Friday, 11 February 2011

Phew...! Home at last..:0)

Well, hello lovely bloggers :0)

I hope you've all had a splendiferous, happy week :0)

The hospital stay is all over now. I can't say and done with, cos' we still have to moniter the medication, but at least her body didn't react to the new medication in a bad way (yet! ) I know, I know. I should be more positive, and I was quite positive 'till one consultant said to me " Well, you know how it is, we can't expect miracles!"
This is my daughters 14th anti-epileptic drug in nearly 6 years, and quite honestly with the side effects this drug carries, I don't think we would have tried it if the hospital hadn't been so confident it would help. So to hear him then say that, was a bit deflating to say the least :(

Still, we can only try  :0)

I managed to get quite a lot of crafting done during my stay which was the one bonus of being in hospital:0)
The downside was I put on one and a half pound during my few days which I'm a bit gutted about, as I've lost almost a stone since 3rd January, so I must work harder to make up for it!

This is what our room (well my side of the room!) looked like most of the time while we were there..

As well as this crafty stuff, I had several bags in the boot of the car! Unfortunately I know what hospitals are like, and I didn't want us to run out of things to do!
See my new wavy stripe crochet blanket in my basket? I bought the pattern from Lucy who has the most colourful blog you can imagine!
I'm making it candy colours as it's for my youngest daughter :0)

Now, see the 'check' blue and red thing in the lower middle of the picture? That's a new design I'm working on for my Etsy shop which I'll show you next week (I forgot to photograph it this morning!)
And what the blue/red thing is laying on is one of my new Needle cases that I have been beavering away on!
 (I think that a certain Rosey person may like those! -'cept I know she doesn't sew! :0)
They will start going in my Etsy shop next week too, so I will show you the photo's when I've set them up!
(But if you look at the first photo of Souffle down below, you can see the top of my first needlecase -which is mine) 
The photo below is of  'Souffle' the duck from the Popcorn range. D'you know him? 
When I tell you the story of this duck, please don't leave me comments telling me what a mean Mother I am! I do feel really guilty if that helps!

This duck came in a kit that I bought from the home shopping channel QVC 5years ago. (almost exactly!) we got it to give to my youngest daughter on her 7th birthday in the middle of march 2006. 
So, we gave her the kit, and I duly knitted the pieces of the duck. ( by duly, I mean it took me two years to finish knitting the bits)
Then, it has taken me a further THREE YEARS to make the feet, beak and little tag, stuff it, and sew it up!
I presented it to her at dinner last night!
She said 'At last!'

I know, that's really mean, especially as I spend most my evenings and nights crafting!
He was worth waiting for though yes?  LOL
Have any of you ever taken a long time to finish a crafty project?

Below is a picture of one of my daughters dinners that she had in hospital..
Just had to show you the food at Poole Hospital, as my daughter really likes it! We had a choice of two hospitals, and she chose that one to go into as she likes the food!
This meal was vegetable chow-mein, salad, orange juice, stewed apple and ice-cream!

A little while ago, I entered a pif with Clara.

Last week, i was lucky enough to recieve my gift of a beautiful sky blue crocheted scarf.
But not only did I receive my scarf, but she also sent me lots of extra little gifts which were so gorgeous!
I received fabrics, crochet patterns, lace, a beautiful chrysanth card.
And the most gorgeous scrummy buttons!
OOOooo look at that crochet goodness.....

Thankyou so much Clara for my beautiful goodies!
I so appreciate them, and they couldn't have arrived at a more timely moment to give me a lift :0)
I shall be forwarding the Pay-It-Forward goodness at the end of this month when I've decided exactly what to pay forward.
I have to pick three pif people, so when it comes up, don't forget to enter!

Well, that's it for now folks. I'll try and post more often so that my posts are shorter lol.
Thankyou all for reading to the end of this ramble.
And a big thankyou to all of you who've left your lovely supportive comments for me :0)
They do help tremendously you know.  Thankyou. :0)

Have a great weekend everyone.
Take care,
Love Donna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I hope things work out postively for your daughter xxx

    In all my stays in hospital I've never seen such posh looking food!

  2. the duck is great.

    hope your daughter has success with the new drug. i understand a little working in a special school, it seems to hit and miss but this may be the hit.. good luck and love. x

  3. Hopefully this new medi will do the trick! The duck is super, well worth the wait!

  4. Glad you are home and don't beat yourself up or a bit of weight gain. I'm really hoping that this latest round of drugs will help out your daughter in some way. Also glad you got your parcel and that you enjoyed it. You are always making something interesting and fun and I can see you are still at it. Take care!

  5. I've had lots of crafty projects that have taken a long time to finish, and lots that I haven't finished yet, so you're not on your own.

    I hope your daughter's new medication is a success.

  6. You were right...I was at the wrong blog! I must get that fixed straight away. I am so glad to read about what's been going on, and to know that the initial reaction to the new meds is a good one- or at least not bad. Will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I love Souffle- he is so very adorable! I don't know that I've taken that long on a project...mostly because once I take too long I give it up for good. Who knows what I may uncover or pick back up once I clean out that dreaded room I've been going on about for a year now. A certain rosey person is very much excited to see what you have new in shop soon...yes, I don't sew, but I still collect all manner of sewing stuff. I'm in love with the idea of sewing, I guess. Have a good rest of the weekend, Donna- so good to see you back!!! xoxoxo

  7. I certainly know what it's like to spend time in a hospital. Good for you for staying positive and bringing along all your crafty supplies. Life line. I remember a nurse saying that to me--"life line" while she was commenting about my statue of Mary I kept bedside, my cell phone, and other accoutrements. Keeps you connected to yourself, especially while you're so busy worrying about someone else. I wish your daughter quick and improved health. Love and prayers from across the pond, Victoria

  8. You did settle in didn't you ! Joe was born in Poole hospital as they won't ( or didn't ) do inductions at Bournemouth and, like his sister, Joe wasn't in any hurry to get born !

    Hope this latest spell in hosital has some positive results fo your daughter xx

  9. Happy Valentines Day to My Lovely Bloggy Sweetheart! Love Annie ♥*:•.♥

  10. Hi Donna, just a quick Thank you for your blog comment. I am VERY tired after doing a new fair today with the nastiest cough and cold i have suffered for a while. Take care & big hugs. Lizzie xx


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