Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Tags and embroidery

Well hello lovely bloggy people :o)

Hope this finds you all fine n dandy this last day of November.

Autumns' arrived here in the south/west at last!  We had our first mild frost at the begining of the week, and that old wind has been a bit raw round here!

I've been busy with a few Christmas makes, but I have to admit to being a bit miserable of late!
I've had the lurgy now since we came out of hospital (grrr) and it's just not going!

Still, I thought I'd better get round to doing at least two posts during November, and today is my last chance to get the second one in!    :o)

I've been a bit obsessed with tags of late.  I used to do a lot of 'tag art' when I was in into papercraft in the late 90's early 00's, and I seem to have picked up the habit again with fabric crafting!
I've listed a few in my Etsy shop, but I'm making summery ones at the moment when I get a spare minute, to list in the New Year.
It hasn't stopped me buying some gorgeous paper ones though when I've seen them.
look at these cuties..

I saw these in the charity shop for 20p a packet, and they were just so cute and whimsical i couldn't leave them there.

I think they're probably from the eighties.

The ones below are going to be the ones From Santa this year, so these are well hidden..

And these ones I just loved :o)

And I actually bought the BBC 'Homes and Antiques' magazine whilst in hospital, just so's I could get my mitts on these lovely tags!  lol

I've been doing some embroidery too....
Using some of my old rubber stamps to stamp on some cotton,

Then embroider round the edges and watercolour in the middles....

I haven't got round to watercolouring the middles yet,

But they're sweet aren't they?...

And i've been making some of the things below, but this is just a little peek, as they aren't quite ready yet..

I also keep meaning to tell you I won my fight!!

You probably don't remember, but back in September I told you I was off up the school to start what I knew would be a long drawn out process with the school over my eldest daughters post 16 education (i.e. Year 12/6th form)
She can only go to school part time due to her seizures, and obviously some of that time she isn't there either as she is ill.
But they still said that she had to get the full monty in exam results in order to get any 6th form education with them.
(in my daughters case, this would have meant getting 100% in her exam marks, where as other children without any special needs only have to get about 55%.)
Well, after a bit of a battle, they've said she can go in the 6th form!! Which to us is brilliant news! 'Specially as the nearest colleges are about 40 mins away depending on traffic!
They've said she can much earlier than we anticipated, which we think is great, as we were expecting to fight right up until next June if need be!  So that is a real worry off our minds I can tell you :o)

The last thing we would want is for her to leave school next year, and sit on her bum isolated from everyone!  Goodness, I couldn't let her do that now, could I?

Anyway, it's all sorted now as far as me and the Head of 6th form are concerned.
I'm not supposed to tell anyone yet (you won't tell anyone though will you ;o) as she is going to be the exception, so I felt a bit of a fraud when I was talking to one of the deputy heads the other day about her post 6th form education, and he was saying how they won't take her !
Still, it's not my job to tell him now is it?
And we haven't told our daughter yet either, as she is taking her mock GCSE's at the moment, and we don't want her to think (not that we actually think she would, but you never know;o) that she doesn't have to try 'cos she's already got a place!

I have to admit to feeling a tad guilty telling you all, but I do know a few of you are so caring and I'd sure want to know if it was you ;o)

Anyway, that's it for me oh, 'cept I  promised to show you all this..

My youngest daughter has been re-cycling and making Christmas things.
this is her snow globe...
Made from:
An old coffee jar, a christmas picture printed off the internet, some polystyrene and glitter.
She's made something else too, but I'll show you that in the week :O)

Right, I'm off now to get three advent calendars as I forgot them.. I know, how un-organised can you get lol.

Take care my lovely people. You've cheered me up having a yack :o)

Love Donna xx

Monday, 14 November 2011

This n' that..

Well Hello lovely bloggy people :o)
Hope the world is treating you well?

I've had a busy, kinda stressful few weeks.  My eldest daughter was finally admitted to King College Hospital last weekend, and we've been up there all week.
Thankyou most kindly for all your well wishes that you sent us :o)
She had loads of tests, a MRI scan and a PET scan. We're hoping that after all the tests she had, they may find a reason for her epilepsy.
I had a 'discharge letter' for her GP, and what I read there looks extremely interesting, but obviously we'll have to wait for the test results and to hear from the Professor before we know what happens next...

Not alot's been happening round here. I've still kinda lost my way blogging wise, but I'm going to just take my time and keep plodding on.
Blogs are such a good thing to have. I like to write mine so that I can have a record of things done/made. I'd like my children to be able to read through it in the future if they so wish.  And I think it's nice for people to know a bit about you if you take the time to comment on their blog.

I've been busy making my gift labels for my Etsy shop..

I've been trying to think of ways of styling my photo's, but I have such a lack of imagination sometimes!
I've also started to make hot water bottle covers, but I forgot to take the photos!
And I've made a few of my zip flowers into hair slides..
And since i've been back from hospital, our passion flowers have bloomed..

Look at that glorious sky! That was yesterday too, the 13th November!  14.c  it was here :o)

Well, I'm off to the shops now to fill up the cupboards again..
Is it just me, or does shopping get more boring the older you get? LOL

Have a great week lovely people, and take care,
Love Donna xx