Friday, 21 January 2011

TV crochet....

During the day, when I'm pottering about, I borrow my sons portable dvd player to put on in the kitchen.

At the moment, the ones I'm watching are, urm.... The Little House on the Prairie.

As a kid, I LOVED those programmes.
Unfortunately, as an adult I still do..  LOL

But now I can look at them in detail, as opposed to just the story lines...

I love all the crochet, knitting, sewing and quilts that are on there..

I thought these crochet hats were so cute, I just had to put them on here...

Dodgy pictures I know, but you can still see the little crochet 'pancake' little Lauras wearing for a hat ! I thought it was just so cute!

There was more crochet hats, but the pictures I took were particularly naff, so I thought it best to take some more another time. 
Have you spotted any crochet on telly recently?

I spend a lot more time than I should on the computer.  (not alone there am I eh? ;)  )

I'm get in fed up with the little' computer corner' being a bit plastic-ee, so i thought I'd start cheering it up a bit. First I've made a little screen cosy...

Next, I made a little crochet flower with one of the doilies flower motif's that i'm still working on for a blanket.

This is going on the wall above the screen.

I used a little green button to hold down the stem, but i'm still un-decided whether or not to put a button in the centre of the flower too.

I think I'll make a few more and see what they look like with/without flowers.

Notice we have more photo's tonight?
I took all your advice, and now I set my photo's up in a blog post draught whenever I'm at the computer.
So goodness knows what the 'official' dates on my blog post are going to read Lol.

Have a great weekend everyone.
Stay warm (we still have NO boiler/heating they came out this afternoon to fix it, and couldn't as they didn't have the part on board, so hopefully they're coming back tomorrow!)

Take care,
Love Donna x


  1. We've been watching Little House on the Prairie too. Love it. Also loving your crocheted flower. It looks fine without a button in the middle methinks. Hope your heating gets sorted pronto.

  2. Your computer's going to be grateful for the cosy while the heating's off!
    I love your crochet flower, gorgeous colour.

  3. Hello - re felted knitting. I knitted it as thats all I can do - I think another time I will try larger needles and a different wash time to see if that makes a difference. Though I believe the wool nearly always felts the same - 30/40% shrinkage.

    Your computer is lucky to have its own cozy :)

  4. I so remember Little House on the Prairie and little Half Pint! And the dreadful Nellie Olsen!

    I am in love with your flower - times like this when I wish I could crotchet!!

  5. I never noticed the crocheted hats on that show till you pointed them out! Cute flower and loved how you cozied up the screen!

  6. Donna, I can't believe it, we have so much in common. I LOVE Little House on the Prairie! And I totally know what you mean by being able to watch it in detail as a "mature" adult. Oh, I just cry and bawl my eyes out with most episodes. My kids laugh at me. Funny, I used to laugh at my mother when she got weepy; now I get it. Now I understand it more. Doesn't that show just getcha? Oh, and that Michael Landon--what a hunk!

    Also, I adore that little hat on Laura. I've seen it recently (we have the episodes on DVD too). Why don't you try and replicate that? You can do it!

    Great post--your laptop cozy is darling. Make more of those and get them on Etsy. Totally unique! Love from across the pond, Victoria

  7. what a fab flower - i'd like to see with button, but think it is just perfect as it is. great idea for the screen cosy. x

  8. Hi Donna
    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I'm really enjoying the rug making so will take note of what you say, I'd hate for it to fall apart!

  9. Hi Donna
    Thanks for popping over and leaving your kind words, I am feeling much better thank you, I am such a wimp when I am ill :)) Looking forward to the vintage at the village hall fair, everyone is saying how lovely the first one was. It will be lovely to meet you, hope you can make it.
    Jo xx

  10. I lOVED Little house on the prairie! Thank you for your blog comment, have a lovely weekend. Lizzie x

  11. This crochet flower is so very similar to the one I'm always making!
    I love how many variations there are to be made with a hook and thread!
    They really are like snowflakes!
    Soooooooooo many pretty patterns!

    See you soon!
    Ciao Bella!
    Creative Carmelina


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