Friday, 30 December 2011

Check List :o)


1.  Tell all the lovely bloggy people what a lovely Christmas we had.  ~check
2. Make sure all the Christmas gift wrap that has worked it's way all over the house (!) has been cleared up. ~check
3. Make sure that all the pine needles have been picked up, well as many as you can pick up each day ! ~check

4. Check bed every evening, as even though beds are made in the morning, pine needles miraculously appear between the duvet and base sheet by bed time. ~check

5.  Make sure you tell bloggy friends that you have a dodgy camera at the moment, so there may be a lack of photos in blog posts until it's sorted. ~check
6. Keep making lists for everything, as that's what is getting you through these Christmas Holidays with out too much stress. ~check
7. Make sure you steal little daughters wii machine with 'Dance' discs to do several dances every day to try and help keep fit, as sitting round on your chad crafting isn't helping the size of your tummy or bottom. But do make sure that during dancing you don't step on those pesky pine needles ~check
8. Keep on track with the new Etsy shop reveal for January, and try harder to get the new products photographed nicely, even though you have camera problems ~ half check
9. Stop being a crochet snob!!   Even though it took you 2 hours (!!) to knit a small square of fabric about 2inches by 4 inches, that doesn't mean that knitting is naff, slow and boring, just persevere and get on with the knitted piggy. ~check
10. Wish all the lovely bloggy people who visit here a fantastic NEW YEAR!  ~check :o)

Thankyou all for making my blogging experience such a happy one.  I do love getting round to seeing you all, and love it when you pop over to me, 'specially when you leave such happy comments :0)
Take care all of you, and have a happy, healthy splendid New Year.
Hopefully I'll be back sometime next week with my resolutions :o)

Be careful now, but have fun.
Love Donna xx


  1. Leave a comment for the fabulous Donna - Check ;o) This post really made me chuckle hun, i remember having a real tree as a kid and those needles do get everywhere, thus why i have the trusty fake one as my house keeping skills wouldnt stretch to the needle search! Wishing you a fabulous new year hun, big love Scarlett x

  2. Your post made me smile , every time i touch our "real" christmas trees they shed pine needles and i know for a fact by the time i get them to the door they will be completely naked ,i dont think ile get them next year however lovely they are xx

  3. Hi Donna
    Glad you had a wonderful Christmas, we did too. Yes, we also have pine needles in unmentionable places!! I am dreading taking the tree down as I can envisage the mess...never mind real trees are worth it. I haven't forgotten your little parcel. Take care and catch up soon. Have a lovely New year.
    Jo xx

  4. Advice from one who's been there - don't stand on needles months later and get one stuck in your foot and only manage to remove part of it - you end up with an infection in your foot :(

    However I do miss the smell of a real tree and that sound you get when another 100 needles fall off onto the pressies below :)

    I hope 2012 is good for you and your family xxx

  5. We don't have pine needles either. I am taking the little fake tree down tomorrow as well as all the Christmas decor. Looking forward to 2012 and wishing you a Happy New Years in your part of the world.

  6. Love your list, Donna! We have those needles, too- and everytime I go over to water the tree (to keep said needles from falling off), I seem to make another hundred come down. We have a giant bag underneath the tree skirt.. it was given to us by the place where we bought the tree. Once all the lights and ornies are off, the theory is that we just pull the bag up and dispose of the tree that way to minimize the needle loss in the house. We shall see, since I leave the tree up as long as possible!! Happy, happy 2012. Tell me how that dance wii goes- I've thought myself that that would be a fab way to get a bit o the old exercise :)

  7. We've never had a real tree so don't know the pleasures(?) of dropping needles! I take it your bed isn't under the tree?

    Wishing you and your family all the very best for 2012.

  8. Hello Donna, thank you for visiting me, it's lovely to hear from you! :)
    So glad you're signing up to the Green Rabbit Calendar, I like it muh better than the 'real' one which has way too many winter months for my liking!! ;)
    Happy 2012.
    Vivienne x


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