Saturday, 19 February 2011

These are for you..... :0)

Hello lovely bloggers :0)

These lovely flowers are just for YOU !  :0)

I bought the daffs at Sainsburys for 99p the other day, and I just KNEW I had to photograph them especially for you lovely lot :0)

These are my hubbys'  crocus's popping through at last. I always buy him crocus bulbs for his birthday in late summer, as they're his favourite spring flower. It makes us feel all 'springy' when we see those little purple and yellow flowers coming through :0)

And this gorgeous flower is one of the only flowers to be coming through in this new garden of ours. Since we've only been here since july, we don't yet know what bulbs/flowers were already here. Unfortunately the answer is plainly not many!
We have five little purple crocus, 6 daffoldils and these Christmas roses (hellebores).  I picked a few to pretty up the dining room table as you couldn't see them from any windows.

Look at this parcel....

See it?  LOL

It's my first ever sale on Etsy!!  Yes I know amazing eh?  ;0)

Honestly, you should have seen me in the week when I finally realised where my item had gone that I put in my shop just the day before!  I thought I'd put it in the wrong shop somehow  (doh..) But when I realised it had sold (by Etsy stating plainly '1 sold' lol)  You would have though I'd won the lottery I can tell ya!
I was sooooo excited!
So off to the post office I trotted (well drove actually).
Obviously I sent it in one of those post officy baggy things, but do you think they'll like it when they get it out of there?
I made the art tag just for them....:0)

I've had quite a bit of therapy this week...

Thrifty therapy that is ;0)

One of my local Charity Shops (CS) was having a book sale- buy 1 get 1, so I stocked up on crafty books for ideas and inspiration.  I mean you can't go wrong with two books for £1.25 can you?
And some of them are fab...u...lous...

The crafting  with lace one below has not only got the most gorgeous makes in it, but the pictures are soooo scrummy!
It also has very detailed images of lace dating back to the 15th century and explaining how to tell the different types....It's gonna take longer to read than I first thought ;)

The crochet techniques one is a vintage basics. It's got some really nice stitches in there too that I haven't even seen before.

And the Gifts from home has got the most fabulous fudge recipe in MMmmmm...
When we make it I'll let you have the recipe 'cos it looks like a corker !

This goldwork book is facinating. The embroidery is absolutely exquisite...

And this one is so retro it's absolutely fabulous. I'll have to photograph the crocheted wedding dress in it to show you. It's truly a work of art :0)

I did have other photos for you of my makes this week, but thats all bloggers gonna let me put on this evening I'm afraid :(

OOOooo...guess what I might be doing?  There's going to ba a Craft Fair near me in early march, and I haven't done one of these for Yeeeeaaarrrrsssss.......
So after a conflab with the family (it's on one of our family days -Sunday)
I'm doing it!

I'm not sure whether to be excited or petrified, as it's so long since I've done one -about 4 years I think - (my eldest daughter wasn't so poorly then )
But I'm going to work my little old socks off and get making...
I've also got the PIF coming up, and I'm trying to get my little Etsy shop stocked too...
I'd better get going then eh?

Hopefully I'll be back on Monday with my makes to show you, and you can all be the judges :0)
You all take it easy you hear?

Speak to you soon,
take care,
Love Donna xxxxxxxxx


  1. Congrats on the sale!! Yahoo! The flowers are just so pretty and makes me want spring to appear now.
    Have fun with the books.

  2. Well done on the sale and thank you so much for posting the wonderful pics of the flowers, a lovely reminder that despite the fact we have had snow again here today - spring is just around the corner. xxx

  3. You did a lovely job on your package, Donna- the sheet person is sure to be pleased :) Great to hear about your craft fair- congratulations on making the decision to go for it! I'll love seeing you get ready for it, and then hearing all about it. Have a super weekend... no crocus here yet, but I'll be keeping my eyes peeled. xox

  4. What lovely bright flowers to cheer up the miserable wet day today.
    To answer your question on my blog, we've a few bluebells in the woodland and I'm adding to them bit by bit. I would love it to be carpeted with bluebells eventually. I'll put photos on when they come out.

  5. Thanks for the Daffs, I love them!!

    Congratulations on your first etsy sale, it feels lovely doesn't it! Here are to lots more sales!!!

  6. Bizzy you ! Well done on the sale. The CS where I work has a buy one get one free on the books & I kept forgetting & charging the usual price & having to apologise to the customers ! They were fine about it ( I'm only human after all )

  7. Hi, just thought I let you know that I have never received the book I won some time ago, did you send it?

  8. Hi crafty cat corner,
    I left comments on your blog with my email address for you to send me your postal address, and I haven't heard from you since :(
    So please by all means send me your postal address, 'cos I can't send you your giveaway without them :0)
    Look forward to hearing from you.....


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