunshine.

This is my youngest two cycling off up the path.

We followed the stream along the track..It looked a lot prettier when we were there!

Here's our new family members Honey and Nibbles having a little sleep in one of their tubes..Aaaawwww

Well, I'm off now, you all have a great weekend.

Take care,
Love Donna x


  1. :( Another migraine sufferer here - they really are the most horrid things.

    Lovely brooches :)

    I have a folksy shop set up - I just need to get round to stocking it. I seem to have too many bizzydays too :)

    Here's hoping for more sunshine this weekend.

    Vicki xx

  2. Beautiful brooches and lovely fabrics.

    Honey and Nibbles are real cuties.

    Hope your migraine goes soon.

  3. Those brooches are gorgeous as are the darling little Honey and Nibbles.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Anne xx

  4. I love your brooches.
    It is great to be having such gorgeous weather isn't it?

  5. Such beautiful weather, its amazing how much better you feel when its sunny.
    Making is the easy part, taking photos and listing is very time consuming. I'm the same with ebay aswel, I have a huge bag full of Isla's clothes to list, but I just keep putting it off.
    Love your pretty brooches and such great charity shop finds. xxx

  6. Pretty makes! Honey and Nibbles are so cute all snuggled up inside their tube.


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