Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Can you believe it !! LOL

Guess what?

Even I've got to laugh at this one!

Well, after having a sulk and a tantrum last night about my camera lead going missing -No, i still haven't found it!  I think hubby's posted it with some of his electrical stuff, but that's just between me and you ;o)-

My camera has stopped working today!
Can you believe it?  LOL.

Honestly, it's just stopped focusing altogether, and I've had it less than a year.
Luckily it still comes under the guarantee, so I can get a lovely new one to take lots of gorgeous pictures with. But it means any blogging/etsy pictures will have to wait for a while now :o(

I bet you're all really sad about that aren't you ;o)

Anyway, my little pink camera went when I was photographing two gorgeous vintage/thrifty finds.
A vintage Irish Linen table set -still in it's original packaging and never ever used!

And the most gorgeous honey pot by a company called 'Heron Cross' pottery.
Has anyone ever heard of them?
I know that my honey pot was sold a good few years back by Fortnum and Mason, but other than that I can't even find anything out about the backstamp unfortunately.
Maybe a phone call to the pottery will yield a few results...

Anyway, I have got a couple of photo's already on my computer that I want to show you (Now come on, stop groaning :o)

When my little lovelies are at school I used to pootle around on my little pink scooter ;o)
Yes, i've even got a pink fairy crash hat!  LOL

But, last Friday I had to sell my little scooter...well you see, it wasn't being used. My eldest daughter is just part-time schooled now, and her seizures are getting worse, so when the school called me when she had her 'biggy' seizures, I was having to go home, swap the scooter for the car, then drive to the school, and the ambulance always beat me there! (which is good!  :o)

But now I just drive our little new car, I can beat the ambulance there! (like today!)
So some good has come out of saying goodbye to it, and I know it's gone to a good home :o)

Anyway, I'm gonna leave you with a few more photo's of beautiful Compton Acres.
So if you've kindly read this far :o),  and you don't like gardening, I suggest you click onto your next blog now.
But i will say the Japanese garden at Compton Acres is supposed to be one of the best in the country, and it was fantastic! Honestly I wish I could have it in my garden! ('cept my whole bungalow and garden would fit in that one ! LOL)
Any way here it is my lovely people.
I'll leave you with the photo's, and the knowledge that I'm going to pick up my old, horrible coloured, cheap, drop leaf table tomorrow for my sewing machine, and I'm very excited!
Hopefully it won't stay old, cheap and horrible coloured for long, but we'll have to see!
And obviously I can't do anything about it 'cept clean it till I've got my new camera, cos' you've all gotta take a peek haven't you!  :o)

Take care everyone,

Love Donna xx

Some of these fish were enormous, the children were stroking them!

The bamboo's were  gorgeous. I so love their pretty stems.

Below is a view of Poole Harbour and Brownsea Island which is a National Trust Estate in the middle of Poole Harbour. It's home to our most beloved red squirrel.
Once when we visited there we saw 11 of them which we thought amazing!

Have a lovely weekend people :o)


  1. I love your scooter, bet it was very economical. The gardens look lovely, very calm and peaceful x

  2. I love the Japenese garden, how lovely to have stepping stones through the fish!

    After you mentioning the longest day yesterday, I have to tell you that tonight is the night my friend's husband always says "The nights are drawing in aren't they?"

  3. Dub girl it was REALLY economical. To fill up cost a maximum of £4.26 and that took me about 50miles!!!

    LBM that made me laugh again :o)I wouldn't be able to tell if they were or not!
    The big pond was gorgeous, my phot's don't do it justice at all!
    And yes, I was scared stepping on those stepping stones lol.

  4. I love the scooter - my sister has a cool cream Vespa which she whizzes about on.

    I hope your camera gets sorted soon - I know how lost I felt when mine died on me last summer :(

  5. Oh Vicki, I would so love a bona-fide Vespa!

    Maybe when my eldest leaves school....

  6. Cute scooter! Im sure you had a lot of fun with it whilst you had it, but atleast now you can get to the school more quickly to be with your daughter.
    Your Sony cybershot (mentioned in your latest post!)sounds the biz!
    Compton Acres looks so peaceful.
    Gill xx


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