Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The experience of work experience! :o)

Well, this year I had plans to try and blog a couple of times a week, but I've failed miserably at that one. LOL

But still, we all have tugs n' pulls on our time.
It's just nice that we can get on here and share bits of our lives and cheer each other on :o)

Thankyou lovely people for all your kind thoughts for my eldest daughters work experience last week.
After the first day, she had a good week seizure wise, and thoroughly enjoyed her time working in a hotel.

Some of the other children on their work experience didn't have such a nice time :(
It appears that there are a lot of stressed 'adults' about in various work places who took their grief out on children.
To be honest I was slightly shocked that children on work experience could be sworn at and bullied.
I honestly would have had a fit had my child been sworn at and bullied, and quite frankly can't understand it. I mean why let the children go there in the first place.
Is this really 'work experience'?
It's been a while since I was 'out' in the workplace. Is this how people treat each other now?
I would genuinely like to know if this is as rife as I have been led to believe over the past couple of weeks.
I have three children who will be out in the work place in a few years, and this has all left me slightly worried to be honest.

I would have maybe thought a couple of children could have been exaggerating.
But about 30 (!) children left their work places due to one reason or another.
They're not having work experience at our childrens school next year now :o(

Anyway, if you have any stories/ opinions, good or bad, please share :o)

Well any way on to nicer things :o)

This is the view from the road by the hotel where my daughter worked...

I really wouldn't mind staying there I can tell you!

This is my daughter doing one of her 'jobs' of setting the tables...

She even made all the napkins into their shapes!

I feel lucky that she had such a good experience, and couldn't thank the hotel enough for giving her the chance to experience the work place at first hand.

Well, I've picked the first of my cherry tomatoes.

Mine are on the left. They were tiny, but they are absolutely delicious!
The ones on the right are shop bought cherry toms as we didn't have enough of our own yet. lol :o)

These are our runners...

And here is the first (and probably only)harvest of rhubarb which we made a crumble with (and some cooking apples!)

This is our first ripe apple picked this year (today actually).  They've ripened much earlier than last year.
I'd say by about a month! 
Just shows you what a month of sun in April does!

This is my 'extreme crochet' LOL
I made a new hook out of a wind break pole (!) Did I show you that a few weeks ago? I can't remember now.
Well, the hook is 25mm wide and about 9" long.
I used 18 different odd balls of yarn. You know, all the ones that you don't know what to use them for on their own!
And it crocheted up the most cosiest little pad.
In fact my bottom is perched on it as I type this :o)

I loved all the colurs together too. It looks very 'jewel like' :o)

The buddlia has come out this week (butterfly bush). but the weather hasn't been very nice for butterflies!

And this lovely little rosebush decided to bloom beautifully too.
To be honest I'd written this bush off earlier in the year.
As I moved it from another place where it wasn't doing very well at all, then it 'died' on me.
So I gave it gallons of water, kept talking to it and telling it that life really wasn't so bad,
and it's presented us with four gorgeous blooms :o) (As well as a bit of black spot ) lol.

Well, that's about it for this time people.
Hope you're all fine n' dandy and having a great week.
Take care now.

Love Donna xxx


  1. I am glad things worked out well for your daughter :)

    My eldest is doing his WE this week and next - I will blog about it afterwards but I can say he's having a great time - learning loads and really enjoying himself :) He's working with a lovely team and they are looking after him and treating him well.

  2. Thats terrible about the work experience, surely having children in the work place should make them clean up their attitudes. My work place can be stressful and tempers get up but if there was a child on work experience then it would be totally unacceptable to have this happen around them.

    Your crochet is amazing! Scarlett x

  3. It looks a lovely hotel where your daughter was working, I'm glad it went well for her after the initial hiccup.

    Your fruit and veg are coming on a treat. Mine have been at a standstill for weeks and seem to be getting nowhere fast. Maybe I ought to give them some words of encouragement like your rose bush!

  4. I'm so happy for Gems that her experience turned out to be so wonderful after all. The hotel DOES look quite fancy- let's have our green tea and spearmint there, shall we? We don't have the work experience thing here in the US in general, though I suppose some places/states etc. do. It's a very sad thing that it's had to have been called off due to poor adult behavior. Sad and just crazy!

    Your tomatoes are so RED! And so perky! You clearly have a way with all plants and animals- especially us humans :)

    And yes, the crochet cushion does look like a jewel! What a great thought to put all those strands together- and with a handmade hook as well. You go girl!

  5. My daughter has just done some work experience, and had a fantastic time, if you read my blog you can see what she made, I have already booked my son in for next year, having said that, my 1st two were really only able to clean and make cups of tea where they went, health and safety! so not much fun really,
    Sue Xxx

  6. the hotel looks lovely and it is good that your daughter had a good time, it doesnt surprise me that some children have a bad experience. I think that many employers see it as free labour for a week and treat the children accordingly, sad but true x

  7. I just love the crochet pad, what a fab idea.
    Do you mean that you used all 18 threads together?
    So glad your daughter had a good experience.
    Sometimes it takes a lot of tryouts to find the right job. I remember my youngest boy started out in a butchers, progressed to a factory and then spent 2 years learning to be and asphalt roofer,going to college in London etc.
    What did he end up as? you know a nurse.
    Who would have thought that when he started out he would end up as a charge nurse.
    They all find thier own way in the end...

  8. Hooray for your daughter--great job--she looks so official setting the table in the picture!!!

    Interesting post--I used to teach in the elementary school. It's been ten years since I've left the classroom due to my daughter's birth in September 2001. I know I would feel so uncomfortable returning. Kids seem so different now--poor parenting skills--I see it everyday. Too much technology and not enough emphasis on teaching respect and simple proper etiquette.

  9. I'm so glad that your daughter had a good experience. A friend's daughter went to a top local hotel & just made beds all day with two foreign women staff who snogged each other infront of her. Her mother complained to the the women blanked her.
    Joe had a wonderful two weeks in a bike shop. He felt really sad on his last day & is going to pop up there in the holidays ( who knows he might get a Saturday job ) They were really lovely people.


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