Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mothers Day ! :o)

Hello Lovely bloggy friends :o)

Just a quick post this morning to wish you all


Whether you're a mum or not, I hope you all have a lovely day today, and I hope the sun shines where you are :o)

I've been very busy this week, and I have had horrendous (to me lol) computer problems, so if I haven't said 'hello' to you on your blog in a while, it's because I couldn't.
But hopefully now (fingers crossed) everything is back to normal, and 'speeded up' a bit lol.

I've also been working on my first Etsy commission which I'll show you in a couple of days.

So have a lovely day, and I'll speak to you soon.

The flowers below are for you :o)

Take care,
Love Donna xx

Have a Great Day  :o)  xx


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you, Donna! So sorry you've had the computer challenges. I can't wait to see your custom order :))))

  2. Thank you so much for the flowers! :)
    Happy Mother's day to you too!

  3. Oh me too, Donna. My wireless router keeps booting me off the internet. ALL the time. So I've been using the computer much less lately.

    Mother's Day is not until May here in the US. So I was quite surprised to read this post. I hope you had a lovely day--you definitely deserve it.

    Curious to know about your Etsy custom order--good for you!


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