Thursday, 16 February 2012

How we got on....

Evening lovely bloggy people :o)
Hope this post finds you all fine and dandy?

This is just a post to let you all know how we got on yesterday in London.
I've got some lovely thrifty treasures to show you all as well, but I keep forgetting to post them, so I'll show you them later in the week.

Have all yours got half term this week?
Mine have. Isn't it early this year? Who ever heard of half-term during Valentines Day?  I mean how were the children supposed to get their secret cards to each other?  AAaaaaww, a few disppointed children this year I bet...Bless 'em.

Anyway, as usual I digress...
Right. Kings College, London.
After all the tests that my eldest had last October, they still can't pinpoint where her seizures are coming from.  So they want to send her to Belguim.  There she will have something called a spect scan.
This is where someone sits by her all the time, and the second she starts fitting they inject her with a dye.
They then whizz her to the MRI scanner and scan her brain. In theory the dye should show up brighter in the part of her brain where the seizure comes from....
Then we will go back to Kings college, and they'll look at the results from Belguim and if they think they can see where the seizure is coming from they will commence brain surgery....

But we can't go to Belguim until at least late May as they have to get permission from our local NHS Trust, then once that is given, they have to get permission from another area of the Government to take her there......
But the ball is rolling.... So we will wait and see.
That's keeping a very long story short!

Thankyou all for your support and kind words about my daughter. They do mean a lot to me you know!

After we had our hospital appointment yesterday, we decide to go and look at a few of the touristy landmarks..

I used to love Kings Road in my younger days.  All the indie shops and cool, trendy people...
Alas, I found it lacking in all these now....much more in favour of mass production I fear.....
I found one shop I liked though ...Good ole' Cath'..

And my youngest daughter legged it down the raod when she spied Accessorize...
Not that we haven't got one in our nearest town or anything

I loved this old silver double decker...those were the days when you could run and jump on...and off again if you were really naughty! ;o)

'Scuse the bad pictures some of them were taken as we were driving along.
OOoo, you should have seen the Fortnum and Mason store.... The colours on it's frontage were divine, and I loved the musical notes going all the way up the front of the store..

I thought these houses looked pretty with all their pastel fronts...

And this building was called Duke of Yorks Headquarters...
Not sure if it actually is, but it looked impressive anyway, so you got to see it! LOL

And Buckingham Palace.  I always want to paint a huge union jack on Buckingham Palace when I see it!! I'm sure it would make it look more Regal and impressive with red, white and blue blazoned all over the front in a huge flag...Don't you think?  ;o)

And this building I haven't got a clue what its called, but it's at the back of St James Park! I love its roof towers!

And look at these two little chaps doing their jobs...  I did feel for them, they both looked so young...
Harrods is the humungous building on the left...

And this was the .....something Mandarin Hotel, which looked most impressive with the door guys hanging out the front :o)

And I couldn't finish without showing you the first patch of crocus that we found in Battersea Park yesterday....

This picture is for you if you've got to reading this far... :o)

Take care all, and have a great weekend now.
Hopefully I'll get my thrify post up sometime soon, then I even have some makes to show you :o)

Just one day at a time...

Love Donna xx


  1. Hi hun, i hope the ball gets rolling quickly for your daughter and her tests in Belgium and it must be such a worry for you :o( Love your London pics, i really need a london shopping visit as benn too long. Have a fabulous weekend, Scarlett x

  2. Oh, thank you for sharing London with us!! We've had a few crocuses, (croci?), popping up here and there. Sophie has a graph that she's keeping... we have mostly yellow so far :) I keep thinking the poor plants are all confused, and what will happen if we actually do get a blast of winter this winter? I guess Mother Nature has her plan...

  3. Hope everything goes well in Belgium for your daughter and you get some answers soon. Your photographs made me really miss London, I was born in High Wycombe about 30 miles from London and during my teenage years would spend most weekends in Carnaby Street showing off my latest Mod outfit...those were the days! Have a lovely weekend.
    Much Love
    Jo xx
    PS My little teapot brooch looks gorgeous on my coat.

  4. Thank you for the virtual trip thru London. Now I don't have to go there. You saved me a ton of money, Diana! Hee hee.

    As a good little Catholic girl, I will send you prayers from across the pond for you and your daughter. I know how frustrating it can be to not get definitive answers. Hopefully the doctors in Belgium are much more in the know. Keep us posted.

  5. Oh gosh, it all sounds so complicated, your poor daughter. I do hope it all goes smoothly and you will have some definite answers soon. We had 3 MRI's with our littlest boy when he had his stroke, and they never found a cause. We are so lucky it has never happened again, and that he didn't have any signs of any other illness. I will be thinking of you over the next few months x

    Loving the pics of London, I do love to visit occasionally, though I am always so pleased to come home again. I very much couldn't live there x

  6. Well hopefully the Belgium trip will find a solution to your daughter's problem and it can all be sorted. It must be a trying time for you all!
    On the subject of Buckingham Palace, I think the Queen might have something to say if you started painting a Union Jack over the front of her house!!! ;)
    Have a good weekend Donna,
    Vivienne x

  7. Hi, I have awarded you A Versatile Blogger Award for your lovely blog! You don't have to accept if you don't like awards, just know how much I enjoy your posts. If you do, please pop by my blog for further details xxx

  8. Oh I do love London! I've just discovered your blog via Carrad and thought I'd stop by and say hello :) x

  9. I do hope you get some answers in Belgium, it's a pity you can't get there sooner.

  10. great photos, I feel like I've done the trip!

  11. Hi Donna
    Thats good news that the ball is rolling at last for your daughter - fingers crossed the NHS do their bit quickly.
    Looks like you had a good day out in London afterwards!

    Gill xx


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