Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Ta-Daah! :o)

Goodness me, over a month has gone by without any sign of a post from me!
Is anyone still there?

If you are still about -HELLOOOO!! hope you're fine and dandy, and the world is ok with you :o)

I've been a busy bee.
I've had a birthday! A lovely day was spent shopping, thrifting and crafting. I do have some thrify finds to show you, but I want to make them over first so's I can show you the before's and afters.

My son had a 15th birthday too. Goodness they grow up so fast. I'm now officially the shortest in my little family of five as well!

Do you remember the quilt that me and my eldest were making for her Teaching Assistant?
Well, it's finished and handed over!

We made a label to sew on the back too. We called the quilt 'Bloom' as thats what the TA has helped our eldest do since she'd been at that school, and we used some fabric from one of my daughters old toddler dresses in the roses as well.  The lady in question cried when we gave it to her!
Oh it was so lovely to see her appreciate it. (I don't just mean cos' she cried lol)

I think Teaching Assistants are mostly amazing people and they don't get no where near enough credit for all they do either!

As you can see by the photos, we had some beautiful sunshine here during May didn't we?
Oh, I do miss it now!  I went walking in the rain last night with my two daughters, (we're getting thin n' fit :o)  and I had to wear thick clothes and my woolly hat as it was so cold - I was walking fast too!

I have lots to show you, but I'm (again!) going to try to post more regularly with smaller posts, so as this is the first of many over the next few weeks, I shall keep todays short and sweet! :o)

You take care now, and I'll speak soon.

Love Donna xx


  1. Hooray, you're back. Missed you, kept looking for the post.
    Your quilt is beautiful, isn't it amazing what you can do with a few bits of cotton. I'm not surprised the teacher was in tears, I would have been, I'm sure she'll treasure it.

    I am still bashing away with Tom's quilt, have stopped eating wheat and gluton and cannot believe the difference in how I feel, hope it keeps up
    It's not easy but worth the effort to not feel down and lethargic all the time which is how I have been for ages now.

    Look forward to seeing the make overs.


  2. That quilt is stunning - well done to you & your daughter. I beat that TA is thrilled :)

    Hope all the exams are going ok - after today BigSon has just 3 left then freedom till September :)

    Oh the joys of being the shortest - something I am getting used too.

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. That quilt is beyond beautiful! And to have used some of her dresses, too? That's probably the most special gift she has ever (and will ever) receive. How wonderful that you two worked together to create such a lovely manifestation of gratitude.

    I will send you some of our hot, sunny weather- almost 90 degrees here yesterday! Felt more like August than June, and makes me wonder what exactly August will feel like!

    So nice to see a blog post from you. Keep 'em coming! No pressure. xoxoxoxoxo

  4. Hello Donna, this quilt is gorgeous! Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you even more for following.
    I am looking very forward to following your totally inspiring site. Have a marvelous day, Connie :)

  5. Glad you are back - that quilt is absolutely gorgeous, no wonder the recipient cried, it was such a lovely gift to give. Linda xxx

  6. lovely to see you back donna, and so chipper. quilt is just fab. what a great gift that im sure will be treasured forever. blessings, trills in nz.:-)

  7. lovely to see you back donna, and so chipper. quilt is just fab. what a great gift that im sure will be treasured forever. blessings, trills in nz.:-)

  8. The quilt's gorgeous! I would have been in tears too if you had given it to me.


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