Sunday, 17 April 2011

Have you ever cut an apple in half? :o)

Well, Hello lovely people!

How are you this fine evening?  Hmmm?

I've been a bit busy this past week. The children broke up from school a week ago Friday, so I've been playing taxis.  We've been tidying up the garden, and popping plants in here and there.
The weather's been teasing us a bit hasn't it? I've been bursting to get my runner beans planted up in the little plot they've been allocated, but I daren't in case old jack frost pays us a visit and I lose 'em.
And look at the little beauties! They're even bigger than this now, cos' this was taken a few days ago.
In front are the french beans...equally scrummy :o)

We had some help in the garden this week as the Easter holidays are upon us. It made us laugh because in every photo I took, for some reason, it was the time when our eldest was 'supervising' ....she did do some weeding and digging herself...honest ;o)

Look at their pale legs...I can't wait for more sunshine now.

Look at the gorgeous blossom that's bursting out all over our drastically pruned apple tree..

Isn't it gorgeous?

Now, I want you to look at this photo of blossom, and tell me..

Have you ever cut an apple in half.....horizontally?
You know, not in apple 'segments', but the other way?

Well, here's a useless/interesting fact for you.
The apple inside is split up into five segments, and it mimics the shape of the blossom...
See?  Look at the blossom above, then look at the photo of the apple cut 'in half' below and see the stars/segments?

Full of interesting/useless facts this week I am! LOL

By the way I know the apple is old and wrinkly, I wasn't going to feed it to the children it was being cut for the birds ;O)

I got up early this morning to 'do' another craft fair.
It was in the most lovely old farm with a 'medieval' hall. Luckily I wasn't in the hall, (it was a bit cold in there)  but outside in a marquee just by the door.

This is my stall before I set up...

And this is it after it was set up.

In the afternoon, the sun came right round and shone on me, it was like being on holiday:o)

At least we had more visitors than last time at the other fair.  I sold a few bits this time, and had a good day...very relaxing.

I've been beavering away making bunting all week, but I didn't sell any lol, so that will go in my little etsy shop this week.

I've been wanting to show you this gorgeous little B&B up the road from me for a while, but I keep forgetting to stop the car (well it's about 5 miles up the road actually) and take a picture...

It has the most magnificent Camelia growing next to it which looks glorious in the morning sunshine.
The day I stopped it wasn't sunny (or the mornig)  :o)  LOL

But I wanted to show you it's quaintness anyway :o)

Have a lovely week everyone, and I hope it's sunny for you wherever you are.

Take care,

Love Donna xxx


  1. That is an interesting fact. I knew there was a star in the middle of an apple but didn't realise there was also one in the blossom. One of my school teachers once said I was a mine of useless information (I took it as a compliment).
    Your stall looks lovely; I'm glad you had a good day.

  2. Donna! Your booth looks amazing- it must have taken you ages to set that up! The bunting makes it look so very festive...people were probably not wanting to take it away from your sweet set up.

    Love the apple blossom fact- I didn't know that, and I will share it with Sophie.

    What is the roof made of on that B&B? It looks like coco grass! Very quaint indeed :)

    Have yourself a wonderful week~

  3. The apple looks so pretty cut that way ! I was at a cookery demonstration last week ( with Dick Strawbridge !) He asked his heper to cut some apples which she did ... THEN he said he wanted them in rounds !
    I have to move my apple tree as it's too near the house - at the mo I'm enjoying the pretty blossom.

  4. Lovely pics as always. My runner beans are in the same position as yours. I have put out the broad beans, only the bottom leaves look a little yellow. I hate waiting for the garden to get going and the frost to sod off. I am so impatient when it gets to this time of the year!
    Love the apples, they are so pretty in the middle cut like that. We looked at them last autumn. Our tree is covered in blossom this year, it is beautiful. Oh so many things to look forward to!! Have a lovely week in the sun!

  5. Hi Donna
    Just to say, have a lovely Easter.



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