Thursday, 29 September 2011

" Bring me sunshine....." 'Morecombe and Wise' -remember?

Hello lovely bloggy people :o)

I do hope you're all fine and dandy this extremely-hot-nearly-the-end-of-September-(what-on-earths-going-on)-day!
My little cars thermometre read 32 degrees today!!!

I'm not that happy about it I can tell you (miserable woman I know :o))
Well for one, me and Mr LTS both have the lurking end bit of the lurgy. So being a hot day has just made our temperatures soar.
Two, where was the blooming sun when we needed/wanted it in the school holidays? Hmm?
And last but not least, our big car that fits all of us in is at the garage for the next few days, so we can't go jolly-ing about in the sunshine for any fossil hunting :o(
(I hasten to add that it is only in the garage after losing the blooming key and thinking we would have to fork out £200!! (yes, extortionate I know) to get a replacement key/card from Renault in France!
I found said car key yesterday sitting neatly on a bike seat in the garage. -this was after searching the whole house and garage for days and NOT finding said car key!)
So now the car is in the throes of being re-paired from his other problems later than he was due to, hence he's not here to drive!

Anyway, enough of that.
I would just like to mention that me and Blogger are in the middle of a falling out too.
I keep leaving comments on blogs, and as soon as I press the 'post comment' button, they keep just disappearing off the screen into blogosphere!
So to all the lovely people whom I usually visit, I have been visiting you, and commenting, but I don't think you've been getting my comments unless they are invisible to me and not to you!
I will have words with Mr Blogger at the end of this post, and see what is going on :o)
OOOooo, I just thought, if he's got the right sulks, I won't even be able to post either will I?
Oh well, if you're not reading this, I can't do any posts either :o)

Now, I was going to post this post on Monday, under the title 'Monday Makes'. Original huh?
But alas I didn't get round to it, and I couldn't think of a 'making' type of title begining with T, so I thought I'd just mention the sunshine :o) Well, I mean I could have called it 'Monday Makes on a Thursday', but that wouldn't have really sat right would it?

Well, this is what I made anyway..

I made this Alsation/German Shepherd quilted stitchery. (I love the word Stitchery. Jennie mentioned it on her blog the other day, and i just fell in love with it. I mean I've heard it before, but it just kinda sounded good to me, right there and then :o)
D'you like it? (The stitchery I mean, not Jennies word)

I'm still a bit unsure about it. I mean, I'm no expert sewist, but I just SO LOVE scraps of fabric. And I always just want them to be sewn together.
 I have a few quilt panels sitting around doing nothing, so I thought I'd just stitch 'em up and see.
But i would like some un-biased thoughts on the subject if you wouldn't mind.
I've put this up for sale in my Etsy store just to see if there's any interest, as I would like to make some more.
So let me know what you think now ok?
Be honest ya hear?

Otherwise I can see me and my loved ones drowning in a pile of my little stitcherys :o)
Goodness, I could be yacking for England tonight couldn't I?  LOL.
I think it must be cos' of that dodgy Mr Lurgy doing his lurking business and stopping me from yacking to everyone around me.

So now I've got all this business off my chest, I'm going to get an early night with my current crochet project/love so's I get up all happy and beaming tomorrow to get up the school, and fight a battle for my eldest :o)  (tell you next time ;o)

Take care now, enjoy the sun (don't forget your lotion and sun brolley) if you live in England, and I hope you get some sun if you live elsewhere :o)
Have a great weekend,

Love Donna xx 

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Granny goodness.......:o)

Well, Good evening people :o)

Hope this post finds you all fine and dandy this fine Thursday.
I can't believe that it's been more than a week since I last posted. I thought I was getting good at posting more often too ;o)

Anyway, I thought I'd show you a few recent makes and thrifty finds today.

Here's my first make....
Some Granny Goodness pentagons!
Below is a picture of the exact replica of my little car.
My husband bought me this when we got my little car so that when I'm driving along, I can see what I look like ..LOL
He stuck it on the top of my dash for me....
Well, I love my little car dearly, and I even name my cars, (but I won't tell you, 'cos it really is a bit laughable....'specially when I phone our local garage man and say "it's me, can i book 'so and so' in for this, that and the other please... :o)"

Well, I've been thinking for a while that my car could do with a liitle bit of Granny Goodness to cheer up her lovely turquoise looks...
See through the window ?...
Look, five little pentagons to cheer up the boot ;o)
I needed a squarish type bunting to match the squarish shape of my car.

I love looking in my rearview mirror at this cheerful bunting..

It makes me smile....I'm just thinking what to do with her next..
I've already planned a towbar cover for our big family car......   :o)
Which I will show you when it's done.

Thrifting tales this week saw me grinning from ear to ear when I spied this set of rosey curtains...

Aren't they gorgeous?
There were three curtains in all, and I bought to lot.
All in really good condition, these will be finding their way to my Etsy store sometime over the next week or two.
Aren't those little rose buds so sweet?

And I found metres and metres of this really gaudy, granny goodness fabric from the 60's early 70's. It even still had it's original order labels on it which are so cool, and I forgot to photograph them for you.

So if you'd like any of this fabric it too, will be in my shop over the next couple of weeks ;o)

I was busy crocheting my fabric bowls in the hols too...

And my crocheted ric rac for my shop...

Told you I was sweeping my shelves, and filling 'em up :o)

And below is the cushion I made my lovely husband...

OOOooo, it's really soft and scrumptious...

Crocheted from several strands of similar colours on one of my chunky hooks..

It turned out gorgeous and chunky..
I'm thinking of making a few in this chunky way for my shop..

What do you think?

Anyway, that's it for me tonight.
You all take care now,
and I'll speak to you soon.

Love Donna xx

EDIT ::     I thought I'd just better say that if you do make the pentagon bunting, hang it the way i have, and not with the point down, otherwise it looks like Granny's bloomers rather than granny goodness ;o)
Have a great weekend everyone. xx

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wild Wednesday....

Well, hello lovely people :o)

Hope this post finds you all fine n dandy this Wednesday evening :o)

I thought I'd take the opportunity of my internet working properly to introduce you all to Henry :o)
I bought him in the spring, and just never got around to blogging him :o(

And today when I was taking some dodgy, fuzzy photos of my lovely gladiolis I realised that you hadn't met him yet!

AAaaaw....Isn't he gorgeous?
Now, as I said, I got him in the spring...

I went into my local Charity shop, and the lady behind the jump had him in her hand...

I said "Oh my" (or something similar :o)  "isn't he gorgeous?" (Yes, I probably did say that)
And she said "Yes he is. D'you want him?"
And I said (thinking of my girls..) "Eerm, how much is he?"
And she said with a smile " £1.00" !!
Yes, lovelies, one whole pound!  
I promptly got my quid out of my purse, and left before she changed her mind!
'Cept now comes the bit where by I show my true nature :o)

I won't hardly let anyone touch him!  Let alone give him to my girls!!!
"No No!" I said when they both clamoured for him ('specially my youngest-she's got enough cuddly critters to fill a shop that one :o)
"He's mine!  he's called Henry, and he's going to guard the fireplace :o) "

He is rather special though. he appears to be made exactly like a polar bear's body, with super soft fur which I think may even be real.  I've looked all over for a label, but alas there isn't one.
But still, label or no he's a beauty. Don't you agree?

He guards the fire place along with our cheshire cat..
(yes I know my geraniums have a few yellow leaves...)

Something I find very strange to do, (and if truth be told, a bit 'naughty' even) is to just go out and pick flowers, then just 'bung 'em' in a vase!

You see for several years in my youth (haha!) I trained and worked as a florist. And rigid flower arranging was the order of the day in the 80's and early nineties.
none of this just 'bunging 'em in' lark.
I arranged everything. I used to go round friends houses and they'd get me to arrange the flowers I bought with me, till in the end I started taking chocolates!

So just out of habit, whenever I buy or pick flowers I have always 'arranged' 'em.

So I feel like I'm living a bit on the wild side lately by just nipping out into the garden, picking what ever I like, and just bunging it in :o)

D'you ever break out of a routine/habit and feel a bit wild?  :o)

And these pretty jars (if I do say so myself :o) will be hitting my newly cleaned Etsy shelves sometime soon  too.  I've been busy working on jars all summer along with other bits and bobs, and as soon as I've got the correct packaging, on the shelf they're gonna go :o)

Well, that's it for me tonight.

You take it easy, and keep safe.

Love Donna xx

LOL. PS.  I just read back through my post to check spelling etc...and I noticed my nicely arranged gladioli in their vase on the fireplace....  lol   :o)

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Crafty bits & Thankyou....

Well hello lovely people!  :o)

How are you this blustery, rainy, sunny Sunday?  All fine and dandy I hope?

I was supposed to be at a handmade/vintage craft fair today, but due to our recent emergencies and the like, it was most sensible that I cancel, although I do wish I was there today.....

But still, I have been a busy bee crafting at home ;o)


I would like to thank you all kindly for your supporting comments and emails from my last post.
I didn't actually mean to post that, it just kinda came out whilst I was sitting here, but at least you know what I've been up to, and what I get up to when I don't post for a while. But thankyou for your kind support, it does mean such a lot to me!    :o)


Over the summer we had a few little Jollies here and there. And on one good day, we even drove for a very long day trip back down into Devon. 
Whilst having a little stroll about Brixham - a quaint little fishing village in the Torbay area..

We saw our first Christmas tree of the year...
Made from driftwood, in a designers studio window..
I love the huge shells hanging from it...

I do apologise, I forgot her name!  But she does have a beautiful shop in Brixham if your ever down that way ;o)


After one of my migraines, I got up to find my youngest daughter had been up to this....

I still have no idea why she hung these leaves on the line, and nor does she!
But I do know why she was playing with the rocks that we bought home as souvenirs from our Devon holiday...

These little rock piles are dotted all around the garden with labels on, in strategic places :o)

Just to remind us of the beautiful wildness of Cornwall and Devon..

(I hasten to add, we didn't bring home all the grey slate, that's already in our garden, just the few bigger rocks...  ;o)

On the shopping front I had some lovely thrifty finds over the summer.
I found three vintage crochet and knitting magazines from the early seventies.
For some reason, I only photographed two of them...

If anyones see anything they like and would like a copy of the pattern, just email me :o)

The picture above,- that knitted all in one just reminds me so much of Star

Oh well, Bloggers not playing anymore this afternoon, so I can't load any crafty photos up at all!!

I'll just let you know that I'm in the midst of sweeping and scrubbing my Etsy shop shelves, so I can pop all my new goodies on them  :o)

Hopefully, I can show you some pictures in the week.

Take care now, and have a great week everyone :o)

Love Donna xx

Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Weather

In traditional weather forcasting style, I'll first tell you what the weather has been like these past few weeks here in the LTS household.

We have had Hurricanes. Yes hurricanes. Not as bad a Irene of course, or even as bad as our storm of '87, but hurricanes we have had.
They have taken the form of huge Epileptic seizures. Emergencys no less. They've torn through the house, and sent us scattering for help.

We've had tornados. Temper tantrum tornadoes. They've come in the form of a 12 year old girl wanting to behave like a 22year old, and stressed up parents putting they're foot down, and trying to explain why certain things can't be done at the age of 12years old -I mean if you do everything at the age of 12, there won't be anything left to do when you get to 15 or 18 or 22 will there? ;o)

Then we've had rain. Oh you should have seen the rain. Torrential it was. The tears poured out
I so wished I was someone else, or anywhere else. Blogland even. Yes, I would like to have been in Blogosphere. You know, right out there. Then I could have popped into all my favourite blogs, and been someone else. Just for a day. A change. A rest.
I was jealous of everyone and anyone. Why me? Why my daughter? Why us?...Why NOT us?
Just to be 'normal'. No epilepsy. No migraines.  Oh bliss.

Then the Fog. Cold, drizzly fog. Came in the form of Migraines. One on top of the other. You know the type, hiding under the duvet. Nausea, vomiting, sledgehammer on the back of your head. Having to get up to tend to a epilptic seizure whilst the sledgehammer doesn't stop hitting you, and you haven't been able to have so much as a sip of water past your lips in two days as the minute you do you vomit. Urgh.
And the guilt. Yes, the guilt that  your eldest daughter is having a huge amount of seizures, and your husband is trying (and succeeding-brilliant lovely husband) to cope with them, and the youngest two whilst his wife is ill in bed. The youngest two keep creeping in just to make sure you haven't died. 'Cos the last time they saw you after listening to you vomit in the bathroom, you came out looking half dead. So they're just checking.

Then. At last. The calm.
Seizures partly back to usual. Still every day and night, but not every 10 or 15 minutes.
The tantrums subsiding. Back to school. Can be grown up with friends.
The migraines.  Finished for a couple of weeks hopefully. A reprieve.
For now.

Now the forcast for the weeks ahead.
More Seizures will happen. You know they are complicated. You know that she has an extremely hard Epilepsy to treat. That's life.
More migraines will happen. They have done since you were 17 and theres no reason why they should stop now.
More growing up will be done. She's only 12. Give her a break. They're only young once.
Take things steadily and calmly, and you'll get through it.

Remember when you're under the duvet that your migraine likes to make you feel bad. It feeds off the great waves of sadness that come from you when all this is happening.
And most importantly, feeling sorry for yourself does NOT help.

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and carry on.

If you've read this far lovely people, have a great weekend.
Normal blogging will resume soon with some new crafty items to show as well.

Take care lovely people.
Love Donna xx
All out the garden :o)