Sunday, 27 February 2011

Well hello :0)

Honestly, I didn't think I was going to get here this week :0)
As it is, I'm writing this at 6 in the morning....I know 6!  I've been totally up since 4 though... not been a good night with daughter #1 unfortuantely bless her.
Everytime I go back to sleep after a seizure, she has another one, so in the end your body kinda says 'ENOUGH! I'm not going back to sleep, just get up, and get some chores done' (well mine doesn't actually say that, but i know I should be doing that instead of posting here and looking at all the lovely blogs in blogosphere :0)

Anyway, as I was saying, I didn't think I would get here this week, as I have sssoooo much to do!
I've now paid for my table at the Craft Fair next Sunday, so that's a definate.
I've been busy making all the bits and bobs. I found quite a bit of stashed mades and half mades (!) in my crafty place. So that all adds to the table :0)
I've been making my rag crochet bowls and trivets. I've got my bags and hats to take. I've been busy beavering on my glass jars....
Below are some that have been cozied up -remember I got them a few weeks ago? (well, you probably don't remember, but I did :0)

They look cute with a little cozy on don't they?
And below is one of my little pin cushions...

Next is a really dodgy picture of the lovely cozy cushion covers I have been making
I tried to get a picture of a close up to show how thick and cozy it is, but with it being so dark under our lounge lights (it's still dark outside at the moment, so no natural light then :) i blurred it, and all the others have come out orangey!

So.  I'm getting there. Very nervous, but persevering :)

Now do you remember a while back I started a ripple blanket for my youngest daughter?
Well here it is in her favourite candy stripes..

I hope she likes it. It's just a small one to wrap her duck and other toys up in.
She's at a funny stage at the moment, you know the sort of in between being a little girl still, but also wanting to be a big girl.
She wants to love and cuddle all her soft toys and that, but then in the next moment she wants to put some make up on and be all grown up.
I didn't have this with my eldest daughter 'cos her epilepsy started when she was nine, and it just totally changed all our lives. It was almost like having a totally different child overnight. You know like someone had come in and swapped her. She was that different... Bless her.
Goodness, i just read back what I wrote and it sounds a bit dramatic, but it's true. It just hit us out the blue this epilepsy lark.

Anyway, I must be tired to be rabbiting on so much (oh no, I usually do that don't I ? LOL)
So before I make you all yawn, I just wanted to tell you that the lovely Miss Bunny is having a Birthday giveaway, and it's super duper!  I love the butterfly, it's so pretty, and the little chalk.....well, I won't tell you all about it, you just pop over there and see. It's open to everyone in the world :0)

So lovely people, I'm off to get a nice hot drink,  settle down to some crochet, and maybe watch a film before everyone gets up...I so rarely watch telly, and the other day I realised I don't often goin my lounge to sit either...but that's another story ;0)

I'll try and blog before the Fair so you can see my mock table, but if not, speak to you after with some pic's.

Have a good week, and take care lovely people.
Love Donna


  1. Sorry you've had a bad night with your daughter - hope its a much better one for you both tonight.

    Am also up early - mainly because MrVV is snoring for England!!

    Good luck with your fair - I can see some great items there :)

  2. Donna- everything is coming along so nicely!! I can't wait to see the mock table. Regarding Gemma- I am sending thoughts for more sleep for you both tonight. xoxo

  3. Hope Gemma feels better soon! I love those cosies and your crotchet skills are amazing!

  4. wow you have been busy and it all looks great. Hope Gemma and you have a more restful and relaxed week.xx

  5. Enjoyed this post--a little candid snippet of your family. My daughter Catherine is 9. Like your little one, she loves to cuddle her stuffed animals, play, pretend, color and more. She also enjoys trying on my heels and applying oodles of lipstick. Yes, that in between age is taking place here as well. I like this age. I see her growing, learning, and changing, but still clinging to her little girlhood. This truly is a blessing; there are so many girls her age "growing up" way too fast. I am sure you agree. Talk soon, Victoria

  6. Sorry that your poor daughter has had such a bad night, hope things ease up for her. Thanks for your comment on my blog re hospital parking charges and feel free to join my rant on the subject anytime - it's disgusting that you had to pay so much when your own lovely daughter was in hospital. You've made so lovely makes for your stall, here's hoping for lots of sales. xxx

  7. I always tend to gravitate towards the neutral colour palette myself...but when I see the happy, cheery colours here..I find myself smiling!

    thanks for sharing your cozy little bottles...I wonder how this would look with the vintage threads I'm currently using....? hmm....

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  8. I hope you can find some rest/relief whenever you can Donna! Despite it all you still manage to make such pretty and creative things.

  9. Hope the fair will recharge your batteries !


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