Thursday, 10 May 2012

Needlework Fiesta

Hello lovely bloggers :o)
Hope you're all well and happy?

Goodness, May already!  Where does the time go?!
Well I spent some time at the weekend visiting a local needlework fiesta. It was in Brockenhurst in the New Forest.  I took loads of pictures to share with you, and I did wish that several of you lovely ladies who read this blog were there with me!!  I just knew that you would have loved it, and appreciated it!

But anyway, I took some photos for you to share!
Gorgeous felt balls. Someone had been really busy making dozens of these things!

A most beautifully embroidered mirror.
This quilt represents the trunk of an oak tree. It measures 12 x 12". it won the quilting competition!

I did like this one better though!

A beautifully embroidered 'Fay Maxwell' cushion..

Honestly there was just so much to see, and I took dozens of photos.

My eldest daughter had a friend round to do some cooking at the weekend too.
They made this lemon and almond cake totally between them..bless 'em...

It was delicious. (Yes Jennie, I naughtily had a tiny slice! lol)

And the quilt for my daughters Teaching assistant is still a work in progress.

The trouble is that as my daughter is the one doing the actual 'hand quilting' on it, she is also at the same time finishing off her textile art GCSE coursework. So obviously that was the priority.
But that all has to be handed in this Friday, so I'm hoping that she'll then crack on and get this quilting done.

I also have two more quilts on the go at the moment!  Talk about biting off more than you can chew!

Oh, and one thing I'm excited about is my eldest daughters prom in June. She has said all along she isn't going to go, but we had a shopping trip on Monday, and whilst there she decided to buy her prom dress!! I was so excited that she wanted to go! And her dress is really pretty. I'll show you in a few weeks.
As most of you know, she has epilepsy with seizures day and night. This means that she never ever wears dresses which I think is the reason she didn't want to go to the prom. But this dress (without ANY encouringing from me I promise!) just caught her eye, so I was just so pleased she's decided to take the plunge!
(I will be there hiding a corner of the prom room to look after her, so will make sure she is safe and covered if she has a seizure  -bless her!)

Anyway, that's it for me today.
You lovely people take it easy and don't let this grey weather get you down.
Take care everyone.

Love Donna xx


  1. Hi Donna
    I love the felt balls, they would look lovely piled up for display and I want that gorgeous embroidered mirror, the work that must have gone into making those beautiful things is mind blowing. Hope your daughter has a lovely time at her prom, I think they are a fabulous idea and wish they had been around when I was at school, we only had a boring old disco. Happy quilting and have fun.
    Jo xx

  2. It sounds like the fiesta was a wonderful time. I'm glad you were able to go and enjoy yourself. SO exciting about Gems and the PROM!!! I'm so thrilled for her... I want dress details! Or photos! Or both!
    As for the cake, I'm a firm believer in the "everything in moderation" rule. Depriving yourself only leads to major setbacks in the future. I'll bet it was scrumptious. Tell me, do the girls clean up after their baking as well? If so, I shall look forward to Sophie going through this stage. Even if she doesn't decide to bake, perhaps she'll decide that she really enjoys cleaning. Lol!! Big hugs, my friend. xoxo

  3. Kudos to your daughter for getting a dress and planning to go to the prom! It's nice to hear that you'll be hiding in the background, just is case... I'm sure that's comforting to her.

  4. The embroidery and quilting in your pictures is beautiful. Well done to your daughter for having the courage to go to her prom - it can't be easy for her and it is great that she is determined not to let her epilepsy spoil things for her any more than necessary. Good for you in encouraging her, I'm sure that knowing you aren't far away will help her relax and enjoy herself. Linda xxx

  5. Am glad your daughter is going to her Prom - I know the girls in Big Son's year are very excited over the whole Prom thing. Even Big Son is - we've ordered a suit and he's got a smart shirt & shoes to go with it - just need a tie but he's awaiting instructions from his hot date for the night!!

    We shall have to exchange pics of our smart & grown up looking offspring ;)

  6. I love the colours and fabrics you've used for your daughter's teaching assistant's quilt, it's coming on a treat.

    Great news about your eldest daughter going to the prom.

  7. im with you and your choice of wallhanging. it looked like an apple tree, one of my favourites. love your quilt. wishing your daughter the best night of her life, you all deserve it. i still have my daughters 2 ball dresses. she is now 38. i can remember it like yesterday. all her friends got ready at ours then left in a pink stretched limmo. happy days. hope yours are too.trillian in nz

  8. Donna, did you just celebrate a birthday? I just saw the post on Jennie's blog. Well, Happy 29th, babe!!!

    Love, Victoria

  9. Thats so great that your daughter is going to the prom! Im sure she will look beautiful in her prom dress and I wish her an amazing prom evening :o) Scarlett x

  10. You and your daughter do such lovely work, your quilts are delightful. You will have to post a photo of her in her prom dress. I am your newest follower, please accept my warm invitation to visit my blog. Hopefully you will see something there to make you want to follow me, too.


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