Saturday, 30 April 2011

Doily plate and crochet.. :o)

Hello Lovely people :o)

I hope this post finds you all fine and dandy this sunny Saturday.
So, did you or didn't you the Royal wedding yesterday?  Didn't she/they look fantastic? I thought her wedding gown was gorgeous, and was itching to get my hands on all that lace LOL.
I think they're a lovely couple, and it was lovely to see how much they adore each other :o)

Anyway, enough of that :o)



Well, I've been a busy bee this week with my lil' ole' hook.
I had a humungous coffee jar that has taken months for us to get through, (I'm the only one who drinks it sometimes :o)and I just thought I would re-cycle it into a colourful new vase.

Treble crochet all the way up, changing colours after every round, and keep trying it on for size. Increasing and decreasing as you go. I just love these vases, they're just so pretty and cozy :o)

I have real trouble doing 'still' photographs..I always have. Nature.. I'm fine, but 'still' sends me under the duvet.  Hence my slowness at listing items on Etsy. I have them all ready, but the photo's really phase me out.
So, I thought I would try and get a few pretty little props to help me along.

Here is an old plate I bought from a charity shop. It actually came with a little whicker stand that I wanted to 'do up' (photo's will follow when it's finished) for either using in the utility, putting some of my yarn collection in, or/and using at fairs on my table.

Well anyway, i loved the flowers and colours on this little plate, and by the style of them i think it's from around the seventies..
I gave it a good scrub..

Sewed some pale lemon blanket stitches around the edge...
Then added some 60's turquoise rayon yarn scalloped edging..

And voila!
Here we have my own little doily plate ready for using in some of my etsy shots.

The pink flower has faded a tad, but otherwise, i love it's colourful kitschyness:o)


I've already used it in my phot oshoot for some more needlecases that I shall be listing on etsy this weekend :)

I'm in the middle of a Teapot cozy at the moment which I'll hopefully show you in the week.


I can't remember what these little pink sweeties are called, but aren't they pretty? I've popped them in my new little rock garden bit I've made...
I'll show you more when it's up and growing.
And today I even spied some tomato flowers starting on my toms! :o) (And it's still April)
Just wanted to show you the little fingernail moon that followed me the other morning when I was up early for a walk.  It looked so bright in the early morning sky, but the pic's not too bright is it?

And this is the beautiful tree that is covered in Wisteria in the New Forest.

It's absolutely glorious :o)  And it seems to have grown so high up!
It grows like this every year, and just gets bigger and better :)

I'll leave you with a sleepy picture of Honey one of my daughters dwarf hamsters.
They are so cute, and their favourite place to sleep (even though they have a lovely fluffy house!) is in the old kitchen roll holders! 
But by showing you this picture, you can get a sense of how tiny they are :)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone.

Take care,
Love Donna xx


  1. I like what you did with the plates, the hamster is very cute x

  2. What a clever idea with the plate, Donna! It turned out beautifully :) I didn't see the wedding in its entirety, but I did see all of the very important bits like the vows and the balcony waving- I agree, they are a stupendous couple, and I wish them much happiness. I know Diana must have been beaming down at them from heaven. You have a lovely weekend, too!

  3. I would never have thought of changing the plate like that; it looks fantastic.
    I was only going to watch the wedding to see the outfits but I really got into it and watched it all. It was great.

  4. Hello honey, i love the crochet, but the needle case made me swoon. i think it is the nicest one i have seen. i will look out for it on etsy..xx


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