Monday, 16 January 2012

Thrifts, makes and a spot of bovver :)

Well, Good afternoon lovely bloggy friends! 
How are you this fine, sunny but chilly Monday?  Hmm?  World treating you ok is it?

Most things are ok here at Little Tiny Towers!   Things are settling down after the stress of Christmas and the New Year.... Takes a while though doesn't it?
I've still been knitting away. Persevering as it were LOL

The only thing I've actually finished is a new knitted pouch that I keep in my handbag at all times with my eldest daughters emergency medication in and a syringe to administer it..
I have previously always had crocheted ones, as I prefer the yarny feel than fabric.
I must say though, I think I prefer my knitted one...
I think I have a kinda love/hate relationship with knitting (Goodness I keep on about it don't I? LOL)
I mean I love, love, love the fabric that stocking stitch produces. I love looking at the little tiny stitches (no pun intended) that the needles produce. But I find the 'getting there' bit tedious in the extreme!!
Honestly, it took me hours to produce that pouch above!
If I'd had a hook in my hand, it would have been about 20 minutes!
Still, as I say, I'm carrying on, and hoping I get faster ;0)

Now, I thought you may like to hear this conversation I had with my darling husband..
It may ring a few bells with a few of you ;O)

Just picture this.....

There's me coming in the front door with my hands full of thrifty finds..
The Mr says to me "What on earth have you got there?"
Me "Oh just look at these two beautiful lamps I got in the charity shop! They were only £2.99".

The Mr " £2.99? What the pair?"
Me " No, each, aren't they just gorgeous?"

The Mr " What on earth did you buy that old crap for? You'll electricute yourself!"
Me "They're not crap, they're reproduction lamps, and they've even been safety checked!"
The Mr "Where? Let me have a look at them".
Me " Can't you just see why I had to get them? Little Miss will love them and one of them will be ideal for her bedroom!"

At this point he takes them off me, and puts them on the dining room table...
He then plugs 'em in and hey presto they work....

The Mr "Reproduction you say?"
Me "Yep, aren't they gorgous" (again)
"Look at the lines and the simple way the leaves are standing, and those lovely pink roses"
The Mr "Well, if you like that type of thing.."

Me "Oh I do! You know I do"
The Mr " Reproduction? Well, you'd think they would just reproduce the good bits. Why on earth have they reproduced that crappy coloured lead as well? !!"

Honestly folks, what could I say? He is kinda right, but how do I explain what I love about them?
Or do you all agree with him ? LOL
(Just so's you know, the little Miss loved them too :o))

Unfortunately we only have views of houses round here, but the sun rise the other morning was so beautiful I just had to show you. ..

OOoo, I forgot....I'm half way through knitting a tea cozy now... LOL :o)

I'll show you when I'm finished.. :o)

As you may remember, I've been planning a new Etsy shop.
Well, I actually got around to opening one yesterday. I've yet to stack the shelves though, as I haven't finished photographing them, but here's the first brooch I made....

It was my practice one...
I've made a few more now which should be in my new shop later in the week..

I've had a real problem starting my new blog though. I wanted to make a new blog to log all my makes, and new shop inventry etc., but for some reason I'm having a spot of bovver with blogger. He won't let me design the blog? It's just all going weird. I've done a practise post, so it'll let me post, but not let me decorate. Oh well, maybe I'll have to put some stuff on here for now.
We'll have to see....

Anyway, that's it for me this week lovely people. 
I hope you all have a fab week, and the sun shines for you all.
I'll be back in the week to tell you all when I've stacked my new shelves!!!

Have a great week, and take care all,
 Love Donna xx

P.s. Don't forget to do your snow dances this week! I am so missing our real cold weather and the snow!! 


  1. Hi Donna
    I know exactly what you are saying regarding your lovely lamps. This is one reason why I prefer to go around the car boot by myself. I know Mt.T means well but he puts me off buying and then when I get home I could kick myself for taking notice. After all, what do menfolk know about a bargain?

    Your teapot brooch came as a surprise, only you would think of making a brooch shaped as a teapot, really, really lovely. I hope you do well.

    Knitting always used to be my thing but I agree with you, crochet is much quicker..


  2. Since I discovered crochet and how quickly it grows I find knitting now very slow.

    MrVV just does an eye-roll whenever I buy things - even after all these years he doesn't get my taste *rolls eyes*

  3. Since I have started crochet, I find it easier than knitting and prefer it. I like your brooch x

  4. I would love to be able to knit or crochet, wish I lived nearer then you could teach me. I love the brooch you've made. Those lamps were a a bargain. Have a great week.
    Jo xx

  5. Your brooch is beautiful, Donna! A perfect gift for the tea loving lady :)

    Your lamps are very lovely as well... there's just no doubt that men are wired differently than women!

    Have fun getting your new shop shelves filled up- can't wait to see.


  6. I'm a very slow knitter, I think mainly because I knit too tight and have to push and pull the stitches along the needles and can hardly get the other needle to fit into a stitch! I can't seem to knit any looser though.

    The teapot brooch is absolutely gorgeous.

  7. I would love to be able to knit! Your little pouch is wonderful and i adore your brooch! You are so clever with your crafting.

    I think your lamps are fabulous, i have many a conversation like yours with my hubby - now got to a point i sneak the stuff in ;o)
    Big Love Scarlett x


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