Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A bit of crochet and a bit of thrifting...

Hello lovely people :)

Hope this post finds you all well and happy.
Getting cold again isn't it? I don't mind as long as we get the snow too, otherwise I think it should be hot 'n' sunny!

Anyway, I digress....

First up, some thrifty finds..
This here is one gorgeous retro pillowcase that came in a set of two pillowcases, and a humungous sheet, all with this gorgeous pattern on them...

Call me strange, but I just love these colours and flowers and swirls..
(And I know I didn't bother to iron it before I took the photo...Sorry!)

Still not sure what to do with 'em though. Do I sell them 'as is'? Or chop 'em up?

They are in absolutely perfect condition. The colours are so bright and clear. I think they have just been stored forever, they're like unused.

(And don't say "Yeah, I bet they are!" Someone else out there must love them too! LOL)

Next up ..

there's no next up as blogger doesn't want to play.
Honestly, he always does it to just me I'm sure.. lol

I'll have to pop back again tomorrow with the rest :0)

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Take care,
Love Donna x


  1. I love the colours and pattern on the pillowcase. How much of the pattern is on the sheet?
    I sometimes had trouble putting more than one photo on my blog with words in between, so now I've been putting all the photos on at once and adding the words afterwards. It's been working OK since I've been doing that but I don't know if it's just coincidence.

  2. Thankyou kindly for your advice...That works!!

    The sheet is COVERED in the pattern. It truly is gorgeous :0)


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