Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hello, Hello, Hello :o)

HELLO lovely people :o)
How are you?

Oooo, it's lovely to be back :o)

I've had a really lovely break, and I'm pleased I backed off for a little while. It made me realise just how much of my time is spent on the computer, and how little is spent creating and 'home loving' !

Anyway, i'm hoping that I've learnt enough to make things a bit more even now.

It was my youngest daughters 13th Birthday a couple of weeks back, and I was lucky enough to be a winner (yes ME!!) of some tickets to the pre-launch of the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour.
So on her Birthday we whizzed up the M3 and M25 (motorway roads in case you're wondering:o)
to Levenden where they filmed parts of the Harry Potter films...

The model castle was magnificent. Shame about my crappy photography really, otherwise you would be able to see it better :o)

Obviously we had to have a glass of Butter Beer (no alchohol) which I have to say was delicious!  I shall be trying to replicate this during the summer months as I can still taste it now..Mmmmm

There was loads to see and do, even though it hadn't yet opened 'proper' to the public. We won tickets to go on 17th March, and it didn't officially open until 31st March.

I'd say it's a brilliant attraction to any Harry Potter fan, and my eldest daughter and husband aren't 'into' Harry at all, but they really enjoyed it too.

Just one thing to remember if you do go though.  I know generally the souvenir shops at places are expensive, but the one at the studios was extortionate in my opinion. It was really expensive as things go, so just be ready to take your credit card, cos' you'll need it!


The garden has been popping out all over the place. My forsythia bush has been flowering since before Christmas (which at the time I have to admit had me a bit worried as to what would happen to it in the spring), but now it looks divine!

And we have frothy blossom everywhere, although i'm still waiting for my apple blossom :o)

And I've been getting on really well with my makes.
I'll be opening my Litte tiny stitches Etsy store again today or tomorrow, so it'll be good to pop my new makes in there :o)

All sorts of patchwork has been happening here,

which has been making me happy.

And I see that this super lady has had a gorgeous patchwork quilt made by one of her customers from the fabrics from her Etsy store which sells the most fantastic vintage, soft and cosy fabrics.

And I see this super lady is making the most gorgeous patchwork quilt too!  And as well as that, she does the most fantastic crazy patch blocks which are to die for!! 
Just pop over and have a look at these two lovely, brilliant people. I admire them both tremendously :o)

Well, that's it for me today lovely bloggers.
Pop back in a few days, as I'm gonna introduce you to my 'thrift store'.

Happy happy week to you all.
Take care now,

Love Donna xx


  1. Lovely to have you back Donna and I'm glad to hear that you had a lovely break. The Harry Potter studios look fabulous but a shame that the gift shop was so expensive. Loving the patchwork and lovely soft colours. Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Jo xx

  2. Hello - lovely to see you back posting again :)

    You lucky lady getting to go on the HP tour preview :) I think we shall go at some point - perhaps when its quieter as I know its pretty booked up this summer. 2 of my nieces are off with their families so looking forward to their feedback too - one is 10 & the other 17 - both Pottermad!!

  3. Congratulations Donna on winning my giveaway! I hope you'll enjoy the magazine.
    Niki x

  4. Welcome back Donna, glad you had a good bloggy break and got lots of lovely patchwork done!
    The HP studio looks a great day out, glad you had fun.
    The flowers and blossom in your garden is looking lovely!
    Gill xx

  5. Hello, Hello, Hello to you! Welcome back, my friend! You've been missed terribly. Thanks so much for sharing your HP tour pics- congratulations on your win. I'm loving the patchwork you have posted here, too- I envy your sewing skills. Thanks too for the shout out to my blog and shop- you are simply amazingly sweet & I love you to bits. Have a wonderful day!! xoxox

  6. Welcome back. Looks like you had a great day out at the Harry P studio, I think my eldest would love that. Loving your patchwork too. Linda xxx

  7. good to see you back, the patchwork is lovely. We have talked about the hp studio, we want to go x

  8. Yay--welcome back, Donna. I was a bit worried about you. I had taken a brief break too back in the winter. It's good to get recharged. I missed reading your posts in my wonderful English accent--I think I do it pretty well!

    Soooooo jealous of the Harry Potter tickets you won. My kids LOVE Harry. They act it out during their free play. They have the books, the Legos, and the wands. My daughter is a wee bit of a Hermione herself--smart and knows it! I hope all is well, Victoria

  9. Glad your day was so lovely!! Enjoyed reading your post....Aww lucky you winning Nicki's give away too!!! How wonderful!!


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