Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wild Wednesday....

Well, hello lovely people :o)

Hope this post finds you all fine n dandy this Wednesday evening :o)

I thought I'd take the opportunity of my internet working properly to introduce you all to Henry :o)
I bought him in the spring, and just never got around to blogging him :o(

And today when I was taking some dodgy, fuzzy photos of my lovely gladiolis I realised that you hadn't met him yet!

AAaaaw....Isn't he gorgeous?
Now, as I said, I got him in the spring...

I went into my local Charity shop, and the lady behind the jump had him in her hand...

I said "Oh my" (or something similar :o)  "isn't he gorgeous?" (Yes, I probably did say that)
And she said "Yes he is. D'you want him?"
And I said (thinking of my girls..) "Eerm, how much is he?"
And she said with a smile " £1.00" !!
Yes, lovelies, one whole pound!  
I promptly got my quid out of my purse, and left before she changed her mind!
'Cept now comes the bit where by I show my true nature :o)

I won't hardly let anyone touch him!  Let alone give him to my girls!!!
"No No!" I said when they both clamoured for him ('specially my youngest-she's got enough cuddly critters to fill a shop that one :o)
"He's mine!  he's called Henry, and he's going to guard the fireplace :o) "

He is rather special though. he appears to be made exactly like a polar bear's body, with super soft fur which I think may even be real.  I've looked all over for a label, but alas there isn't one.
But still, label or no he's a beauty. Don't you agree?

He guards the fire place along with our cheshire cat..
(yes I know my geraniums have a few yellow leaves...)

Something I find very strange to do, (and if truth be told, a bit 'naughty' even) is to just go out and pick flowers, then just 'bung 'em' in a vase!

You see for several years in my youth (haha!) I trained and worked as a florist. And rigid flower arranging was the order of the day in the 80's and early nineties.
none of this just 'bunging 'em in' lark.
I arranged everything. I used to go round friends houses and they'd get me to arrange the flowers I bought with me, till in the end I started taking chocolates!

So just out of habit, whenever I buy or pick flowers I have always 'arranged' 'em.

So I feel like I'm living a bit on the wild side lately by just nipping out into the garden, picking what ever I like, and just bunging it in :o)

D'you ever break out of a routine/habit and feel a bit wild?  :o)

And these pretty jars (if I do say so myself :o) will be hitting my newly cleaned Etsy shelves sometime soon  too.  I've been busy working on jars all summer along with other bits and bobs, and as soon as I've got the correct packaging, on the shelf they're gonna go :o)

Well, that's it for me tonight.

You take it easy, and keep safe.

Love Donna xx

LOL. PS.  I just read back through my post to check spelling etc...and I noticed my nicely arranged gladioli in their vase on the fireplace....  lol   :o)


  1. He (Henry) is a stunner! and yes he should be all yours. Love him even more than the bottle covers - which are fabulous !x

  2. Henry is a beauty, great spot and werll done for bagging him before someone else got there! The bottle/jar covers are so cute, im sure they will be a great hit. And how fabulous that you were a florist, its one job ive also thought would be nice to do. Scarlett x

  3. Ha! I love learning new things about my dear friends- I had no idea about your florist gig! I'll bet you were very, very good at it, as you seen to have the eye for putting things together. Henry is a dear :)

  4. That's it, go wild. I'm all for bunging it all in - cooking ingredients or flowers. Let it all hang out!
    Henry makes a fabulous guard bear, doesn't he? He looks like a little puppy in the first picture.
    Love from Mum

  5. Henry is indeed gorgeous!
    I had to laugh at you living on the wild side with your flowers!
    Isn't it funny how our minds work? When you said you had to start taking chocolates after your friends kept asking you to arrange the flowers you gave them, I thought you meant in a medicinal way!

  6. I love reading your posts. I read them with a very heavy English accent to myself! LOVE your jars!


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