Friday, 18 March 2011

Total photo overload ! :0) and new family members :0)

 Well, Good evening lovely people :0)

How are you all this dreary Friday?  Hope all is fine and dandy in your world :o)

Now, you must all know by now about the little squabbles I keep having with blogger. So this week, I've tried to beat him at his own game, and nearly every spare moment I've had, I've been trying to upload photos onto a blog post..( when you eventually get to the end of this post, you're going to think that I have an enormous amount of 'spare moments' in my life lol :)

So, this post is chock full of photos that I've been wanting to show you, but blogger hasn't let me. They're nothing important at all, and if you want to stop reading/looking now, you won't be missing much. Or on the other hand, if you want to carry on and have a nose, I suggest you nip and get a nice cup 'o tea now :0)

In my last blog posts, I've had a bit of a whine at the lack of flowers in this new garden. Well, we got up on Tuesday morning (which was beautifully bright and sunny here,) to be greeted by a whole tree full of beautiful pink blossom :0)

Next up are the continued photos of my very unsuccessful fair :)
The lady below did knitting, and she made some gorgeous hats...

And she also knitted childrens shrugs and lovely handbags...I have to say they were the nicest knitted handbags and shrugs I have ever seen. The attention to detail was second to none...

I can't remember if I showed you this jewellery and bag stall...
Next up, was the handmade card lady..

And this lovely lady had driven about 35-40 miles to get to the fair and not sell anything!.....

Goodness, I'm glad my youngest daughter didn't come to the fair, she would have wanted all these sock monkeys. The lady made them herself, and she didn't sell any either :(

And lastly, I totally resisted temptation.....

Now, here's the other photos of the rag crochet bag I finished at the begining of the week...

And this photo of it...see that big, hhuuuggeee box my bag is sitting on (notice the crocheted scarf  that I'm currently working on poking out :0) I always seem to have one of these on the go at the moment)  well, I'm not allowed to see in that box...OOoooooo, how exciting....It came on Tueday, my hubby had ordered it, and it's my BIRTHDAY present.... I couldn't believe it! (It's not my birthday till May) What d'you reckon's in it? Well, I know what I would have liked , but I didn't think (well, I know we don't) have the funds available for that at the moment, so I was so surprised when this arrived, and now I feel like a little kid, just wanting to get in that box ! lol   And, it's kinda the size for what I would have liked too...Ooooo.. lol
Still, you'll just have to wait the same as I have to :0)

Next up is the little Plum Tomatoe seeds I planted. I planted them five days ago -just before this piccy-, and this morning they were up already..yummy :0)

This is one of the triangles (do the triangles have an actual name in their own right?) of my youngest daughters birthday bunting...

This is another made from one of her favourite tops from when she was younger :0)

And this is the whole set of bunting.. The other fabric is what Clara kindly sent me with the PIF that I won from her a while ago. My youngest adored this piece of fabric, so I saved it to make something for her :0)
I was going to put her name on the bunting, but i'll have to do that at a later date as I ran out of time :0)

This pot holder has been newly made, but not by me...

I found it just waiting on the shelf for me at my local Charity Shop (CS) for 50p. I just had to buy it and love it :)

I got these there too for £2.00.  I've already got one, but I thought the girls might like to try Knifty Knitting too :0)
I adore the pomander that I got a few weeks back. It's the first one that I've found out and about in the charity shops. I love them. I fell in love with them at the handmade and vintage fair that I went to last year. One of the sellars had a huge box full of them, and the all the colours and little floral decorations were divine...
Then I found one of my own :0)
It's funny, but the first rubber stamp I ever bought (they were very expensive all those years ago...) was a little tiny sweet violet....and this pomander just reminded me of it :0)

This is a lovely little Crown Devon vase that I spied in the CS for 50p

Now next up, get ready for the Aaaahh factor......

These are the newest members of our family....

Two little cute Dwarf Roborovski hamsters called Nibbles and Honey. They are only about 6cm-8cm long, and they are so tiny and cute ..(yes, the pictures above are both of them!)
We eventually gave in to wanting/pester power to our youngest daughter (it was her twelth birthday yesterday ) and bought her these two cuties. She's wanted a pet since she was about five. The other two haven't been that bothered about pets, but she's kept on, so I hope it's not just a phase :)

At birthday time and Christmas, (and any other special occasions) we have 'buffet' to eat in our house. It's our kinda tradition. I spend the day in the kitchen (or the day before) and then we have all the old fashioned things like vol-u-vents, cheese and pineapple, mini sausages (veggie of course) posh (just for Jennie :0)
triangle sandwiches (we call them posh, cos' for some reason I always cut our sarnies into squares) and salads, and crisps and cold pizza...well, you get the picture...(or you will if you scroll down :0)

Oh, this cake caused me grief I can tell ya!   (but that's another story ;0)

This is a picture of our Wollemi Pine. It's my favorite green tree, and we've had it since it was little. It comes from Australia, and was recently discovered (a few years back) as a new species.
These are the lovely red shoots of the peony bush that was here when we moved in...looking hopeful :0)

And that's it...
YOOOOHOOOO.....wakey, wakey....
You can wake up now :0)

Well, I hope I didn't bore you too much.

I'll be back on Monday to see how many of you want to do the Pay it Forward so far it's just two of you, but if any more want to join in, it's not big items that you have to gift out, just spreading abit of happiness, that's all :0)

So don't forget to enter on my last post  (or this one, just say you'd like to enter.)

Now you all take care, have a good weekend, enjoy the sunshine (hopefully) and take it easy :0)

Love Donna xxx


  1. What a long and lovely post, Donna! Thank you for using the word posh for me :) Thank you, too, so very much for your kind offer of hosting my little ad. I have no idea how to put an ad up, but perhaps by the time I find out, you will have one too and we can host each other's ads.

    The bunting looks fab, happy birthday to your daughter and her new adorable pets (may they stay in their cages and not poop too much).

    I hope the mri went well- I've been thinking about you.

    AND, I'm positively dying to know what's in the birthday box!!! You should have another one on the way soon- it's my goal for the weekend to get it finished. xoxoxoxo

  2. Hi Donna,
    Phew..... what a post, but great to read.
    Today we are going to our first outdoor car boot of the year, yipeeeeeeeeeee, have been waiting so long for this, hope we find some goodies.
    I think the name for the triangular bit on the bunting is pennant, but check for your self.
    You really should be called super woman for all the thinks you get done lol

  3. Oooo, a lovely day for a boot sale Briony, Ihope you find some lovely bits and pieces :0)

    I thought the tringle bit was called a pennant too, but my son informed me that a pennant was a'banner' that waved on it's own ? (I thought that was called a banner myself, but what do I know! LOL)
    I think I'll go with pennent though as you thought so too :0)
    Have a great time today :0)

  4. I'm glad you succeeded in getting all these lovely photos on.
    The rag crochet bag is gorgeous, such lovely colours. As for the box it's sitting on, I would not be able to leave it there until May unmolested! Or have you already had it every which way looking for clues?
    I used to have a pomander like that years ago and it smelt of Parma violets, mmm... Parma violets, I used to love them.

  5. Hello Donna,

    What a lovely and sun-filled post! Made me smile (even I know the feeling of an unsuccessful fair, it's just almost too much after all the hard work you've put into your items) - the cake and the secret-box especially! You just need to wait a little while still :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  6. Sometimes I think fairs only work just before a particular holiday or only in the summer where there are lots of tourists. It's hard to tell but the lovely booths and items you ladies all had was just above and beyond time and that's the say you will have to look at it.

    I enjoyed your lovely post today. So much to look at and to enjoy!

  7. thats a great post, I love the hamsters, they are very cute and I really like the bag you made. I would so tempted to look in the box. The fair looked wonderful, I am surprised that it was not a success x

  8. Hi Donna,
    Thankyou so much for dropping by my blog and for leaving such a lovely comment. Its so nice to read others experiences of home edding. It is such hard work at times. A lot of other bloggers like to make out it isn't but it is, quite often for no more reason, than just the lack of time to yourself! I can understand why you couldnt cope anymore, it must have been very hard for you. Schools from my experience are awful, and the negative things that happen there really do stay with you for life. I hope that I will be able to always have the strength and good health to carry on doing what we are doing.

    Your blog is lovely, I have loved looking through your pictures. Where was your fair? Its always a shame when people don't come and spend money. It looks like it was a fantastic spread of stuff too. I am very envious of your tomatoes, as usual I am late with getting my seeds in, I love the smell of tomato plants!
    Hope you have a lovely week ahead of you.
    Spring Blessings, Liz

  9. how are you not going to peek in the box? i don't think i could stop myself. i need to know what's in it! x


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