Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Thrifty fabric finds & a quilt tadaah..

Hiya lovely bloggers :o)
Hope this post finds you all fine n dandy this Wednesday evening!

Oooo, I'm getting good at this posting lark aren't I? lol.
But I do have to admit that I wanted to write this post Monday. Alas time gets away from me too quickly these days.

Thankyou all kindly for your comments on my last post -the first in my little series of 'spotlights'. I always think it's nice to find out about lovely blogs and people you may not have heard of. I shall be spotlighting another victim  another blogger this weekend. It may even be you :D

I had a little thrifty shopping to do the other day, and I was so pleased to find some large pieces of lawn cotton fabric, and a most beautiful feathered organza that I absolutely adore!  :: 
This is all of them together::

A lovely Aisan style lawn -2metres (£1.95)::

Another 2 metres Aisan style lawn -£1.95::

Five metres of dress fabric I think it's a viscose blend (£1.95)

A most gorgeous coloured, 3 metres of dress fabric that I'm going to make at least one skirt with! (£2.25)

And this most gorgeous feathered organza!! The colours of the feathers are so beautiful -especially with that aqua colour! -3metres £1.50!

So as you can tell, I had a bit of a spending spree!

Here's some pictures of another quilt that I keep forgetting to show you.

I didn't make it to any pattern -which shows! lol-

I quilted in the ditch in the end. That's after free-machine quilting it all first, then not liking what I had done, so I unpicked the WHOLE quilt and started again.

This is the back.
I did actually make this for someone, but I was so un-happy with it, that I didn't give it to them!
Sometimes I do think I'm just a tad of a miserable old bag, 'cos when I look at this quilt now, I like it, and think they would have too!!
I think I was just being picky after being so disappointed at my first go a free-hand machine quilting.
I used my walking foot to stitch 'in the ditch', and it worked a treat.
(I ought to say that my friend didn't go without a gift, I gave her something else!)

A fun patchwork pillow that I made my son :D

Yes, he is much too old for monster and Mr Men fabrics, but it made me grin, so he got it :D

Well, that's me for today.  I suppose that's it on our sunshine for a while now too :o(   Can you believe it's the summer solstice tomorrow!  Lordy, halfway through the year already!

You have a great week my dears, and take care. xx


This photo is for all of you lovely bloggy friends.  xx

This photo is for Jo and Jennie, who I know are both having a very hard time at the moment :o(
You take care my dearies, and keep your chin up! xx

This message is for 'Trills'!

Dear Trills, thankyou so much for always leaving such beautiful comments on my blog posts. Unfortunately blogger won't let me respond to any of your comments for some reason, so I have no way of contacting you :o(
But i just want you to know that I so appreciate your lovely words (as I do everyones), and they help to make my day.
I'm looking forward to when you get brave enough to blog yourself my dear :o)
Take care down there, and have a lovely week. xxx


  1. Lovely fabric finds, that feather organza is gorgeous!
    I really like your quilt, the backing fabric reminds me of a doll's pram quilt my mum made for me.

    Let's hope the weather's better for the weekend, I can't believe we've got to the longest day already!

  2. How lucky to find that fabric and so cheap.
    The roses look beautiful. I am having to cut mine as they bloom, otherwise the wind and rain will ruin them.

  3. Hi Donna! You got some great fabric deals there!
    Loving your quilt - what a shame you didnt have the belief in the prettiness of your quilt, it is such a classic beauty.
    Wishing you a great weekend Donna!
    Gill xx

  4. Great fabrics and a lovely quilt x

  5. dear donna. thankyou for your lovely message. your fabrics are wow, and so cheap. ive had a few days away at my sistersinlaw and wish i could show you my latest find in their local op shop. an old quilt with a crazy pattern in 50s to 80s fabrics. a bit worse for wear but patchable and will go in the housebus. daughter coming this weekend. maybe she can get me blogging.:-D thaks for your lovely blog. blessings, trills:-)

  6. i was so overcome by your message i forgot to say how beautiful your quilt is. i would love to have something like that given tn me. that wasnt a hint:-D im sure the gift you did give was equally special. when is the prom. im dying to here how it goes as im sure the other readers are too. blessings again, trills.:-)

  7. Your quilts are beautiful, but I certainly can understand how you feel--we are our own worst critics! It is so difficult to step back and take an objective look at our work. As time passes, whatever we found faults with in our crafty work, tends to fade.

    I haven't been blogging lately. With the kids home from school there just isn't enough time during the day. I don't want to pressure myself. I'm sure you can relate. I'm still poking around though enjoying others' posts.

  8. hi donna. hope all is well with you and yours. i will presume that you are busy sewing and maybe a holiday in this summer holiday time up there. thanks to the encouragement i have had i have progressed in the blog dept. hope to catch up with your news soon. blessings, trills:-)

  9. Awesome work.Just wanted to drop a comment and say I am new to your blog and really like what I am reading.Thanks for the share


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