Thursday, 29 September 2011

" Bring me sunshine....." 'Morecombe and Wise' -remember?

Hello lovely bloggy people :o)

I do hope you're all fine and dandy this extremely-hot-nearly-the-end-of-September-(what-on-earths-going-on)-day!
My little cars thermometre read 32 degrees today!!!

I'm not that happy about it I can tell you (miserable woman I know :o))
Well for one, me and Mr LTS both have the lurking end bit of the lurgy. So being a hot day has just made our temperatures soar.
Two, where was the blooming sun when we needed/wanted it in the school holidays? Hmm?
And last but not least, our big car that fits all of us in is at the garage for the next few days, so we can't go jolly-ing about in the sunshine for any fossil hunting :o(
(I hasten to add that it is only in the garage after losing the blooming key and thinking we would have to fork out £200!! (yes, extortionate I know) to get a replacement key/card from Renault in France!
I found said car key yesterday sitting neatly on a bike seat in the garage. -this was after searching the whole house and garage for days and NOT finding said car key!)
So now the car is in the throes of being re-paired from his other problems later than he was due to, hence he's not here to drive!

Anyway, enough of that.
I would just like to mention that me and Blogger are in the middle of a falling out too.
I keep leaving comments on blogs, and as soon as I press the 'post comment' button, they keep just disappearing off the screen into blogosphere!
So to all the lovely people whom I usually visit, I have been visiting you, and commenting, but I don't think you've been getting my comments unless they are invisible to me and not to you!
I will have words with Mr Blogger at the end of this post, and see what is going on :o)
OOOooo, I just thought, if he's got the right sulks, I won't even be able to post either will I?
Oh well, if you're not reading this, I can't do any posts either :o)

Now, I was going to post this post on Monday, under the title 'Monday Makes'. Original huh?
But alas I didn't get round to it, and I couldn't think of a 'making' type of title begining with T, so I thought I'd just mention the sunshine :o) Well, I mean I could have called it 'Monday Makes on a Thursday', but that wouldn't have really sat right would it?

Well, this is what I made anyway..

I made this Alsation/German Shepherd quilted stitchery. (I love the word Stitchery. Jennie mentioned it on her blog the other day, and i just fell in love with it. I mean I've heard it before, but it just kinda sounded good to me, right there and then :o)
D'you like it? (The stitchery I mean, not Jennies word)

I'm still a bit unsure about it. I mean, I'm no expert sewist, but I just SO LOVE scraps of fabric. And I always just want them to be sewn together.
 I have a few quilt panels sitting around doing nothing, so I thought I'd just stitch 'em up and see.
But i would like some un-biased thoughts on the subject if you wouldn't mind.
I've put this up for sale in my Etsy store just to see if there's any interest, as I would like to make some more.
So let me know what you think now ok?
Be honest ya hear?

Otherwise I can see me and my loved ones drowning in a pile of my little stitcherys :o)
Goodness, I could be yacking for England tonight couldn't I?  LOL.
I think it must be cos' of that dodgy Mr Lurgy doing his lurking business and stopping me from yacking to everyone around me.

So now I've got all this business off my chest, I'm going to get an early night with my current crochet project/love so's I get up all happy and beaming tomorrow to get up the school, and fight a battle for my eldest :o)  (tell you next time ;o)

Take care now, enjoy the sun (don't forget your lotion and sun brolley) if you live in England, and I hope you get some sun if you live elsewhere :o)
Have a great weekend,

Love Donna xx 


  1. Sounds like you have had a tough few days all the bad stuff always seems to come at once doesnt it , hopefully tomorow will be a brighter day , i like your stitchery i think its sweet x

  2. Blimey Donna, what do you mean that you're no expert sewer? Your stitchery looks fabulous.

    Hope you and hubby feel better soon. xx

  3. Not a great week then - hope things improve soon. I am not liking this heat - its making my bad leg puffy :(

  4. BTW - love the title of this post - reminds me of that ad on BBC with all the TV clips to accompany M&W singing :)

  5. Hi Donna
    I love the block. Have you tried printing onto fabric, you can do your own designs then and make them unique.
    I remember marching up the school once when the head complained about my eldest sons trousers, (they were check) needless to say he kept on wearing them. I was terribly protective of my lot, not cosseting but you know, right is right and wrong is wrong if you know what I mean.
    I hope all goes well anyway, let me know, I love the gossip. lol


  6. I really love your stitchery. I'm not a lover of Alsations but I like the quiltedness of him and the surrounding is great.

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