Monday, 27 February 2012

More long stories kept short.....

Hello my dears,
Hope this post finds you all well and happy?

Well, what a week this has been...phewie... I'll be glad to see the back of February I can tell you!
I'll list it to get it over quickly, then on to my thrifty finds from several weeks back that I still haven't got round to showing you 'till now :o)

Ok. here goes.....

It all started a week ago Friday evening....

Friday :The boiler stopped working.
Saturday: british gas came out and said the fan didn't work we need a new one..
Monday 5am : Take son to school to get a coach to the airport as he is off to spain for the week..
Monday am.: They bring the fan but unfortunately it doesn't come with the gaskets so they try and order the gaskets (the bits that stop carbon monoxide escaping intot he air!!) but alas, the gaskets are now obselete as my boiler is over 20 years old at least!
Monday am continued:  Britsh Gas condemn my boiler :o(
The nice man from british gas rings my lovely estate agent lady and tells her he has condemned my boiler (we currently have to rent...)
Monday noon: My landlord rings me up to have a go at me for the boiler breaking. He also has a go at me as the dishwasher broke before Christmas and he had to get us a new one in January, he also had a go as the 'brushes' went in the washing machine in January and he had to replace them. He also had a go as last July time he employed a man to look at the fencing in the garden and the man told him he needed new fencing (it would have lasted a few years yet..) so the landlord bought new fencing.
I did explain to him that I had not done a thing to the boiler etcc, and did it occur to him that the boiler and dishwasher had gone roughly at the same time as they were both as old as the kitchen?!
Then....He asked me if I would like to rent the property direct from him rather than go through the Estate Agent!!
No chance sunshine!!
He's not even supposed to phone me up as the agent had to warn him against it when I first moved in as he was ringing every few days!!
Monday pm: have texted son 13 times now and no response. Even put extra credit on his phone in case he's run out... getting a tad worried as he was supposed to text me when he got to the airport, and when he landed in Spain...
Tuesday am: In response to my now 17texts son texts back..and I quote "yeah I'm ok :o)"  That's it!
Tuesday noonish: I see that Honey hamster is poorly. I take her to the vets, but alas we lose her :o(  This is because it got too cold in the house for her, and in all honesty my dears, i didn't think to give them both extra bedding or anything because we had no heating! I was just trying to keep the girls warm...
Tuesday pm. Me and Mr LTS chicken out of telling the girls about Honey, and hatch a plan to bring in an imposter... We just couldn't deal with the loss at the moment :o(
Wednesday am...I go and get said imposter -Honey mark 2..
Wednesday pm: Big daughter has horrendous seizures at school so ambulance is called.. But the school dealt with it very well..
Thursday through to Saturday: Big daughter is very poorly indeed, but much better now thankyou :o)
Friday am : british gas come round to price up for a boiler. The man that turns up doesn't like my landlord....we will say no more..
Friday pm: Son arrives home from Spain. It was hot and sunny out there, and I am all huffy as he didn't text me.... (OOOooh, mean sulky Mummy.) I wouldn't mind but behind my back the girls had been texting him to tell him to text me as I was worrried that he wasn't having a good time, and he was texting 'em back to say he didn't have time....doh...
Saturday pm: The thermostat goes in the hot water tank. As the tank runs on electric, it has been our only form of hot water all week, and as it's the same age as the boiler couldn't cope..
Sunday pm: British gas (who do electric as well!) come and replace the thermostat.
This morning..I rang my estate agent to tell about said hot water tank, they tell me that the landlord has made everyone in the office cross by ringing up at least 4 times a day asking silly questions..and reminding them silly things for the boiler replacement men to look out for..
Today noonish.. The nice man from British gas comes round and said that he can put a new boiler in on Wednesday and Thursday..whilst here, my phone rang he quickly says "if that's your landlord please don't tell him I'm here.." LOL
I ask him why and he says he's been ringing him costantly saying things like "what happens if the boiler arrives broken.?"     

Oh my goodness. Well that was my week in *quick* notes LOL :D
If you've got this far, then you are lovely my dearies ;o)

Now, here are some thrifty finds and makes for you to take a gander at ....
I adore this little cup! It's so precious. I've had it a while as I liked it too much to pop straight in my Teapot Lane shop, but I need to make way for other finds soon...

It's Ba ba black sheep from the 60's I think...

And this little pair of pictures are made from plaster! They are from 1961..aren't they so cute?

I found this Biggles book. I don't think it's worth much money, but I so like the picture. I thought someone might like it for 'staging'...

And these two little birdie dishes from Axevale pottery I found on different days and in different shops...

I made this brooch aagggeeesss ago, and still haven't got around to listing it on Little Tiny Stitches!
I made it in the style of my teapots and tags.

And, I've started quilting again! D'you remember I made my eldest daughters quilt last year? Well I've been inspired by a lovely lady in blog land to make some little quilts (just enough sewing to relax me I reckon! ;o)
I'd better not say the lovely lady's name as I haven't asked permission, and she has rather a beautiful blog, and a large blog following!
But you may know who I'm on about?  She is such an inspiration!

I love doing the applique and the embroidery....
This is just a sneeky peek, and I so enjoy doing it :o) I'll show you the whole thing during the week..

Well, that's it for now lovely people. I'm off to get a nice hot shower!

Have a happy week people, and thankyou so much for reading and all your lovely comments. Believe me, they so cheer me up when things get you down!! :o)

Take care now,
Love Donna xxx


  1. My goodness, Donna- I'm exhausted just reading your quick notes of what's been happening! Sending you extra hugs and love for all you've been through. Here's hoping that March comes in more like a lamb for you :)

  2. Oh my Donna, no wonder you are glad to see the back of feb. Your landlord sounds like such an arse! We've has a few hamster deaths in the past, im dreading my son wanting one when he is older.

    I adore your finds, ive started a patch work quilt this week too :o) Scarlett x

  3. Poor you Donna, sounds like you have had a terrible time of it in February, no wonder you are glad to see the back of it!! Sounds like your landlord is a very unpleasant character and might just pick on the wrong person one day (hopefully) and will be taught a lesson ;)) Hope your daughter is on the mend soon. Let's hope Spring and a bit of sunshine is just around the corner to cheer us all up. Lots of love and hugs.
    Jo xx
    PS Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, that horrible customer I had at the weekend and your landlord are a match made in heaven!!

  4. What a week you've had, your hot shower must have been bliss after being without.

    I love your finds, especially the little cup.

    Let's hope March brings good things.


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