Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Todays the Day !

Evening lovely bloggers :o)
I hope this post finds you all fine and dandy, and you've all had some sunshine today :o)

The tomatoes that I planted up a few weeks ago are really flowering away now, all the sunshine we've had of late has really brought them along..

This is some of the plants from the outside of the conservatory looking in..yes that is me in the reflection lol... And these are the french beans in pots outside (with some tomatoes). But they don't seem to have grown hardly at all!

Here's my lovely peonies with one of the most gorgeous smelling roses with such a lovely scent!

My peonies were going over, so I thought it was time that I brought them in to enjoy!  Especially as 'Todays the Day!'

Yes, i'm 40 today! 
I've had a up and down day. I received some of the most fantastic cards, best wishes and gifts, but also we've had a bit of a down as my eldest -who has epilepsy- has had a very nasty seizure and fall today, and has a really horrible head injury and a few others on her too :o(
So we've been nursing her today bless her.
But alls well that ends well. That's life, and i'm sure we'll have many more too.
I have to harden my heart to it a bit, otherwise it'd be breaking every day seeing her have seizures all the time.  Stiff upper lip and all that eh?  LOL.

Anyway, i bet you all want to know what was in that huge box that came back in March?
Well, it was this..

 Aren't I such a lucky girl?

I'm over the moon to have received such a lovely present! I haven't even tried it yet, but I will tomorrow when the children are at school!
I can't wait. The only thing that scares me is it's called a 'computerised' sewing machine. It has the 'c' word!  But the manual looks good, to I should be ok... LOL :o)

I received other amazing gifts too, like this most gorgeous vintage sewing box..
A new guard dog for by the front door....We have been walking past him for several weeks, and I jokingly named him (Spot) so I think my youngest daughter got attached to him and told Daddy they just had to buy him for me for *my* birthday as *I* must be attached to him 'cos I'd named him. LOl
Oh, bless her :o)
And I had this gorgeous vintage bottle to pop on my window..

With the most lovely crocheted flowers on..

It's so lovely. I love it :o)

I got so many lovely gifts and cards. I'll have to put extra photos on my next posts.

I'm getting a bit behind with my blog posts!
This post was supposed to be a sort of tutorial, and I've also been given a lovely award  from Little Blue Mouse which i need to tell you about!

And look what this fabulous person has written about me! Honestly, i couldn't believe it when i popped into lovely Jennies blog this afternoon!
I was actually gobsmacked (for a short while anyway ;o)
Such lovely things to have written about me.

Anyway, I'd better scoot off to bed now. We had quite a bad night last night, so I need to get my sleep tonight as soon as my eldest does, before she starts having her night seizures.

Have a lovely rest of the week all of you, and Thankyou so much to those lovely, lovely people who have emailed me and written on my last blog post to wish me a lovely birthday.  Honestly, I really do appreciate you and your kind wishes.  They really do mean alot to me :o)


Take are all of you.
Love Donna xx


  1. I really like the crochet jar that your peonies are in, did you make that? it looks really good x

  2. Happy Birthday Donna. Sorry to hear about your daughter's difficult day, it must be very hard for both her and you, yet you always stay so upbeat, positive and cheerful. ((Hugs)) & best wishes. xxx

  3. Aw, precious Spot! I'd be floored at the idea of coming close to a sewing machine such as that one- you are one brave and talented woman! Big, giant hugs for you, Gems, and your lovely family :) xoxoxo

    ps- yes, jealous of those gorgeous flowers. But thank you for the photos!!

  4. I admire your restraint at not opening the box before now; but so worth waiting for.
    Spot is gorgeous, he would look so good in my house!

    I hope your daughter is feeling better.

  5. Happy Happy 40th Birthday Donna!
    It may feel like a biggy but trust me, make the most of the next 10 years still feeling young cos its the 50th when you really start to feel old!(Recently had my 51st, and i so wish i hadnt felt old at 40 cos its nothing!! )
    I hope you had a wonderful birthday.
    Sorry to hear about your poor daughter,I hope her head injury gets better very quickly.
    Gill xx

  6. A belated happy birthday! Im loving all your pressies! Lucky ducky! Im going to buy a sewing machine soon, so let me know how you get on with yours! Its a mine field trying to find which one to buy, i need a beginner friendly one. Scarlett x

  7. Oh ! I'm late to wish you a happy happy birthday !
    The little dog is soo cute !
    Happy fortieth and wishing you lots of good times ahead xx

  8. Happy 40th birthday Donna (sorry it's late). You had some lovely pressies. Sorry to hear about your daughter. I have now put you in my sidebar so that I can see when you write a new post!! Have a great week.
    Jo xx

  9. your plants look fab - and love love love your dog - have fun with your new machine hun x

  10. thank you for visiting - hope you enjoyed your stay - next time I will bake a cake! My cake is magical y'know - I take the calories out before I serve it - tee hee!!!! Hugs Elaine x

  11. Your tomatoes in this post ar still ahead of mine now! They are starting to flower now at last!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!
    Hope you've managed to find time to try out your fab new sewing machine - Im sure its going to be amazing.
    Hope your daughter is well now after her fall the other week.
    Gill xx


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