Thursday, 24 January 2013

Doings ::

You lot are a lovely bunch you know. I haven't been posting at all for ages, and when I wrote my last post you left such lovely comments to welcome me back. Thankyou most kindly :)

I have been a busy bee these past months. What with Christmas makes and the likes, I've managed to fit quite a bit in (well for me anyway!).

First up is a photo of the rag rug that I crocheted for my youngest daughter for Christmas..

This is the last photo I took whilst making it (sorry, I haven't taken one of it finished, and I'm too lazy to go and take one to load up -with the amount of time bloggers been taking!!)
In total is measures 3ft (36") in diametre and I loved making it as I knew how much she would love it for her room :)

Next is a quilt I made for a lovely little 'just nine year old' boy. He has very bad epilepsy, and a learning disabilty, and in early February he is going to Great Ormond Street in London to have major brain surgery (similar to what they would give my daughter if they found where her epilepsy came from).
I think he is such a brave boy, and I made him this quilt to take and cuddle. (I know he has it on his bed already, and I'm so pleased he finds comfort in it!)
It's a raggy quilt, and I have to say thatI did struggle a bit in choosing fabric and colours for a boy..

Then, when I gave it to his Mum, I thought that she might like her own quilt to take with her and get some comfort from whilst staying there during her sons operation, so I made her one too :)
I thought of bright sunny days when I made hers :)

Bless them, I have my fingers and everything crossed that all goes well. xxx
And I do have to admit to being a tad jealous that they have been able to operate on her precious boy at such a young age...if only they'd been able to do that for my daughter... :(
Oh dear, does that sound mean and whingy wishing that? ..   I don't mean it too...

Then, I got fed up with trapsing all the weather in the utility room on muddy shoes, so instead of keep putting paper down, I made a rag mat for wiping feet. -Trouble is, now no one want to be the first to get it dirty!! LOL.


Well, we got our snow didn't we?  It wasn't much really, and it does make me laugh that everything grinds to a halt in the uk when we get any weather a tad out of the usual. Don't get me wrong, I know some people have lost their electric and such, and we've had trees down due to the weight of snow on them, but after all, it does happen every year!!

And I couldn't leave you without introducing you to ......



Yes, this is Gillian. Our snowman (lady).  my youngest dughter made her, and I have no idea whatsoever where she picked the name Gillian from.

(I would just like to assure you Gill that this has no connection to you what so ever as my daughter doesn't read my blogs :D :D  xx)

Anyway my dears you take it easy and keep warm.

Love Donna xx

I've also been in touch with Kings College re; my daughter. The good news is they have received the test results from Belguim. The bad news is *WE*  are still waiting to hear them.  GGrrrr.
But we know how long these things take, so it's another long wait till they pull their finger out and have a meeting to decide what, if anything can be done....
Take care. xx