Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Hello lovely people.
No pictures tonight as I said there would be yesterday :(

I started another post to finish off yesterday's one, and again blogger would only post one photo.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I'll just have to keep trying at different times :)

Or maybe..

Blogger is trying to tell me not to make such long winded posts, and just keep them short and sweet with one picture!  :0]

Who knows..LOL

Anyway, hope you're all fine and dandy this evening.
Don't forget to pop back tomorrow if you've entered the giveaway ;)

Take care.
Love Donna x


  1. I know! I know! Took me ages to get around it but you either have to upload all pics at once and then select them one at a time to position them OR after you have put one picture in you have to save the post then leave the post (go to new post or whatever) but close the post THEN come back and reopen / edit - it will let you upload again! flippin hard work! xx

  2. Hi I was having trouble with this as well but now as previous commenter, I upload all the photos I want and then do the writing in between them.
    Hope this helps but I am certainly no expert !
    Sue x

  3. Hi Donna, yep, what Annie says above, the bit after the "or..." is right. Blogger can be v. tedious and long winded that's for sure.


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