Sunday, 8 January 2012

Books and thrifting

Well, Happy New Year Bloggy friends!
Hope it's been a good one for you all so far :o)
We've had quite a stressful week, so I've just taken an hour out -me time- to catch up on my post writing, and do a bit of sewing.
I'm still on track for new makes and a re-vamp of my Etsy shop, it just might take me a bit longer than I planned, but that can't be helped :o)

We went for a lovely walk yesterday in that bit of sunshine we had.
We followed a path that used to be an old railway line. Theres a few of these around our area.

Goodness knows why that let them get into disrepair, and then get rid of them. Public transport isn't too hot around here, and a few trains would be a Godsend!

This was some poor persons garden with a tree down in it from the storms last week!

Here's a picture of the river Stour. Totally swollen from the storms till, and raging along..
And below is Ringwood, and old market town which I have to say looked really pretty over Christmas this year. But alas, everytime we visited in the evening, my camera was safe at home...
I found a few thrifty bits over Christmas.
Heres are some very pretty candle holders. Ilove having candles on, and these were just so bright and pretty I couldn't resist them for £2.

And I found this little old (well tiny) sewing machine. It has no markings on it what-so-ever. I thought it might be one of those 'Vulcan' sewing machines, but it isn't.

And I couldn't find one like it, so any ideas would be greatly received :o)

I've also been looking through this gorgeous new book I got for a New Years present..

It really is one of the best making books I've seen...

the colours in it are divine...
And I would never of thought of knitting (not that my knitting is too hot!) or crocheting an apron, but I bet with the right yarn, it's gorgouse!

It has crochet in it too...  I've seen throws like this in blogland already, so people must have got this book quite a bit before me :o)

And socks . Ms Brocket knits the most divine socks!

I love this simple pattern style on these cushions..

And these cute little vintage style flowers are so pretty..

I'm definitely going to try and make some of these little beauties for my new brooches...

Lovely colour everywhere..

All in all, a very good book. Not just beautiful to look at, but really lovely patterns, and totally stress free things to make.  :o)

I've been card making again too...

And this was the sight that faced me when the Mister picked up the Christmas tree to take it outside!
How comes there were that many needles on it left to fall ?   LOL

Well, that's it for today folks. Hope you all have a splendid week dearies.

Take care now, and wrap up warm.
Love Donna xx

The photos below are especially for Vicki and Georgia.
They are from my sewing book from 1946.

The ladies in the book always look so glamourous! Even though they're just drawn.

They just have such style :o)

Have a good week all :o)  xx


  1. Gosh you did well! I love the little machine, and the books are brilliant!

  2. The machine is adorable. I also would love to learn how to knit socks. I am just a knit purl kinda girl so far!

  3. Hi Donna, ive never seen a sewing machine like it. Does it work? Love the look of the Jane Brockett book, particularly the pic of the knitted patchwork blankie. I'm knitting one at the moment (blimey, it's taking forever). Have a good week, m'dear. Xx

  4. Does that little sewing machine sew in a kind of chain stitch? I'm asking because I used to have a toy sewing machine in the early 1960's that looked very like that one and it sewed in a sort of chain stitch. Although I got it for a Christmas present in the early 60's I believe it was actually slightly older than that as my parents later told me that as they had little money they had bought it second hand. Take care and have a good week. Love Linda xxx

  5. Thanks for showing more pages from your 'modern' needlecraft book! Does it actually have the pattern pieces in it to make the things they suggest?

    I love the little sewing machine you bought, does it work?

  6. Hi Donna, you've got yourself some nice finds! I especially enjoy the pix of where you live-- looks like something out of a storybook.

  7. Happy New Year to you, too, Donna- though having such a stressful first week of the new year is not great to hear. How nice of you to spend your "me time" with us :)

    The little sewing machine is just so cool... what will you do with it?

    Whew, that is a mess load of needles to clean! I've heard that traditionally the job of cleaning pine needles goes to the eldest son ;)

  8. hi, I'm your newest follower. xx

  9. Hi Donna,
    What a really lucky find with the little sewing machine, it's gorgeous!!
    I do love that bedspread in the Jane Brocket book. :)
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend,
    Vivienne x
    P.S. It is chilly, isn't it!

  10. ..just in case you weren't aware, your gorgeous littl sewer is for stitching book signatures together - highly saught after amongst bookbinders... pity you aren't in Australia, or I might try to tempt you into selling it!

    Enjoy :o)


  11. The 1946 ladies are elegant because they believe they are. Look at those poses: chin up, shoulders back, long neck... and fitted clothing. What an era for style!


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