Sunday, 11 September 2011

Crafty bits & Thankyou....

Well hello lovely people!  :o)

How are you this blustery, rainy, sunny Sunday?  All fine and dandy I hope?

I was supposed to be at a handmade/vintage craft fair today, but due to our recent emergencies and the like, it was most sensible that I cancel, although I do wish I was there today.....

But still, I have been a busy bee crafting at home ;o)


I would like to thank you all kindly for your supporting comments and emails from my last post.
I didn't actually mean to post that, it just kinda came out whilst I was sitting here, but at least you know what I've been up to, and what I get up to when I don't post for a while. But thankyou for your kind support, it does mean such a lot to me!    :o)


Over the summer we had a few little Jollies here and there. And on one good day, we even drove for a very long day trip back down into Devon. 
Whilst having a little stroll about Brixham - a quaint little fishing village in the Torbay area..

We saw our first Christmas tree of the year...
Made from driftwood, in a designers studio window..
I love the huge shells hanging from it...

I do apologise, I forgot her name!  But she does have a beautiful shop in Brixham if your ever down that way ;o)


After one of my migraines, I got up to find my youngest daughter had been up to this....

I still have no idea why she hung these leaves on the line, and nor does she!
But I do know why she was playing with the rocks that we bought home as souvenirs from our Devon holiday...

These little rock piles are dotted all around the garden with labels on, in strategic places :o)

Just to remind us of the beautiful wildness of Cornwall and Devon..

(I hasten to add, we didn't bring home all the grey slate, that's already in our garden, just the few bigger rocks...  ;o)

On the shopping front I had some lovely thrifty finds over the summer.
I found three vintage crochet and knitting magazines from the early seventies.
For some reason, I only photographed two of them...

If anyones see anything they like and would like a copy of the pattern, just email me :o)

The picture above,- that knitted all in one just reminds me so much of Star

Oh well, Bloggers not playing anymore this afternoon, so I can't load any crafty photos up at all!!

I'll just let you know that I'm in the midst of sweeping and scrubbing my Etsy shop shelves, so I can pop all my new goodies on them  :o)

Hopefully, I can show you some pictures in the week.

Take care now, and have a great week everyone :o)

Love Donna xx


  1. Oh my goodness, that adult star trek onesie is a hoot! That isn't crocheted, is it? How sweet that the rocks all have special places and markers in the garden- I love that idea. My family brings back LOADS of rocks from our Utah adventures- my parents especially. They sent themselves about 8 large flat rate boxes full of rocks- about 50 pounds each- this year. I suspect they give their postman a generous holiday tip!!!

    The village looks amazing- I've never been anywhere that looks like that. The idea of the driftwood Christmas tree is really cool... I'll file that idea in the "things I'd like to try when I have time" slot.

    You have yourself a wonderful week, too, dear Donna. I look forward to seeing your new goodies hit the shelves :)
    xoxoxoxo J

  2. I've just been to read your last post - my blogging is very hit & miss at the moment.

    Sorry you've had to miss your fair - hopefully there is another one soon that you can get too.

    I love Brixham - have visited many times over the years both before children and afterwards.

  3. Hi Donna
    Your daughter is obviously going to be creative like you, I love the leaves on the washing line.

  4. It really annoys me to have Christmassy things in the shops so early in the year, but that driftwood tree is fantastic. You could have that up all year round.

    The knitted all in one is so funny!


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