Friday, 4 February 2011

Ta-daah's and a bit of thrifty cooking...

Well, Good Afternoon lovely people :0)
How are you this windy, grey Friday?

I thought I would try and fit in a quick blog post before the rush of the school run..
This is just a few Ta-Daah moments that I keep forgetting to pop on here.

I am taking part in the monthly make with Annie the Felt Fairy , but I so
keep on forgetting to post my makes. Do you get like that?
I kinda get in this making mode, and make, n make, n make, then forget to pop them on here, or even in my shop!
i just have 'em all stacked up until one of my clan say "Mum/wife (;0)) are you actually going to DO anything with these? " LOL

Well, here they are (as long as bloggers playing )

This is a lovely mixed mohair crocheted brooch, with a little vintage 'clear with gold dots on' button in the middle. The back was felted and had a brooch pin sewed on.

Next up...
remember my bunting that was blocking on my ironing board in my last post?

I finally managed to make a chain and put it up.
Took me ages to get this photo, as I had to get it at an angle where you couldn't see how badly my windows need washing... LOL  :0)
And for once, the sun was shining...
Next is my Rag crocheted bag that I made in early January.
I've been using it a month, and it just gets better, and more cosy :0)
Not sure that the colours look very pretty in these photos, so you'll have to take my word that they go in the 'real world! LOL

And below is a picture of the button closure..
I made this button from some embroidery off of one of my girls 'toddler' dresses!

They used to sometimes have matching dresses when they were very young, and being the hoarder that I am, I've kept it all and I get all the 'good usable bits' off of them all for my crafting..
I'm pleased I don't know exactly who's dress it came from, so it reminds me of both :0)

Below is a picture of my latest thrifty book find.

OOOoooo...., this book is scrummy!
It's got all the recipes in from all the books that you used to read as a child..
You know, all the delicious foods that used to be in them, the picnic food, the midnight feasts, all that type of thing..
Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl...

It's even got recipes from my favourite books..The Little House on the Prairie series..
MMMmmmm...I've got to try 'em :0)

Well, that's all the photos that I could get on here today.
It's not actually this afternoon before the school run anymore, it's early evening!

So have a lovely weekend everyone.
Don't forget I won't be around next week, (hospital)  but hopefully I'll speak to  you all next weekend.
Send hopeful wishes our way on Tuesday!

Take care and wrap up warm,

Love Donna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. What a lovely, lovely idea! It is gorgeous xx

  2. Your bag is wonderful, I love it!!
    Hope your stash of Rico cotton arrives soon. xx

  3. I love your brooch, the colours are lovely.
    Does it take a lot of fabric to crochet a bag like your's and what size hook did you use? I would like to try making one, although I've only got one hook.
    The cookery book is a real find, 'lashings and lashings of ginger beer' spring to mind!

  4. Thankyou all kindly for your lovely comments :0)

    Little Blue Mouse.. I made my big hook myself, as I find that the ones you can buy in the Uk (Q hook, or 15mmm) are a bit big for me..
    The amount of fabric I used for my bag (if you put it all together) would probably be about 2 sides of a double duvet cover.
    But, It's really easy to do...just like normal crochet, but it may make your hands ache the first few times..
    I LOVE doing it, it's so satisfying, 'specially doing projects like bags and rugs..
    But BEWARE, it's very, very addictive :0)
    If you need any help, just shout, but I won't be about from Tuesday -Friday at the earliest.
    Have a great weekend lovely bloggy friends x

  5. The brooch is really lovely and all sparkley looking...catches the light. The purse is gorgeous!

  6. I love the purse!! I bet it is wonderful in person!!!! TFS


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