Sunday, 2 October 2011


Like most of the UK this week, we've had the most glorious, hot summery weather. Strange, but glorious.
As most of you know, my eldest daughter has Epilepsy which entails seizures every day and night, so obviously we have odd sleeping patterns.
Well, this week, it has been an absolute joy to be up when the sun rises.
The sunrises have been most amazing!
Beautiful reds, pinks and zingy oranges spreading through out the sky..
So early yesterday morning, I decided to drive to one of the high points in the New Forest,
so thay I could take some photos, and share them with you :o)

Just in case you are all lucky enough to not have to be up at the crack of dawn most mornings :o)

Beautiful aren't they?
Isn't Mother nature is amazing!!

Hope you're all having the most fabulous weekend!
Take care now,

Love Donna xx


  1. Thanks for these beautiful photos as I'm never up early enough to see a sunrise - except in the depths of winter!

  2. Stunning

    I think I only ever see sunrises properly during the depths of winter and possibly during camping trips if my nighttime dash to the toilet is timed right!

  3. Fabulous photographs. I have a long commute to work so often see the sunrise but never have the time to stop and photograph it. It never ceases to enthral me when I watch a sunrise though.

    Take care and have a lovely weekend. xxx

  4. Gorgeous photos Donna. Hope everything is well you and your family. Thank you for your kind words about my Nan, she is sort of on the mend and being her usual cantankerous self!
    Jo xx


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