Monday, 14 November 2011

This n' that..

Well Hello lovely bloggy people :o)
Hope the world is treating you well?

I've had a busy, kinda stressful few weeks.  My eldest daughter was finally admitted to King College Hospital last weekend, and we've been up there all week.
Thankyou most kindly for all your well wishes that you sent us :o)
She had loads of tests, a MRI scan and a PET scan. We're hoping that after all the tests she had, they may find a reason for her epilepsy.
I had a 'discharge letter' for her GP, and what I read there looks extremely interesting, but obviously we'll have to wait for the test results and to hear from the Professor before we know what happens next...

Not alot's been happening round here. I've still kinda lost my way blogging wise, but I'm going to just take my time and keep plodding on.
Blogs are such a good thing to have. I like to write mine so that I can have a record of things done/made. I'd like my children to be able to read through it in the future if they so wish.  And I think it's nice for people to know a bit about you if you take the time to comment on their blog.

I've been busy making my gift labels for my Etsy shop..

I've been trying to think of ways of styling my photo's, but I have such a lack of imagination sometimes!
I've also started to make hot water bottle covers, but I forgot to take the photos!
And I've made a few of my zip flowers into hair slides..
And since i've been back from hospital, our passion flowers have bloomed..

Look at that glorious sky! That was yesterday too, the 13th November!  14.c  it was here :o)

Well, I'm off to the shops now to fill up the cupboards again..
Is it just me, or does shopping get more boring the older you get? LOL

Have a great week lovely people, and take care,
Love Donna xx


  1. Yes, shopping is the most boring thing in the world. I now shop online and so don't have to battle in the supermarket, its great and the man brings it right into the kitchen.
    I love your gift tags Donna, so original.
    I am hoping that you will get some positive results now for your daughter, it would be such a relief for all of the family wouldn't it/
    Lots of love and hugs

  2. Must confess - I'm not missing doing the big food shop - might delegate that to MrVV forever ;)

    Hope you get some answers soon for your daughter and then perhaps a proper plan can be devised for you all.

    Gorgeous makes - those tags are a gift on their own :)

  3. Hello Donna, i do hope you get some answers and help for your daughter. xx
    i love your zip hair slides, they look great. and yes i hate food shopping! x

  4. I hope you do find a reason for your daughter's epilepsy from the hospital.

    I can't believe that passion flower, flowering now!

  5. Hi - hope that they will get to the bottom of your daughter's epilepsy, it can't be easy on any of you, so sending you all a (((hug))). Love the gift tags. Take care - oh and yes shopping is definitely more boring the older you get!!
    Linda xxx

  6. Hope all is well with your daughter soon it must be awful for you all x
    Must confess i love food shopping althouigh i dread the till bit, worrying if i have enough money to pay for it all ,its always worse if the children come with me as rthey always like little extras and its so hard to say no , ive tried adding it up as i go round but that doesnt ever work ,loving your labels i think they are gorgeous xxx

  7. WOW--your zip flowers and tags are so CREATIVE! Great job, Donna.

    Keep us posted on your daughter. I had an MRI back in August--I'm completely normal. Hah! I love to say that -- "normal." I don't have the issues your daughter has, but I had some bouts of vertigo in the summer that really scared me.

    Regarding photos for Etsy--keep the pix simple. Use natural light in a well lit room. Avoid turning on lights. And be sure to turn off the flash on your camera. The pix above look great! Best wishes for staying sane and focused on your goals, Victoria

  8. Well- all of these people managed to comment, so I'm giving it another go! Fingers crossed- this is just a test, not a real "comment" as I sent you that separately yesterday :)

  9. Look at that!!! yay!!! So glad the change worked :)))))

  10. I truly dislike the food shop.....and get scared as I approach the till! Even though we have had to use the calculator as we go round the we don't over spend!
    Hope you get all the answers you need for your daughter, my brother suffered with the same's very stressful and upsetting...

    Love Melx

  11. Hi hun, I hope all is well with your daughter now and they have given you some answers, must be such a worry for you, i can imagine how stressful it must be :o(
    You know I adore your crafts and those little flowers are so beautiful! I need some of your crafting magic to work on me as my craft mojo has gone awol recently. Big Love Scarlett x


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