Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Cooking and memories

Morning my fair blogging friends:o)  (Fair as in fair-weather, but as you're always here in bloglang, fair blogging...see? :o)

Hope this post finds you all fine and dandy :o)

There has been a fair bit of cooking going on in the little tiny household, so I thought I'd have a bit of a tell, and pop in down in my lil' ole' blog for memories sake.
The cooking hasn't all been being done by me, so it makes me extra proud to put the makes down for posterity :o)

First up is the most gorgeous Butternut Squash and pesto tart/quiche thingy.
It's the nicest quiche/tart thingy that  I've ever made up -if I do say so myself :o)

Wholemeal pastry with a handful of chopped nuts baked blind. A layer of pesto on the bottom, then baked, mashed butternut squash, then the eggy, veggie, herb mixture on top.

Then next up are wholemeal sponge cakes..

They taste gorgeous with pure cane dark brown sugar in the mix..

A bit of dodgy icing..

A pretty shop bought wafer flower, and yummy :o)

And last but not least, the one I'm  proud of..
A gorgeous Lemon Tart made by my eldest daughter..

Under the grill for ten minutes to melt the icing sugar...

And devour with a dollop of (very expensive!) clotted cream!

Oh, it was divine :o)

An extra gorgeous treat for us!
IMPORTANT NOTE:  None of the above are any good whatsoever for your waistline, although highly recommended for your taste buds :o)

If any of you would like the recipes, just say, but I didn't want to just post them for fear of boring you more :o)

Crochet wise, I'm still plodding on with my monochromatic green afghan.

But I've also started these..
Pink and black striped hand warmers for my youngest daughter.

They whip up in about an hour, so are easy and fun to make :o)  (Unless you're doing a different stitch than trebles or doubles)

And here's one for you memory.
Remember 'The Darling Buds of May' ?

A very young Catherine Zeta-Jones..?

But saying that, she really doesn't look much older now a days does she?..

And one I had to take the other day was when I switched tv on in the early hours, and a re-run of the 'Liver Birds' was on!
Don't tell me I'm the only one who remembers them!

And not only were thay crocheting, but one of them was wearing the most funky crochet top :o)

It made me smile, 'specially with that collar!


I'd also just like to say that I'm still having trouble commenting on peoples blogs.
I'm reading them, but when I go to comment and have written it, blogger just swallows the comment and leaves the comment box blank :o(
I still haven't worked out how to fix this, so until then please know that I'm still with you, I just can't show you I am :o)

A few off the top of my head are:
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And several more, but the names escape me at the moment.
So Hi to all of you :o)

Have a great weekend if I don't speak to you before, and take care,

Love Donna xx


  1. Hi Donna
    Can I come to your house for dinner please? I would love some of that butternut quiche to start with the lemon tart and clotted cream for pud. Yes, I remember the Liver birds so your'e not you remember Carols brother Lucien with his rabbits? Have a great week. I hope I can leave this comment as I know blogger is playing up at the moment.
    Jo xx

  2. the liver birds are bit before my time! but I loved the darling buds of may. Food looks very tasty x

  3. Hello - sorry you're having trouble commenting - I know others are having the same problem :(

    All that baking looks good - one of each please ;)

    I do remember the Liver Birds being on tv - I love all those sort of shows - UKGold is just wonderful :)

  4. Sorry to hear you are having problems with the commenting, it seems quite a common problem with blogger at the moment. I'd love your recipes, they all look gorgeous, especially the tart - yum yum. Take care. Linda xxx

  5. oooooh yummy!! I really need to get back into the crochet, your posts are always so inspiring. I did also LOVE the darling buds of may, i sometimes catch it when its on repeat on a cable channel. Scarlett x

  6. Mmm, that baking looks scrummy, I would love the recipe for the Butternut Squash tart/quiche thingy!

    I loved The Darling Buds of May; the weather was always so idyllic.

    I remember having a bright green blouse like Beryl's, but mine had about four inch cuffs and then the billowing sleeves.

  7. Don't worry about commenting Donna, I am not posting much at the moment anyway. Having a bait of a blog break for a few days.
    Still messing about with bits and pieces though.
    Have got out my hexagons and decided that I am too hasty a person to hand stitch and am machining them, they look good. Will put it on the blog soon.
    Hope you are all okay

  8. I've just found your blog and enjoyed reading it. I know this is a while ago but just had to comment on The Liver Birds. I loved it and even re-watched it on cable a couple of years ? ago.

    Do you remember Take Three Girls? That was in the late 60s, around 1969. Liza Goddard, and the girl who was in the Geordie series in the 60s, when the boat comes in I think and someone else (Dawn someone). I absolutely adored that series and sadly it was never re-run.


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