Saturday, 29 January 2011

Embroidery and thrifting...

 Evening lovely people :0)

Hope you're all having a fabby weekend.
I can't believe over a weeks gone by since my last blog post! Where does the time go?

I've been busy though. 
This morning, I was lucky enough to get a little thrifting in :0)

So all during this afternoon, I've been having a tussle with blogger, and putting one photo on at a time so that I could get this post written this evening, to show you a couple of my little finds.

First I found this gorgeous hand embroidered table cloth. It's absolutely beautiful..

The amount of hours this must have taken to embroider!
The whole cloth measures approx. 3ft by 3ft.

It has a couple of very tiny stains on it, but otherwise, it's in fabulous condition, and the pastel colours are so vibrant.
I haven't found a piece of embroidery that I like so much in ages...
But saying that, i may still pop it in my shop, I'm undecided as of yet.

Next up I found a banana stand (I think lol )
It was only 50p.

It's got that lovely crackle glaze all over it, which I really like on some things.

I got these 4 sets of cup/saucer/sideplate.
They're Royal Doulton 'Reflections'.
They only cost 40p for the WHOLE four sets!

We need a new address book. This one was only £1.00.

It's got beautiful floral prints running all the way through it.
It's so pretty.

Four miniture bottles for £1.

And travel Scrabble for when my daughter goes into hospital.

I've been busy crocheting this week too.
I've had to running hats to make..
These I crochet in plain trebles, with 'go faster' stripes round the bottom :0)

Then i've been crocheting bunting.
This is it 'blocking' on my ironing board lol.
(This is a good excuse for not doing the ironing, as obviously I can't remove the crochet till it's done :0)

Notice the extra amount of photos?
Well, thankyou all for your advice about blogger. I've been putting them on one at a time, then going away and doing something else, coming back, signing in, and doing it all again !

I'm a bit stressed at the moment. My eldest goes into hospital on 8th February.
This is so they can add an extra drug to her current drug for Epilepsy. This 'll be her 14th drug!
She's having a very bad time with her seizures at the moment.
Hopefully this may make some difference. We have to do it in hospital, as if you don't get the new drug mixed with the old drug properly, she may get toxic poisoning.
So we've got a 2 night stay in hospital.

So if I don't post between now and next Tuesday, you know why and where I am.
Wish us luck if I don't speak to you before  :0)

Take care everyone.
And all you lovely bloggers here and in the USA with all that snow, wrap up warm!

Take it easy.

Love Donna x


  1. Hope all goes well for your daughter, and the introduction of a new drug is successful for her.
    Some lovely thrifty finds, the tablecloth is gorgeous. xx

  2. I love the Royal Doulton 'reflections' range. It's such a gorgeous colour and so chic! Just love it. Tim's gran has the whole dinner service and tea set.

  3. Your thrifty find are quite lovely, especially the tablecloth.
    Good luck with your daughters visit to hospital. It must be very stressful for you and her.
    Take care,
    Anne xx

  4. I am sorry your daughter is having a rough time at the moment - lets hope the new drugs will help her seizures! You must be out of your mind with the stress and worry! {{{HUG}}}!

    Your thrifty finds are lovely and the bunting flags are amazing - can't wait to see them done and strung!

  5. Good luck at the hospital, I hope the new drugs are a success.
    I love the tablecloth and tea set (can't believe it was only 40p!). I think the crackle glazed stand would look nice on a dressing table for holding jewellery.

  6. Donna, do take care and I'm hoping the best for your daughter. Keep well and get rest whenever you can. We'll hear from you soon. Sending you my love.

  7. Hey Hon, I have deleted and re-entered you blog, You are no 60! There are a few Donnas as you said - thanks for the spam alert too, we don't want our group purchasing viagra!! love annie x

  8. Thanks for stopping by. You've had some fabulous finds, and I love that tablecloth, the work that has gone into it is amazing, it must have taken an age to embroider. Hope everything goes well for your daughter, thinking of you all, take care.
    Jo xx

  9. I love that thrifty embroidered table cloth! What a fabulous find!
    My mom used to make stuff like that back in perfectly nostalgic!

    Nice to meet you!
    Come by sometime!
    I'd love to share my creative world with you too!

    Ciao Bella!
    Creative Carmelina


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