Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Risky business....

Well, I've done it.

I couldn't resist any longer.

I've planted out our runner beans lol.
They are squashed into the tiniest plot imaginable that we made up for them, so it will be interesting to see how they do, or even if they survive. 'Specially having been planted out in April which is a first for us :o)

Please ignore next doors falling down fence which (until we just popped that ugly piece of batten against it) just kept falling everywhere when a breeze took it :) 

At least the beans will cover up the fence...hopefully:o)

These are right outside the kitchen window, so I will remember to water them every morning before the sun's too high... (if you water at night it brings all the slitheries out ...)

And before I'd finished I already had a little gardening friend come and join me :)

Well, two actually..

I just had to show you this pansy. It's beautiful petals are all velvety if you look close, it's just so pretty.

I haven't been doing much crafting during the school holidays.

Although I did manage to make some more bunting, and I've listed it on etsy.

I listed this ballerina one, some cottage garden flowers bunting, and some liqourice allsorts bunting.
Unfortunately blogger won't let me load any more photos, so you'll have to have a quick peek in my etsy shop if you would like to have a look at them:o)

Ooooo, guess what else happened. I was so chuffed about this you would have thought I'd made it myself!  LOL
Take a look here

A good few weeks back, (you may remeber I blogged about the like new vintage retro style sheet set I'd got) this lovely 'Brit Abroad' bought the vintage sheet set from my etsy shop, and these are the results.
Fantastic eh?


Well that's it today. Back to the normal routine for two days, then another four day holiday :o)
Lets hope this glorious sunshine stays with us for the weekend.

Take care all of you.
Love Donna xxx


  1. You might be planting beans in April, but at least they are in the ground and ready to go. Nothing tastes better than home grown produce. We were hoping for a nice crop of tomatoes this past summer but the weather wasn't favourable. Too much rain and not enough warmth.
    Happy gardening,
    Anne xx

  2. You've made a great job of the bean plot, it looks good with the bricks round it. You can't get much fresher than that if they're right outside the kitchen.

  3. Hi!
    Just found your lovely blog via Linda at Vintage Hearth.
    Looks like a good place for your runners - god luck! Havent yet got mine in, but will soon I hope.
    Love the pretty bunting, and have just checked out your Etsy shop - you have some lovely vintage fabrci and upcycled goodies there.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your blog!

  4. Good luck with the beans! - and thank you for your lovely comment. Will you be coming to frome on saturday?? Lizzie x

  5. I think the beans look really good, hope they continue to grow well x

  6. My fingers are crossed for your beanies, Donna! I've had a peek at your shop tonight, and I'm loving the buntings... you know which one especially :) And OMG, that DRESS is gorgeous- what a treat to see it all made from the sheets. I've recently sold a bit of fabric to the same talented lady- hope I get to see the results, too!

  7. That looks productive. I planted out some herbs - then the hens got out & had the lot ! Going to get my veggies in soon then cover & hen proof !

  8. Ahhh--a fence. Fences make the best neighbors, according to my husband! I like how you are making good use of your yard for gardening. Glenn and I have had a garden here each year. Soon it will be time to get it rolling again.


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