Sunday, 27 March 2011

Happy Sunday morning lovely bloggy people :0) PHOTOS ADDED!

How are you this bright and sunny Sunday morning?

(Well, i hope it's bright and sunny where you are :0)
My migraines gone .YAY. and when it's gone I always feel refreshed -maybe cos' I felt so bad during it  ;0)


Yesterday the children and I went to a local (ish) country park in the afternoon. I wanted to go to the Art exhibition that's running there at the moment, and we also had to meet my husband there as he was running there from home (about 24 km)!

Unfortunately the Art exhibition was closed, so the girls and I had a mooch round the gardens (we'd dropped my son off at a birthday sleep over)..

The flowers -mainly camelia's -were spectacular!
Don't worry, I won't be showing tons below, but I will be showing a few, and I'll show the rest at the end of each blog post in the coming weeks. Cos' I wouldn't want you to miss out now would I ;o)

I've never actually seen yellow camelias, and these were such a gorgeous pale lemon curd colour, you could almost taste them ;)

An overladen azalea bush..

And just look at this magnificent magnolia!

My girls couldn't wait to get to it as the petals were falling, and they love standing under softly falling blossom. D'you remember doing that as a child? I do...

I thought this trough was a bit "un pc" I'm surprised the local council (who run the gardens) still had it about with the way some people are. But I thought it was charming and will look fabulous when in bloom :0)


I'm still adding things from my fair to my Etsy shop. I'm planning another fair in April, just waiting for the information to come through.

I love this pin cushion egg cup....that'll be in my Etsy shop too.

Well, that's it today folks (no trouble with blogger this morning either)

Have you remembered to put your clocks forward?  :0)

Oh, and before I go, you've got to pop over here and look at the explanaition of a new word that I think should definately be in the dictionary!!

Have a lovely week everyone.

Take care,
Love Donna xxxx

FOOTY NOTE :  After boasting I had no trouble with blogger this morning, I've gone half the day with no photos on my post as for some reason they wouldn't publish ! lol

Hope you can see 'em now!


  1. I don't know if it's just me but I can't see any photos.

  2. Well, boo. I don't see the photos either :(

    I have a relative whose hobby was grfting camelias to create new varieties. He became quite good at it, and several of his creations are commonly sold today. My parents had many of his bushes in their yard when they lived in Florida. Such a beautiful flower, I can never get over the lack of scent.

    Thank you, sweet Donna, for the shout out to my word :)

    It is sunny here today, but we had a bit of snow fall overnight. Hoping it doesn't do in all of the spring blooms!!! Have a wonderful day- I will be tackling my taxes today. Wish me luck!!! xoxoxoxo

  3. No pics! But a great read! lol! love Annie x

  4. Oh No!! What's happened to my photos!! And there's me saying on my post.."No trouble with blogger today! lol" I'll try and sort ot out!

  5. I can see photos :) Love the one of your girls playing in the blossom :) We used to do that when I was younger - and collect the petals to make 'perfume'.

  6. I'd forgotton about flower petal 'perfume'! lol
    I can still smell it now Mmmmmmm :0)

  7. glad the migraines gone and you are feeling better. What beautiful photos, thank you for sharing. xxx

  8. I used to make flower petal perfume too!
    Great photos. I've just had a similar experience with Blogger; I put a load of photos on fine but when I looked at it later the photos had disappeared apart from little blank squares. Luckily when the squares are clicked on, the photos show up. Sometimes Blogger's a bit hit and miss isn't it?

  9. I just love Magnolia's, pity they don't last long.
    I always remember an H.E.Bates book where he described them as 'Alabaster Chalice's' great description, don't you think, they look just like cups.


  10. Beautiful pictures, I love the camelias! My daughter is always making petal perfume, its lovely! Hope you're having a lovely week, the weekend is meant to be warm too!

  11. Gorgeous the one with the girls running under the tree! Cute little additions to your shop!

  12. BTW, forgot to mention I did spot the fabric in the bunting! Sweet!

  13. i see your lovely photos!! Absolutely gorgeous :)


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