Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A commission Ta..daah.. :o)

Goodness me, it seems aaggeess since I did a blog post, and I've been so busy over the past week, the time just keeps running away again....

Anyway, how are you this warm and bright spring evening?  I hope this post finds you all fine and dandy :o)

What have I been upto?  Well, I finished my first Etsy commission :o)  Yay!
I was so chuffed to get this commission, then I was a bit scared when I did (well quite a bit actually lol) but I've finished it now, and it's on it's way across the lil' ole' pond.  
D'you want to have a look?

Here it is....
This was an action photo ( :D ) finishing off my last rounds..

See 'em?   I had to make four 17" x 13"  (!!) placemats with white and blue running through them..

I learnt a lot by doing this commission.
One of the things was as soon as you finish the job, post it off!
That's because I was going to post it this morning when I got back from the school run, but as I was packaging them (today was the day that I gave for posting them off),the school phoned to say they had to phone for an ambulance for my eldest daughter as she was having a really bad seizure.
So I had to rush to school, administer her emergency meds, then bring her home early and sort her out ...bless her. (She is fine, and this is a usual procedure :(  just in case you're worried)

She had a really bad one yesterday as well, which is why I didn't do it yesterday. But, I got them posted off in the end today, so alls well that ends well.

Second thing I learned was not to underestimate your postage weight (eh Jennie :o) )
BUT, I really, really enjoyed doing them, and I have learnt by my mistakes (no, really lol).

I've also been doing a small amount of patchwork. I used to do quite abit when I was younger, and I'd really like to do a bit more.  Not necessarily quilting, but I just like pretty, cosy patches.

I just used a thrifted piece of fabric, and crocheted around the edge, cos' I've found out that I adore crochet and patchwork together !
And when I finally get my childrens clothes (from when they were little) down from the loft, i'm going to patch and crochet a blanket :o)
I'd like to do squares with crochet joinings.

I've also got three of these on the go to pop in my Etsy shop..

They're lovely, lacy scarves. I have one sitting by my computer to do while I'm waiting for my photos to appear, one in the car, and another one by my bed (sometimes the one in the car gets transferred to my handbag to finish off while I'm in the post office queue LOL.
So if you see anyone crocheting in traffic jams (NOT when I'm driving I hasten to add) or in a queue, it's probably me  =)

We've been out inthe garden too this week. And here's our little tomato plants and beans and asters...getting bigger every day..

See these beans in a saucepan? well, that's my big old one, not one we use for cooking :0)
When the bottom kinda come away from the top, I couldn't bear to part with it, so made up a really good (not) excuse to my hubby that I desperately needed it to pop the runner bean seeds in. (not sure how I got away with that one, cos' I'm a terrible hoarder and it drives him nuts! LOL)

I have loads more to tell you, but i need some sleep now, so I'll try and pop back on Friday with the rest of my news.

Take it easy and enjoy the sunshine while we can =)

Love Donna xxxx


  1. Hi Donna
    I want you to send me some of your energy please ASAP, I feel so lazy reading all the things that you are doing. the mats are great and I love the crochet edge on the hexagons, what are they going to be, coasters?
    sorry about Gemma, what a worry for you, glad she's okay now.
    Haven't been able to blog, had a really severe virus and had to get it sorted, cost a bit but that's life, got a really good virus protection now. As you said we learn by our mistakes, my protection was not good enough.
    Happy crafting

  2. What a wonderful newsy post. Sorry to hear about your daughter, it must be tiring for you both. Love seeing all your crafty bits and pieces and your gardening exploits too. :)
    Anne xx

  3. Donna, the placemats came out so beautiful!! Your customer will be sure to love them. Yes, we live and learn about the postage... you can always tell the customer that you will invoice them for the shipping once the job has been completed so that you'll know the exact cost.

    Thank you for asking after Sophie's eye. She has pink eye (conjunctivitis), and the drops they gave her work like miracles. The redness and discomfort left within 24 hours, but we have to keep up the drops for a full 7 days. She's very good about that, thank heavens!!

    I truly don't know how you manage these calls from school and the ambulance runs- I would be a nervous wreck. You are just what Gemma needs-calm and collected. Sending a very big hug your way!!!

    Speaking of hoarders, do you get a tv show there about hoarding? We have a couple here that I watch and I'm so fascinated. I can't tear myself away from the stories... mostly because I'm probably only one life tragedy away from becoming a real one myself.

    Enough of my yakking. You apologized needlessly for "bothering" me last week- I'm NEVER too busy to hear from you, my friend!!!

  4. How do you crochet around the cozy patchwork? I love that so much, as well as the lacy scarf! Such beautiful work you have on here!

    Tina Mc.

  5. Love the purple color of those scarves!

  6. Super job with the placemats, Donna! Congratulations for a job well done. Yes, I always get excited when a customer asks me to do something specifically for her, but then fear kicks in. I think: What if this doesn't turn out so well? What if she doesn't like it? Can I get this project done in a timely fashion? Etc. Somehow it always works out, and the customer is happy. Afterall, the customer doesn't know how to crochet!!!

  7. The placemats look great Donna! Well done on getting a commission!
    I notice you use a large wooden crochet hook for this project - I have been trying to find one (on and off - gave up looking)ever since i saw them at the Knitting and Stitching show last year and foolishly didnt buy one at the time, so i would be very interested to know what size it is and where you bought it?
    Sorry to hear your daughter has been suffering - it must be so awful for her (and you)- I hope she is better now.
    Gill x

  8. Hi Donna!
    Thanks for visiting and thanks for your comments - I cant believe you made your hook, it looks amazing!Not sure I'd be up to doing that! But thanks for taking the time to answer my question.
    Forgot to say earlier how I love the look of that pretty lacy scarf you're crocheting - gorgeous!
    And the sweet hexagon patchwork - funny, I just had the urge to do some "old-fashioned" hand sewn hexagons over the easter break - must be catching!(Actually I saw something in a magazine which inspired me, but havent done any hexagons for years!)
    Looking forward to visiting again!
    Gill x


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