Sunday, 12 June 2011

Long time no see!

Well, heeellloooooo lovely bloggers!
How are you this wet and windy June evening?
I hope this post finds you all fine and dandy and ready for what life dishes up next!
Honestly, nearly halfway through June already! This year has flown by!

My garden is just bursting with growth and colour. It looks so lush and green too.
The runner and french beans are doing fabulously.

My tomatoes are growing nicely.

And all my dahlias and lupins etc.. that I planted from seeds are coming along a treat, along with all the little flowers I planted in my belfast sink.


I've been really busy on my lovely new sewing machine too, but I can't show you what I've made yet as the makings are presents, and I know the lovely person who they are for reads my blog and it will give it away:o)
So you'll have to wait a couple of weeks for them.

I have been around blogs, but as you must all know blogger wouldn't let many comments through, so sorry if it seems I haven't been to you a while.


I had another Birthday treat this week. We went to visit some gardens called 'Compton Acres' in Poole, and they were absolutely beautiful!
I've taken a few (over 400!) photos to show you, but don't worry I won't be posting all them :o)

Here's just a few of the best bits..

This was the Italian garden.
A most beautiful landscaped pond with lovely water lillies..

There were bridges,


and the most gorgeous flowers everywhere...

HUGE peonies...

And can you guess what flower this is?.....

Well, it's the top flower of a foxglove!

I've never seen foxgloves like this, but it wasn't a fluke, as there were dozens of them!
Has anyone else seen foxgloves like this?
It was well over 6ft tall, and I had to get hubby to take the photo of the top flower ;o)

I'll post some more of the gardens on my next post.
Honestly, they're well worth a visit if you ever go to Poole, Dorset.
I can see us going back there. It was a lovely late birthday treat.

And as a reminder, we bought a lovely little blue iris and a black leaf grass to go with our pink sea thrift that we already have.


I haven't really been doing much, just life you know?

Here's a couple of new foals in the forest.

Aren't they just so sweet?  They're always so inquisitive. Bless 'em :o)

We have been busy sorting our cars out though.
They've been  a right nuisance, and I hate buying new cars don't you?
(I don't mean new new cars, I mean new to us ones)

I nearly cried when my beloved Voyger went. Honestly, I think the bloke who bought him thought I was a bit loopy or something, as my parting words were " Oh you will look after him and treat him nicely won't you? He's a good car, and if you're nice to him he won't give you any trouble".
He had to go though, as he was costing us about £100 per week in petrol!!!!
Yes, and that wasn't doing many miles I can assure you!

So now I've got a new one, and we'll see how we get on getting to know each other..Fingers crossed eh? :o)

I haven't even done any thrifting lately to show you I'm afraid :(
I've been a dull girl haven't I?  LOL
Still never mind, hopefully I can get on with things now.
And guess what? That includes buying a table especially for my sewing and crafting!
Oooo, I'm excited about that!

I'm looking for a dull, old fashioned drop leaf table. So that I can keep my sewing machine on the top of it all the time, and just lift a leaf up for doing the sewing.  If it's in too bad a nick, i'll be painting it too, which I 'm kinda hoping it is so I can play :o)

Anyway that's it for me tonight people.

Sorry I haven't been about much, things weren't too good, but that's life eh?
We pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and off we trot onto the next thing :o)

Take care all you lovely people, and lets hope for a bit of June sun this week eh?

Love Donna xx


  1. What beautiful gardens, Donna! I love those water lily ponds and the foxglove (I call them hollyhocks) are gorgeous! I've never seen the top flower on a foxglove- it looks beautifully dangerous, somehow.

    I'm so sorry things haven't been good, as you say, and sometimes it takes quite awhile before the "picking up and dusting off and carrying on" part can commence. I do hope you are feeling your usual great self now.

    Precious foals- so fluffy!

    Sending you loads of sushine and fair skies, my friend. I do hope your growing mojo will wear off on me- we're trying tomatoes this year and so far so good.

  2. What fabulous gardens, and no, I've never seen a foxglove like that either, stunning isn't it? -(I do love foxgloves, they're one of my favourite flowers). Hope the "picking up and dusting off" goes alright and the sun starts shining again for you. xxx

  3. Ooh, your beans are looking good, mine haven't come up yet.
    It looks like you had better weather when you went to the gardens, I've never seen foxgloves like that before either.

    Hope things are better for you now, take care.

  4. Hello :) - your garden is coming on nicely - we never got round to doing beans or tomatoes this year :(

    Never seen a top flower on foxgloves before - mine were very stunted this year - I think a deer may have visited and had a nibble!

  5. Sorry to hear things havent been that good, hope everything is on the up for your now. The year is flying by you are right - scary stuff! Looking forward to seeing what you have been making :o) Scarlett x

  6. Hi Donna
    Happy belated birthday and what beautiful gardens. The year is just flying by isn't it? I can't believe we are in June already. Hope you get on well with your new car, I've just had problems with mine which cost rather a lot!! Hope everything is well with you and have a lovely week.
    Jo xx

  7. Wow, sounds like you've been doing a lot to me!
    You've obviously been busy looking after your garden as evidenced by your healthy flowering beans and tomatoes!
    That garden in Poole looks amzing! I love formal classic gardens like that, as well as more informal ones, and those foxgloves are almost unreal - beautiful flower pics.
    The foals look so sweet.
    Sounds like you've been busy with your new machine - shame you're not closer, i have an old drop leaved table in the garage!
    You made me laugh out loud when I read your comment on my post re our grandads! Wonder if they ever met!
    My Mum was born in Westerham (after my Great grandfather retired from Chartwell he moved there), and my Grandparents with my Mum lived in the family house when he died.I was born in Tonbridge. I'd be interested to hear where you came from!
    Thanks for making me smile!
    Hope things are getting better for you.
    Gill xx

  8. I must visit those gardens. Thanks for showing !

    I have NEVER seen a foxglove like that ! Wonderful seeing the foals in the forset...I like the donkeys roaming near Beaulieu.


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