Monday, 14 March 2011

Hello lovely people :0)

How are you this sunny Sunday afternoon? (this should read Monday now lol)
I hope you're all fine and dandy :0)

I seem to be going longer and longer between blog posts lately.....
But I'm here now, and I've brought you all the details of my Paying-it-Forward bloggy business..

I actually managed to pick a few sprigs of flowers from the garden the other day..
I picked some forsythia and the only three daffodils....

I've also been busy crocheting...
From these fabric strips (kindly cut by hubby :0) )

I made a new rag crochet bag...

I'm sorry, but blogger won't let me load any more photos (it's taken me two days to get these ones on!!)
Is anyone else having trouble with blogger at the moment, or is it just me?

 I also crocheted a 'fancy' scarf for one of my daughters teaching assistants -this teaching assistant is amazing, and we so appreciate all she does for our daughter- it's her birthday and 
she always wears greens and rose colours, so I had this gorgeous 80%wool yarn that is so cosy, and I thought she'd like it.
(no photo...naughty blogger)

I'm a lot poorer (£ wise) this month as it's my youngest daughters birthday on Thursday, (12 did she get to that without me noticing? lol) and my poor old car needed £400. worth of work to get him through his MOT. 

Now, my Pay-it-Forward...

To enter (OOoooo, I hope some of you lovely bloggers do enter !) all you have to do is leave a comment on this post asking to be entered. If you don't ask, I won't enter you, so don't worry if you're just leaving a comment, you won't get roped into anything by mistake :0)
It's a pif for THREE people, so I will then choose three of you from my furry hat, and send you the lovely little gifts :0)

Now, I'm doing this pif a bit different from others I've seen, in the fact that I'm sending out surprise gifts.

You will get a sewn gift, a crochet gift and a mystery gift :0)

They're just little ones, but you will get lovely little surprises through your door to open. And then you can pass on the bloggy goodness..right?  :0)
This pif is open to the world :0)

Now I've finally managed to load some photos (one day after I started this post!!) I've got to head off to Karate (not me the children lol) .

I was making bunting today for my daughter too, but I'll have to try and load some pictures in the week before I do my writing !

So that's it for today folks, short and sweet. (well, short for me :0))

I'll be ending the pif entries next Monday evening, so you've all got plenty of time to enter :0)

Take care lovely people,
Speak soon,
Love Donna xxxxxx

Ps. I think I'm addicted to making those little dotty, o, bracket smiley faces...sorry lol but at least you all know I'm sending you smiles :0)  -or frowns lol xxxxx


  1. You must have 6 arms to do all the lovely things you do. I admire you so much, keep the smileys,I love them

  2. Well, poo on blogger for not allowing photos! I haven't been having difficulty with that particular thing. I'm also so sorry to hear about your car expenses- that's no fun at all! How lovely of you to make something for the teaching assistant- she will love her fancy scarf for sure!!

    Now for this pif thing. I *think* I would like to be entered. Does this mean that if I am chosen, then I in turn do pifs for 3 people, and so on and so on? If I have that bit correct, then yes, I'd love to be involved :)

    The flowers and the bag are delightful- have a wonderful week!!

  3. Gosh your week almost mirrors mine! Car woes - Not as steep as yours mind you but repairs to brake hose and calipers totalled £130 - would have been more but hubby did some of it himself.

    Daughters birthday - youngest is 20 on Wednesday - (and I don't know how she got there either, wasn't it just yesterday that she was proudly pushing her dolly it's toy buggy?)

    A big thanks for all the lovely comments that you leave on my blog and send happy birthday wishes from me to your daughter.

    Have a good week. xxx

  4. You've been very busy crafting and I love that bag you have made. When blogger decides to behave, I'd love to see some more photos of the bag.
    Happy birthday to your daughter, they do grow so fast don't they?
    I would like to join in your pif if I may.
    Have a lovely week,
    Anne xx

  5. Hi hello Donna again, wouldn't it be great if we both won. You never know, we might. lol

  6. Love your crochet bag!

    Me too. Haven't been blogging as much lately and haven't been putting much of anything on Etsy as well. I have been knitting, so that keeps me quite busy--trying to improve my skills. Also, we've all been fighting some nasty colds here lately. It has made its way around the house, and now I've got it! Feeling so run down.

    Looking forward to brighter sunny days ahead. I can't believe you've got flowers already! Yay!

  7. I have forsythia it and your bag is so pretty.


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