Friday, 30 December 2011

Check List :o)


1.  Tell all the lovely bloggy people what a lovely Christmas we had.  ~check
2. Make sure all the Christmas gift wrap that has worked it's way all over the house (!) has been cleared up. ~check
3. Make sure that all the pine needles have been picked up, well as many as you can pick up each day ! ~check

4. Check bed every evening, as even though beds are made in the morning, pine needles miraculously appear between the duvet and base sheet by bed time. ~check

5.  Make sure you tell bloggy friends that you have a dodgy camera at the moment, so there may be a lack of photos in blog posts until it's sorted. ~check
6. Keep making lists for everything, as that's what is getting you through these Christmas Holidays with out too much stress. ~check
7. Make sure you steal little daughters wii machine with 'Dance' discs to do several dances every day to try and help keep fit, as sitting round on your chad crafting isn't helping the size of your tummy or bottom. But do make sure that during dancing you don't step on those pesky pine needles ~check
8. Keep on track with the new Etsy shop reveal for January, and try harder to get the new products photographed nicely, even though you have camera problems ~ half check
9. Stop being a crochet snob!!   Even though it took you 2 hours (!!) to knit a small square of fabric about 2inches by 4 inches, that doesn't mean that knitting is naff, slow and boring, just persevere and get on with the knitted piggy. ~check
10. Wish all the lovely bloggy people who visit here a fantastic NEW YEAR!  ~check :o)

Thankyou all for making my blogging experience such a happy one.  I do love getting round to seeing you all, and love it when you pop over to me, 'specially when you leave such happy comments :0)
Take care all of you, and have a happy, healthy splendid New Year.
Hopefully I'll be back sometime next week with my resolutions :o)

Be careful now, but have fun.
Love Donna xx

Friday, 16 December 2011

It's Christmas time :o)

Well Hello lovely bloggy people.
Hope this post finds you all fine and dandy?

I've been a bad blogger recently haven't I? Sorry, but I've been feeling a bit like the weather...cold, wet & miserable!  But don't worry, i'll get over it soon I'm sure :o)    It just seems harder this time shaking off those grey days....I think some frost would do me good! You know, one of those bright, crisp white mornings with the sun sparkling off the white crystals...or even some SNOW!!!  lol

Anyway, enough moaning.   I haven't exactly been doing much to tell you about.....A bit of thrifting here and there. I found a fantastic sewing book in the charity shop!

It's called 'The Pictorial Guide to Modern Home Needlecraft'. It's one of the BEST sewing books I have seen! It's fantastic with plain, common sense advice and basic (note that basic word :o) instructions which are just fabulous to understand.

But girls, guess how old it is?
1946!   Honestly though if you find one, snap it up because it's brilliant!

I also found this lovely Wade fluted dish.  The jurys out on wether it's an ashtray or just a dish actually. I really liked the colour, and the prettiness of it, so I'm kinda hoping it isn't an ashtry lol.

Here's a picture our tree at last.  It's so nice to have a real tree again.

But they are jolly expensive this year aren't they?  Some of them were £45.00 plus!!!
Mine wasn't I hasten to add! But it was nearly there I can tell you.

I was thinking of not getting one, and just using our fibre optic one that we have in the hall way.

This picture's looking up the hall towards the front door. With the fibre optic tree on and our retro style outside lights on...
I love looking out at them:O)

Well, have you all finished your Christmas shopping then? We haven't! Have still got some to do on Monday, but the children broke up from school today, so it's gonna be hard shopping with them in tow!

I'm off tailing my eldest daughter round town tomorrow. Literally :o)
Well, her girlfriends want her to go shopping with them, and as you know she has seizures every day, and I can't just shift the responsibility onto a group of 15-16year olds can I? 
So they're all going round together, and I'm following at a distance to be there in the event of a seizure. I know I'm gonna feel a bit strange spying on a group of kids I can tell ya! lol.
My big girl is so good. Bless her. What 16year old do you know that knows she can't go anywhere with out her Mum or Dad even shopping with her friends, and doesn't even moan about it.. Bless her.
I've been trying to persuade my little girl (12year old) to come with me, but she doesn't see the fun in it either

Anyway, I'm hoping to get back on here before the big day, as I can show you my finished makes then.
But if not my lovely people,


you hear?


And if I don't speak to you soon, I'll speak to you next year :o)
Take care, and have fun.

Love Donna xx