Friday, 14 January 2011

Thrifting, and meet Susan.....

Hello lovely people :0)

How kind of you to come and visit me in my new blog :)

I didn't feel like being 'Bizzydays' at the moment, so I thought I'd try and be a bit more thoughtful...hence the title..

Love ~ the love I have for my family, friends, and all around me..
Hope ~ for my eldest daughter to get her Epilepsy under control, and of getting our OWN house again (we're renting at the moment)
And last but not least ..
Craft ~ this keeps me sane (ish!). I would be lost without crochet, sewing, and 'crafty' thrifting ;)

I had a really nice comment from a lady called Debbie on my last post.
She's opened up a beautiful giveaway on her blog, and intends to blog other peoples giveaways this year, so pop over and take a look when you get a minute at Dreaming of a Country home   (aren't we all? :)

Anyway, just wanted to share a couple of things with you all..
First up ~ this is a little money box tin I thrifted the other day. I do so love the flower fairies, trouble is they seem to be everywhere sometimes, and I preferred the old days when stuff was harder to find..

Sweet isn't it?

Next up, I want you to meet Susan..

She was only 50p !
The children say she looks like an alien (can't see it myself), and my youngest daughter is begging me to let her draw a beautiful face on but, as I want her to be my model for the hats I am going to sell on Etsy (notice I said going to sell ;0)  )  I can't make up my mind whether to let her draw a face or not.

I also want her to work round my hats on when I'm sewing.

I've had items on Etsy for a few weeks now. I haven't sold anything yet, but when I look round on Etsy sometimes I just think " Well how could I even have listed my stuff on here when all these people are so professional!"
"Who's going to buy my stuff? "  lol
Do you ever all have negative thoughts going through your head when you look on there or Folksy?
But, I'm determined to keep at it, and try and list something everyday. But honestly, the place is HUGE, I didn't realise quite how big it was till I started listing there.

Anyway, that's my thoughts for today folks.
Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already. 
I'm off now to try and figure out how to put links to articles on my blog in my side bars! LOL
That's quite an undertaking for me :)

Have a great day.
Take care,
love Donna x

Footy note :   OOOooo...See, I've done it! I managed to put a link on my blog for my giveaway LOL  :0)

Take care all of you   xxxx


  1. There are lots of other places on the internet to sell nowadays that I hear about that cost nothing to set up. Do a little research first. Some do quite well with Etsy and others say they never sell a thing.

  2. Oh, I'm not complaining about etsy Clara :0) After looking at all the other items on there, i'll be amazed if I sell anything! LOL
    I just wondered if anyone else found it quite as (overwhelming is not quite the word I'm looking for but I mean something similar!) 'big' as I have :)
    Maybe I'm just a bit green round the edges and live in a small island country! lol
    Have a great weekend :)

  3. Hi Donna , love your new blog . Thankyou for your comment over at mine. It was sad about Ediths death.
    Please you could you enter me in your giveaway, your thrift book looks so me :0)
    Jacquie x

  4. Hiya.. why don't you cover the head in patchwork scraps of paper of fabric? It would look great! Lizzie x

  5. Thankyou Lizzie,
    That's a great idea! :0)

  6. Susan is lovely! I have a shop dummy that I pin my makes to - great fun! Love the blog x

  7. What a bargain 50p, I have been looking for one of those myself, £15 in Hobbycraft!! I'll keep looking.
    I understand your feelings completly with the Etsy thing, like you I look at others and think no one will ever buy mine, but then I look at some stores that sell loads and think why!!!
    Its a mystery, we can but try. xx

  8. I think Susan is rather pretty, nothing alien like. What are you little ones thinking, kids and their imagination.

  9. My opinion: don't mess with Susan--she's lovely the way she is. If you want to showcase hats on her noggin, then her plain white face will not be distracting to all your hard work.

    I understand your feelings about Etsy. I don't sell many things there and at times feel a bit discouraged and even invisible. My sales are too few and far between. However, I do enjoy the fact that I have met some very lovely people via Etsy. Occasionally I'm featured in a treasury and have collected lots of hearts. I think "meeting" people is the reason I keep hanging in there!


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